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How to Draw a Horse

how to draw a horse

Hello, dear artists. In our comments, you often asked us to teach you how to draw a horse. So, this drawing guide is ready, and we start the drawing process!

Step 1

Firstly, we sketch out the torso and head in a pair of rounded shapes. With this step, we will immediately indicate the basic proportions of the horse, and also correctly position it on the sheet of paper.

how to draw a horse in steps

Step 2

Now we will outline the contours of our horse’s eye and ear. We chose a cartoon style so the eye looks like a regular circle. Notice the small border around the ear.

how to draw a horse easy step by step

Step 3

In this step, we will continue to create a very simple horse shape. So, now we will connect the head and torso with two smooth short lines. We will also draw a small nostril and mouth inside the head outline.

how to draw a horse cartoon

Step 4

As you know, all horses have a mane. In our cartoon style, we are going to draw a small fringe that looks like a rounded shape with several jagged edges.

how to draw a horse cute

Step 5

Now add a second rounded shape with jagged edges. It sits between the contours of the ears and the back of the head. This shape should be larger than the shape from the first step.

how to draw a horse body

Step 6

Drawing horse legs is very difficult, isn’t it? Actually, yes, so we decided to keep this task as simple as possible. In this step, we sketch out a rectangle and a triangle that is located on the front of the torso.

how to draw a horse easy step by step

Step 7

This is another super easy step. Now we will draw the hind legs of our horse. This is very similar to the last step, but you can see a noticeable bend here.

how to draw a horse easy

Step 8

Here we will only add four lines to represent the hooves. Pay attention to the size of the hooves and the distance from each line to the edge of the foot.

how to draw a horse for kids

Step 9

Drawing a curvy tail is the last step before working with paints. You can choose the shape and size of the horse’s tail as you like.

how to draw a horse step by step

Step 10

We decided to avoid shadows and complex highlights. For a perfectly simple drawing, you only need to paint over our horse and do not forget about a simple white highlight in the eye.

how to draw a horse

Don’t forget to check our website for new drawing guides. We are glad to try our best for your progress! Also do not forget to write to us about how good the result you got. We focus on your opinions while creating new lessons!

How to Draw a Horse Step by Step

This step-by-step instruction is designed specifically for children and beginner artists, so all the steps will be very simple and understandable for each of you.

how to draw a horse step by step

How to Draw a Realistic Horse

In the picture, the horse is painted brown. You can color the horse differently. For example, paint a horse a solid black or gray, or make spots. Paint shadows and highlights to make the horse look more realistic. I also recommend detailing the hair on the tail and mane.

how to draw a realistic horse step by step

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