How to Draw a Bus for Kids

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how to draw a bus for kids

Hello dear young artists and welcome to and tutorial on how to draw a bus for kids! In one of the previous drawing lessons I showed you how to draw a car. This lesson will be similar enough, so let’s get started.

Step 1

First, let’s draw the general outlines of our bus. It is very similar to a rectangle with a modified front part.

how to draw a bus for kids

Step 2

Using straight lines draw out the lines of windows as our example.

learn how to draw a bus for kids

Step 3

At the front part of the bus draw out the door with a window.

how to draw a bus for beginners

Step 4

At the lower part of the car draw the wheels using circles.

how to draw a bus for children

Step 5

Erase all guidelines to get such a bus as in our example.

how to draw a bus easy

Step 6

It remains for us to paint our bus. We painted the bus in yellow, but you can choose any other color.

how to draw a bus for kids

Be sure to share this drawing lesson with your friends, this will help me make more interesting and cognitive drawing lessons. And of course, the traditional short version of this drawing lesson, in which, as always, I gathered all the steps from the lesson and remove the text.

How to Draw a Bus for Kids

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