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Squishmallow Coloring Pages

Brighten your day with my free printables Squishmallow coloring pages! Each sheet invites you to bring delightful characters to life by adding vibrant colors, transforming simple sketches into stunning works of art. Revel in the creativity as you personalize each Squishmallow, making every page a unique expression of your artistic vision.

Squishmallow Coloring Page

Squishmallow Coloring Pages: Introduction

Settle in for a delightful session with my Squishmallow coloring pages. This set beckons you to a relaxing space where axolotls smile and unicorns prance on paper. It’s a chance to unleash your palette on everything from the gentle cow to the exuberant frog, letting their squishy forms come alive under your colored pencils or markers.

In this collection of Squishmallow coloring pages, you’ll encounter a playful bear, a majestic dragon, and even a stout little dinosaur. Not to mention, the quirky charm of a mushroom or avocado Squishmallow, all awaiting your artistic touch. Each character presents an opportunity to experiment with colors, shading, and even textures.

Begin by selecting a color scheme that suits the character’s personality – bright and bold for energetic Squishmallows, or soft and pastel for those exuding calmness. Pay close attention to the textures you create. Use smooth, even strokes for areas that should appear soft, like the body of a Squishmallow, and consider adding subtle shadows to give depth and roundness to their plush forms.

Experiment with layering different colors to achieve richness and vibrancy. A base color, followed by gradually darker shades, can help in emphasizing volume and folds in their squishy forms. Highlights, especially around the eyes and on top of the head, can bring an additional level of realism and make your coloring truly stand out.

As you color the Squishmallow coloring pages, you’ll notice how the simple designs invite you to be bold or nuanced in your choices. Each completed page becomes a piece of art; it’s a reflection of the joy and creativity that Squishmallows inspire. So, grab your colors and let the whimsy of these charming characters brighten your day.

Squishmallow Coloring Pages

Downloading these Squishmallow coloring pages is very easy. Click on any image or use the provided links to view each coloring page in a new tab as a PDF. You have the option to download these pages for free, print them for a classic coloring experience, or use a digital device such as a tablet to color them digitally.

Download All Squishmallow Coloring Pages

In addition to offering individual Squishmallow coloring pages, I’ve also put together all the pages into one complete file for your convenience. This single file makes it simpler to download the entire collection at once, ensuring that each design is easily accessible for your coloring enjoyment.

Transform Your Squishmallow Coloring with These Expert Tips

Since we are ending our session with Squishmallow coloring pages, let’s focus on some techniques to refine your coloring skills. The right tools, such as colored pencils or brush pens, are ideal for achieving the soft textures that characterize Squishmallows, enabling smooth blending and gentle gradations.

Don’t shy away from using a variety of colors. Squishmallows are known for their bright and diverse color schemes, offering an excellent opportunity to apply vibrant and sometimes unexpected color combinations that can really make the characters stand out.

Effective shading can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your artwork. By adding darker tones in the areas that would naturally be in shadow and lighter tones where light might hit, you create a sense of depth and volume. This approach adds a professional touch to your work.

Adding a background to your Squishmallows can transform a simple coloring page into a full-fledged piece of art. Whether it’s a simple scenic backdrop or a detailed landscape, a well-thought-out background can complement your focal subject and add a layer of depth to your composition.

Keeping a consistent style across various pages helps to unify your collection, making your series of Squishmallow pages look cohesive when displayed together. This consistency in coloring style and technique can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic of your collection.

Take your time with each page. Enjoying the coloring process allows for more detailed work, reduces mistakes, and overall, makes the activity more satisfying. Every stroke is an opportunity to express your creativity, so savor the moment and focus on making each Squishmallow vibrant and expressive.

By incorporating these practices into your coloring routine, you can turn simple pages into striking works of art. Feel proud of each page you complete and consider sharing your artwork to inspire others with your creativity and passion for Squishmallows.

Top FAQs About Coloring Squishmallows for Beginners

Here are some frequently asked questions about coloring Squishmallow pages, particularly helpful for beginners, along with detailed answers to guide you through the process:

How do I choose colors for my Squishmallow coloring pages?: Start by looking at the character’s original color scheme, which can often be found on Squishmallow toys. Feel free to stick to these colors or get creative by adding your own twist with unusual or non-traditional colors. Consider the character’s personality or the mood you want to convey when selecting colors.

How can I improve my blending techniques on Squishmallow pages? To blend colors effectively, especially with colored pencils, layer lightly and build up the color gradually. Use a lighter color or a blending pencil to smooth the transition between shades. For markers, you can use blending markers or slightly overlap the edges of different colors and blend them while they are still wet.

How do I prevent marker bleed on Squishmallow pages? To minimize bleeding when using markers, opt for heavyweight, smooth paper designed for markers if printing at home. Always place an extra sheet of paper or cardstock beneath the page you are coloring to catch any excess ink.

How can I make my Squishmallow coloring pages look unique? Incorporate patterns or textures into your coloring. For example, add stripes, polka dots, or stars to the Squishmallow’s body. You can also draw accessories like hats, glasses, or scarves to give each character more personality.

What should I do if I make a mistake on my Squishmallow coloring page? If you make a mistake, don’t worry. If using pencils, gently erase if possible. For marker mistakes, try to incorporate the error into a new design element or cover it with a darker color. Remember, every mistake is an opportunity to get creative!

Can I blend colors using colored pencils? Yes, colored pencils are great for blending. You can layer different colors to create new hues or use blending stumps, a colorless blender, or even a white pencil to merge colors smoothly on the paper.

What basic techniques should I start with as a beginner? Begin with simple techniques such as single-layer coloring, basic cross-hatching for texture, and experimenting with light and dark shades of the same color for depth. As you gain confidence, you can move on to more complex methods like blending and detailed texturing.

How can I make my artwork look more dynamic? To make your artwork pop, use contrasts effectively. Combine vibrant colors with darker shades, play with color temperatures (cool vs. warm), and incorporate various textures to enhance visual interest. Adding highlights and shadows can also significantly impact the dynamism of your work.

How do I keep my colored pencils sharp and in good condition? Regularly sharpen your pencils with a quality sharpener to keep the tips fine for detailed work. Avoid dropping your pencils as this can break the lead inside. Store them in a protective case or holder to keep them organized and prevent damage.

Any tips for displaying my finished Squishmallow coloring pages? Once you’ve completed your coloring pages, you can display them in a frame or create a collage on a bulletin board. Laminating your finished works can also protect them and make great gifts or decorations.

These frequently asked questions and answers are designed to help newbies feel more confident in their coloring skills and encourage them to express their creativity with Squishmallow coloring pages.


We’ve reached the end of our Squishmallow coloring book, I hope you found delight and relaxation in adding color to these charming and soft characters. It’s always inspiring to see how different shades and techniques bring each Squishmallow to life, enhancing their endearing qualities with every color you choose.

Besides Squishmallows, my site also features a range of other themes for coloring enthusiasts. Check out my Bambi coloring pages or you will definitely like Wolverine coloring pages. Each theme offers unique opportunities to engage with different characters and stories through art.

Make sure to stay connected by following me on social media. This way, you won’t miss out on any new content or updates. I value your feedback and would love to hear your thoughts on the coloring pages after you complete them. Your suggestions help shape our offerings, ensuring we continue to provide the best coloring experiences possible.

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