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How to Draw a Butterfly

Start creating stunning butterfly illustrations today. This guide teaches you how to draw a butterfly side profile with easy techniques that promise beautiful results. Follow along as I share my personal tips and techniques for creating a lifelike portrayal of this beloved insect.

Let me show you the art of butterfly drawing from a new perspective. My tutorial is packed with insights on how to create a side profile of a butterfly, capturing the subtle curves and detailed textures that make each butterfly a masterpiece of nature.

simple butterfly drawing lesson
how to draw a simple butterfly step by step

Basic Information on How to Draw a Butterfly

In my method of teaching how to draw a butterfly, I emphasize ease and approachability, breaking down the drawing process into simple, manageable steps. My technique is specifically tailored to render the butterfly in a side profile, allowing you to focus on the outline and details that define the butterfly’s side view.

To draw a butterfly effectively, understanding this perspective is crucial. This perspective is particularly useful for highlighting the unique shape of the wings and the body’s structure, which are essential for capturing the butterfly’s natural posture. When you draw a butterfly, observing these details can make a significant difference.

My approach starts with basic lines and shapes to ensure correct proportions and angles from the side perspective. So, this foundational step is crucial as it sets the stage for a more detailed rendering of the butterfly’s delicate features.

As we progress through the butterfly drawing tutorial, I’ll guide you through each step. We’ll add intricacies such as the wing patterns and the texture of the body, all from this side view. This approach also helps in capturing the delicate nature of the butterfly’s form. The goal is to help you draw a butterfly with accuracy and life-like detail.

The skills learned here will not only allow you to create a stunning butterfly but will also enhance your overall ability to draw a butterfly from various angles. With practice, to draw a butterfly will become a process that you can approach with confidence and artistic flair.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Butterfly

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Butterfly

  1. Depict the torso and head.

    Begin by drawing an oval to form the head of the butterfly. Then, extend a slender, elongated shape downward from the head to draw the butterfly narrow torso, setting the foundation for its body.how to draw a simple butterfly for beginners

  2. Draw the butterfly antennae.

    Starting from the top of the head, draw two curved lines extending upward and outward to create the antennae. Draw them with a slight curl at the ends to represent the butterfly delicate sensory organs.how to draw a simple flying butterfly

  3. Add the top of one wing.

    From the top of the butterfly head, draw a large, smoothly curved line that swoops upward and then down, mimicking the shape shown in the example. Thus, this line will form one side of the upper wing.how to draw a simple and easy butterfly

  4. Sketch out the bottom of one wing.

    Complete the shape of the lower wing by drawing a large, curved line from the bottom of the torso to meet the tip of the upper wing, creating a closed loop. how to draw a very simple butterfly

  5. Depict the top of the second wing.

    To draw the wing that is on the far side, sketch a curved line starting from the head and mirroring the front wing’s top edge, ensuring it appears slightly smaller to convey depth.how to draw a simple butterfly drawing

  6. Add details.

    Trace along the outer edges of both wings with a steady, flowing motion to create smooth, contoured lines. Thus, these lines should follow the initial shapes closely, adding thickness to the wings’ borders.how to draw a butterfly easy for beginners

  7. Color the drawing.

    To color the wings, select two distinct shades. Use a lighter shade to fill in the main area of the wings, creating a soft base. Then, apply a darker shade along the edges and body for contrast and depth.simple butterfly drawing lesson

Additional Content

To enhance your learning experience, I have meticulously prepared a downloadable PDF file that offers a condensed version of this drawing lesson. Moreover, this file is crafted to be easily accessible—you can use it anytime, anywhere, even when you’re offline.

Additionally, once you download this free guide, you gain the invaluable ability to practice drawing a butterfly at your leisure, without the dependence on an internet connection. This makes for a seamless transition from online learning to hands-on practice, wherever you may choose to engage in your artistic endeavors.

Alternative Ways to Learn How to Draw a Butterfly

Moreover, I’ve devised multiple butterfly drawing methods to ensure you have ample practice opportunities. These alternate techniques introduce diverse angles and styles, consequently broadening your artistic repertoire.

So, as you seamlessly progress from one method to another, you’ll find your versatility and interpretative skills growing, ultimately propelling you toward mastery in the art of butterfly drawing.

How to Draw an Easy Butterfly

This method simplifies the drawing process by creating a more stylized and rounded butterfly shape, with more pronounced wing lobes. Consequently, this approach emphasizes easier, broader strokes, reducing complexity for those starting out.

Additionally, the antennae are depicted with smoother, more straightforward lines. Thus, the body takes on a rounder form, setting this method apart as a more stylized and accessible option for novice artists.

how to draw an easy butterfly step by step

How to Draw a Simple Butterfly

So, we continue to learn how to draw a butterfly from the side, but this time in a different direction. This method offers a streamlined drawing experience, placing emphasis on the essential contours of this insect’s figure.

By concentrating on the overall silhouette rather than the minute details, this approach yields a clean and uncomplicated representation. Ultimately, it provides a clear pathway for beginners to quickly capture the basic form of a butterfly, favoring simplicity and ease.

how to draw a butterfly step by step

Butterfly Drawing Advanced Level

We continue to draw a butterfly and move on to a different perspective. So, this method enhances the drawing process with a higher level of detail, methodically introducing advanced steps for crafting the insect’s wings. This approach incrementally develops the intricacy of the wing edges and patterns, offering a nuanced portrayal.

Step by step, it meticulously builds up from a simple outline to a complex representation, culminating in a more sophisticated and lifelike drawing. This method is especially beneficial for artists seeking to elevate their technique through a detailed, structured progression of drawing stages.

how to draw a butterfly step by step

Simplified Version of Butterfly Drawing

This method presents a simplified version of butterfly drawing, focusing on basic shapes and easy-to-follow steps. In this version, simple patterns are added to the wings, providing just enough detail to suggest the insect texture without overwhelming the beginner artist.

Consequently, this method serves as a bridge, easing the transition from basic to more complex drawings by introducing fundamental design elements in a clear and approachable manner.

how to draw a butterfly

How to Draw a Kawaii Butterfly

This method of drawing a butterfly showcases a simplified and stylized approach. It is often referred to as kawaii style, which is characterized by its cuteness and child-like whimsy. This style typically features rounded shapes, simple lines, and cheerful facial expressions.

The steps begin with basic geometric shapes, such as circles and ovals, to form the body, and then large, rounded wings are added. The face is drawn with a simple smile and dots for eyes, which contribute to the overall cute factor. This method is particularly appealing for children or beginners due to its simplicity and the adorable result.

how to draw a butterfly step by step

How to Draw a Cartoon Butterfly

So, here this insect is depicted in a cartoonish style, which is known for its playful and exaggerated features. Thus, this approach typically involves anthropomorphizing the butterfly. It gives it human-like facial expressions with big eyes and a smile, which infuses the drawing with personality and charm.

The wings and body are outlined with smooth, bold lines and filled with bright, solid colors, contributing to the animation-like appearance. The cartoonish style is engaging and friendly, making it particularly suitable for children’s books, animations, or educational materials.

how to draw a butterfly


In wrapping up today’s drawing lesson, it’s important to reflect on the various techniques we’ve introduced for sketching butterflies. Thus, as the guide progressed, I offered multiple methods, each with its own set of steps and stylistic nuances, ensuring that you could find a technique that resonated with your personal style.

Furthermore, on my website, you’ll find a rich array of other insect drawing tutorials. Among these, there are numerous interesting and varied lessons on drawing butterflies, each offering a different perspective and technique.

Moreover, if today’s experience has sparked a newfound interest or even reignited an existing passion for drawing, I warmly invite you to follow along on social media.

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