How to Draw a Key for Kindergarten

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In this tutorial I will tell you how to draw a key for kindergarten. Just repeat my illustrations for the steps to get a great result.

how to draw a key step by step

So let’s try to work with this tutorial and learn how to draw a key. The key is used to unlock and lock the door lock. Keys come in a wide variety of shapes. Each key has a special thread and fits only a specific lock.

The figure shows the basic shape of the castle, which any child can easily repeat.

When doing this work, you need to do both straight and rounded lines. Key teeth can be of arbitrary shape. In the end, don’t forget to make a small hole for the ring.

For coloring, you need to use a light orange color, reminiscent of light metal.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Key for Kindergarten

  1. Draw the base of the key.

    It looks like a large circle on the left side of the piece of paper.How to draw a key for kids easy

  2. Add the top edge of the key.

    Draw three straight lines like in my reference.How to draw a key for kids

  3. Depict the bottom edge of the key.

    In fact, you can choose any shape for the bottom of this key.key for kids drawing

  4. Color the key.

    Light yellow or light gray would be great choices for this sketch.How-to-draw-a-key-for-kindergart

So this drawing tutorial is over. However, I have prepared a pdf for you that will really help you draw this key. You will find some useful drafts here. The first draft is a short version of the lesson you just went through. Next, you will see several sketches that will help you draw a key using different methods. You can use this pdf file even without the Internet.

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