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How to Draw an Elephant

how to draw an elephant for kids

how to draw an elephant

This is another tutorial about animals, and here I will show you how to draw an elephant.

Elephants are most commonly found in Africa and India. Despite some differences, elephants in these two regions are very similar to each other. This means that using this instruction, you can learn how to draw an elephant, regardless of its geographical origin.

Time needed: 40 minutes

Elephant Drawing Tutorial

  1. Create the contours of the head and torso.

    So, we begins with drawing two overlapping round shapes. The oval forms the main body of the elephant, while the cirle, overlapping on the left side, outlines the head. This foundational technique establishes the basic form and is common in drawing animals to get the proportions right from the start.how to draw an elephant

  2. Sketch the elephant’s legs

    Draw four rectangular shapes beneath the larger circle, creating the elephant’s limbs. These shapes should be drawn with slightly rounded corners to suggest the fullness of the elephant’s stout legs. The front legs towards us should slightly overlap the hind legs – this is a very important detail.Sketch the elephant's legs

  3. Draw an elephant’s trunk

    Sketch the elephant’s trademark feature, the trunk. From the head circle, extend a curved line out and down, tapering slightly towards the end. This line should be fluid, mimicking the natural drape of an elephant’s trunk.Draw an elephant's trunk

  4. Drawing elephant ears.

    Sketch two smaller curves on the top of the head for the ears, making sure they’re roughly the same size for balance. By the way, different types of elephants have completely different ears – from huge to very small. So, you can choose in this step the most suitable appearance for your elephant.
    Drawing Elephant Ears

  5. Sketch the elephant’s eyes

    Add small ovals for the eyes, placing them just above the midpoint of the head circle, ensuring they are aligned and evenly spaced for a symmetrical look. A common technique in drawing cartoon eyes is to place them lower on the face to make the character appear cuter and more childlike.sketch the elephant's eyes

  6. Sketch the elephant’s tail

    At the back end of the corpus, add a small tail with a tuft at the end using a couple of short lines. It’s important to keep the tail proportional to the body; it should be small but noticeable. Don’t forget to draw a tassel at the end of the tail, like in my example.sketch the elephant's tail

  7. Add the details.

    Draw toenails on the feet with short, curved lines, giving attention to their placement at the tip of each leg for realism. These small but important parts of the body look like small arcs that are located close to each other.
    Add details

  8. Remove extra lines

    In this step, we will accentuate the elephant’s form by clarifying its final contours. Carefully review your drawing and identify any lines that are no longer necessary, gently erasing them to clean up the sketch. Now, intensify the primary outlines to give your elephant definition, focusing on the trunk, ears, and legs.Remove extra lines

  9. Color the elephant

    Fill in the elephant with a light gray. Color the inner ears with a pale pink, which adds a splash of warmth to the image. A critical technique in coloring is to use the natural direction of the body part you’re coloring—horizontal strokes for the wide body and vertical for the legs and trunk.Color the elephant

How to Draw an Elephant Step by Step

The picture shows a cute elephant. During the lesson, you will once again practice making smooth, rounded lines. Be careful and careful at every step.

how to draw an elephant step by step

How to Draw an Easy Elephant

In this tutorial, the elephant is depicted in a cartoon style and the drawing consists of a few simple elements. Please prepare all the necessary supplies and start the lesson.

how to draw an easy elephant step by step

How to Draw an Elephant Easily

Each step in this tutorial is a simple action that you can easily follow. All elements of the drawing are very simple, and you will quickly cope with this creative task.

how to draw an elephant step by step

How to Draw an Elephant Easy

So, I am happy to offer you this very useful and easy drawing lesson in which I will tell and show you how to draw an elephant easy step by step. Any novice artist or a child who does not have much experience in drawing can easily cope with the implementation of this lesson.

how to draw an elephant easy step by step

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