How to Draw a Sunflower

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Today I will tell you how to draw a sunflower. This is going to be a really simple tutorial that is tailored specifically for artists with a basic skill level.

How to draw a Sunflower step by step

why did I choose a lesson on how to draw a sunflower? There are several reasons for this.

The sunflower is a very bright and beautiful plant. The sunflower is associated with summer, sun and a carefree mood. In addition to aesthetic pleasure, sunflower is also very useful in practical terms. Sunflower seeds are high-calorie and nutritious food. Sunflower oil is an essential ingredient in almost any organic salad.

Also, a sunflower is a great drawing object. It is a very simple but beautiful flower. You can paint this without unnecessary details and complications, regardless of your level of artistic skill.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to draw a sunflower

  1. Draw the base shape.

    Depict a large circle at the top of the paper.How to draw a Sunflower easy for kids

  2. Add a small circle.

    This circle defines the inside of the flower.How to draw a Sunflower for kids

  3. Draw the center of the flower

    It also looks like a small circle.Learn how to draw a Sunflower for kids

  4. Draw the petals.

    These elongated triangles should be located between the circles from the first and second steps.Learn how to draw a Sunflower easy

  5. Add another layer of petals.

    The middle parts of the petals are overlapped by the petals from the previous to draw a Sunflower tutorial

  6. Draw the stem.

    Don’t try to draw a perfectly straight line. Slight bends are fine here.Sunflower drawing tutorial

  7. Draw a leaf.

    You can add a couple more leaves of your choice.Sunflower drawing guide

  8. Add the final details.

    Draw the outlines of the large, oily sunflower seeds.Sunflower drawing guide for kids

  9. Color the sunflower.

    Don’t forget the yellow color. This is the basis of the whole drawing.How-to-draw-a-Sunflower

So, we finished this drawing tutorial. You can write all your questions in the comments. I will also be very happy if you tell about your impressions of this guide and suggest your ideas for the next posts. Subscribe to me on social networks and share the lessons that you liked the most.

Also, i have prepared a short version of this tutorial in PDF format, which you can download and use at any time convenient for you.

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