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How to Draw a Tree

Drawing the silhouette of a tree can seem daunting, but with my method, it becomes an accessible feat. My tutorial on how to draw a tree breaks down the complexity into manageable steps, starting with the broad trunk and working up to the leafy canopy. It’s a process that respects both the tree’s majesty and the artist’s journey.

how to draw a Tree
how to draw a tree step by step

How to Draw a : Basic Information

Trees are more than just landscape features; they’re symbols of life and growth. In creating this tutorial on how to draw a tree, I aimed to encapsulate not just the form but also the spirit of these living beings. My approach simplifies the process into easy steps so that anyone, regardless of skill level, can bring these majestic forms to life.

Through this guide, I emphasize understanding the tree’s basic structure, which is crucial for capturing its essence. From the sturdy roots to the spreading branches, each element is crafted to convey stability and growth. This instructional approach is tailored to help you effortlessly mirror the tree’s natural form.

By the end of this tutorial, to draw a tree will feel as natural as watching one sway in a gentle breeze. My hope is that through this simple method, you’ll not only learn how to illustrate a tree but also grow to appreciate the serene beauty trees bring to our world. May this skill be a leafy branch extending your artistic repertoire.

Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Step 1

Start drawing the tree by depicting two side lines of the trunk.

how to draw a tree easy way

Step 2

Now go a little higher and depict thick curving branches.

how to draw a tree easy with leaves

Step 3

At the ends of the branches, depict the edges of the crown using short C-shaped lines.

how to draw a tree easy step by step

Step 4

Continue drawing the crown using the same C-shaped lines.

how to draw a tree cute

Step 5

Finish off the left side of the crown with more C-shaped lines.

how to draw a tree colored pencil

Step 6

Now, continuing the lines from the previous stages, depict the top and right edges of the crown.

how to draw a tree cartoon

Step 7

Now depict the texture of the tree crown inside the previously created edges.

how to draw a tree for kids

Step 8

Make the final touches by drawing the farthest part of the crown behind the branches.

how to draw a tree step by step

Step 9

To keep the tree from hanging in the air, depict the grass at the very bottom.

how to draw a Tree easy

Step 10

Now paint the crown and grass green and the trunk brown.

how to draw a Tree

Additional Content

I’ve also compiled a free PDF file of this lesson for your convenience. It’s a condensed version that encapsulates the essential steps of drawing a tree, designed for easy reference and offline use. Whether you’re nestled in your favorite cafe or sketching in the park, this PDF will be your portable guide.

Understanding that practice is essential, this PDF is crafted to facilitate your learning process, allowing you to revisit the key points whenever needed. It’s a resource made to fit into your lifestyle, readily available with just a simple download, providing continuous artistic support without the need for internet access.

This supplementary PDF is my gift to you, a testament to my commitment to nurturing your artistic talents. It’s more than just a guide; it’s a tool that grows with you as you refine your skills. So download, print, or keep it on your device for those moments of inspiration that strike when you’re away from the screen.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

Beyond the core tutorial, I’ve developed several alternative techniques for drawing trees to challenge and refine your artistic abilities. These variations encourage you to experiment with different styles and strokes, broadening your repertoire and deepening your understanding of tree anatomy.

Each alternative technique introduces a unique aspect of tree drawing, from mastering the sway of branches in the wind to perfecting the texture of bark. These exercises are designed to push your skills further, ensuring that with each sketch, you become more adept and confident in your artistry.

I crafted these additional methods to inspire continuous practice and growth. They will encourage you to look at trees not just as subjects but as teachers of light, form, and movement. Embrace these techniques, and watch as your artistic vision strengthens and your renderings of trees become more vibrant and lifelike.

Tree Drawing Guide for Kindergarten

Drawing can be a joyful and educational activity for children, and this tree-drawing method is perfectly suited for young artists in kindergarten. It uses basic shapes and encourages recognition of common natural forms. The approach is child-friendly, focusing on building confidence through simple, achievable steps that result in a recognizable tree.

We start with a fluffy cloud shape for the leaves, emphasizing the importance of imagination in art. This initial shape sets a foundation for creativity and helps the young artist understand the basic silhouette of a tree. Next, a simple straight line serves as the trunk, anchoring the tree in the child’s drawing world.

The final steps involve adding details such as branches peeking through the leaves and grass at the tree’s base, all while maintaining an approachable level of complexity. This method not only teaches children how to draw a tree but also enhances their ability to observe the world around them and express it through art.

how to draw a tree step by step

How to Draw a Realistic Tree

This realistic drawing method begins with the sturdy foundation of the tree trunk, guiding you to sketch with an emphasis on structure and strength. Gradually, we branch out, introducing the intricate network of limbs that support the tree’s canopy. Precision here is key, as it sets the stage for a lifelike portrayal.

As we move upwards, attention to detail becomes paramount. Fine lines denote the bark’s texture, and the foliage’s outline is carefully crafted. It’s a delicate balance between detail and the broader picture, where each stroke counts toward the greater natural realism.

In the final touches, the tree’s realism is enhanced with thoughtful shading, giving depth and life to your creation. The culmination of these steps results in a drawing that not only represents a tree’s form but also its vibrant presence in the natural world.

how to draw a realistic tree step by step

Tree Drawing: Simplified Version

When introducing the art of drawing to newcomers, a simplified method often serves as the best gateway. In this lesson, the streamlined process of sketching a tree breaks down into approachable steps, starting with a singular vertical line that forms the trunk.

The subsequent phases involve adding primary branches, then a basic outline for the leafy canopy, all while maintaining simple shapes and lines. This distilled form of drawing taps into the essential elements of the tree’s anatomy without overwhelming with details. It’s about mastering the basics first.

By the final stroke, the tree stands complete, albeit in a rudimentary form. It’s an invitation to appreciate the essence of the tree, and a stepping stone to more complex drawings. This easy approach demystifies the drawing process and proves that with a few lines and curves, anyone can bring a tree to life.

how to draw a simple tree step by step

How to Draw a Cartoon Tree

Capturing the joyous essence of a cartoon tree, this method emphasizes playful curves and exaggerated forms. Starting with two whimsical lines for the trunk sets the tone for a lively drawing. Each step builds upon the last, adding a dash of whimsy at every turn.

Next, we sketch out the branches with a flourish, ensuring they loop and curl in a style typical of animation. The tree’s canopy emerges as a cloud of cheerful puffs, creating a silhouette that tickles the imagination. It’s a form that beckons childhood memories of animated forests and enchanted woods.

The final image stands not just as a tree, but as a character within its own right, full of personality and charm. This method showcases how simple lines can embody emotion and narrative, inviting viewers into a storybook world. It’s a testament to the power of cartoons in bringing joy through art.

how to draw a cartoon tree step by step

Tree Drawing Lesson: Extra Practice

Embracing the familiar strokes of previous methods, this drawing technique serves as additional practice to refine your skills. The initial steps involve drawing the trunk and branches, echoing the simplicity we’ve mastered, yet encouraging repeated effort to perfect each line.

As we progress, the foliage unfolds in a recognizable pattern, the repetition reinforcing our understanding of tree shapes. This method isn’t just about the final product, but also about the process, reaffirming techniques to ensure they become second nature.

In the culmination of our practice, we see a tree that’s both recognizable and unique, a testament to the power of practice. By revisiting known styles, we consolidate our learning, ready to tackle new challenges with confidence.

how to draw a tree step by step

How to Draw a Tree: Playing with Shapes

As an artist, creating variations on familiar themes, like a tree, offers a refreshing challenge. This method presents a tree with a more expansive and grander form, a divergence from the slender portrayals typically taught. The broad base and thick branches suggest a maturity and robustness not seen in other styles.

At the midpoint, the drawing comes into its own, with wide-reaching branches that evoke a sense of strength and stability. This tree’s presence is undeniable on the page, its extensive canopy a testament to nature’s grand designs. It’s a method that pays homage to the timelessness of old, mighty oaks or sprawling banyans.

Finishing with touches that emphasize its breadth, this tree stands as a proud entity, a bastion of nature’s enduring spirit. Such a drawing connects us to the earth, encouraging viewers to look up and admire the vastness of life’s canopy. It’s a simple yet powerful representation of nature’s grandeur in art.

how to draw a tree with leaves step by step


If today’s arboreal artistry has planted the seed of creativity within you, consider exploring my website’s garden of diverse drawing lessons. Immerse yourself in a plethora of other lessons, like capturing the charm of an Eevee or the majestic stance of a bear, each crafted to refine your artistic skills.

I invite you to follow my social channels for the latest updates and sneak peeks into upcoming content. Your thoughts and suggestions are the soil that nourishes the growth of this artistic community, so please, leave your comments and wishes for future lessons. Let’s cultivate a flourishing canopy of artistry together.

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