How to Draw a Cat for Kids

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Hello! Today i want to show you how to draw a cat for kids. As you can see we have quite a lot of steps. But it will be a really easy drawing tutorial.

Step 1

Let’s draw an ordinary oval for the head.

Step 2

Now let’s draw the ears. Don’t forget to draw a line on the inner side of each ear.

Step 3

In this step we should to work on the eyes of our cat.

Step 4

So we have something like the contours of the cat. Now we should draw a mouth and nose.

Step 5

Well, now our cat has become more cute and alive. Let’s draw contours of the front paws.

Step 6

Here we add a few smooth rounded lines to draw the hind legs and the back of cat.

Step 7

We are coming to the final step of this drawing lesson. We only should draw a tail.

Step 8

Let’s paint it. You can paint your cat in your favorite color both realistic colors such as grey, black or brown and unusual as violet or pink.

I have tried to make the lesson about how to draw a cat as simple as possible.  I try to make better my drawing tutorials with every new lesson and from you i ask only that you share my lesson. Each step was taken with such an account that even the youngest of my readers could learn to draw like a real master.

How to Draw a Cat for Kids

And as I promised you in previous drawing lessons, I am publishing a shortened version of my lesson about this cute kitty. Save this picture and share it with your friends and do not forget to subscribe to Pinterest (there is even a special button on the site for this). Thanks for reading.


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