How to Draw for Kids

If you are looking for the answer to the question – how to draw for kids, then you are on the right track! Welcome to my site, where the passion for art meets the desire to teach. I provide clear and interesting drawing tutorials specially designed for little artists. With my easy drawing tutorials, every child will be able to draw like a real artist!


Welcome to How to Draw for Kids

I am an artist with many years of experience. During all these years I learned to draw, created drawings and paintings, gaining experience in the visual arts. This site was created by me so that here I could share all my knowledge with those who have just recently decided to step on the path of an artist.

This site is called How to Draw for Kids for a reason, because it was created specifically for children, their parents and art teachers who are looking for the simplest and most professional ways to teach children to draw.


I create my drawing lessons, taking into account many factors.

  • All drawing lessons have a small number of steps.
  • Each step has a short and clear description.
  • All drawings are created using the simplest possible lines and geometric shapes.
  • New lines in each step are colored red so that the beginning artist understands what has been added in the step.
  • All steps are equal in simplicity, and from the very first to the very last step, the kid will not face difficulties.

Also, in each drawing lesson, there are additional materials that help the novice artist better understand how to draw a particular object. I supplement each lesson with a special PDF file containing a shortened version of the drawing guide, a coloring page, a tracing worksheet, and a grid drawing worksheet.

You can print any drawing lesson and worksheets, use it to learn how to draw or distribute printed copies to your students if you are an art teacher. With these printables, your students or kids will be able to playfully learn to draw the required object without any difficulty.

Learn How to Draw Correctly

Each drawing lesson is created in such a way as not only to teach the child to draw a particular object but also to teach something else important. For example, in the cube drawing lesson, the kid additionally learns to draw straight lines, and in drawing a person the young artist learns to create realistic proportions of a face.

In addition, I am currently creating video drawing tutorials that will complement the text versions of the lessons and will help to further simplify the learning process.

Learn How to Draw Various Subjects

On the pages of How to Draw for Kids, you will find drawing lessons on almost any topic, be it animals, different characters from comics, cartoons, and games. Each lesson is specially designed so that the child can easily understand everything and repeat it with ease.

It is important for me that young artists from the very childhood learn how to draw and comprehend art. It is also important for me that any young artist, regardless of any external factors, has the opportunity to learn to draw. Therefore, all drawing lessons, as well as additional materials (video tutorials and PDF files) are completely free on my website.

Let’s Dive Into the World of Drawing Tutorials

Drawing is a path, and the question “how to draw” is just the beginning of this path. With me you will receive all the necessary skills and knowledge to become a real artist.

So let’s get down to drawing!

how to draw for kids