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How to Draw an Eagle Head

In this drawing tutorial, I will guide you on how to draw an eagle’s head. If you wish to capture the same intriguing bird with its fierce gaze, follow the instructions I have prepared for you.

eagle head drawing lesson
how to draw an eagle head step by step

How to Draw a Eagle Head: Basic Information

Before you begin drawing the eagle’s head, I recommend carefully examining the sample drawing and taking note of all the features of the position of the eagle’s head, as well as the nuances of the drawing technique.

This eagle appears minimalistic and simple, yet you can discern the intense, angry gaze, the texture of its lush feathers, and the rather menacing turn of its head.

There are several keys to conveying the atmosphere of the drawing. The first is the correct positioning of the eye, pupil, and the fold overhanging the eye. The highlight within the pupil is also very important.

The second key is the placement of the beak and the relationship between its upper and lower parts. Observe the beak closely, comparing the top and bottom sections, as well as the curve of the upper part. An important factor in ensuring the accuracy of the drawing is the distance between the eye and the beak.

Finally, much depends on the color. The lack of bright colors is compensated by the white color of the bird.

Eagle Head Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw an Eagle Head

  1. Draw the eye on the eagle head.

    Begin by sketching the eye, which is the focal point of the eagle’s expression. Use smooth, confident lines to outline the shape of the eye. The line of the eyebrow appears to intersect the oval of the eye, making only the lower part visible. how to draw an eagle head easy

  2. Add the outlines of the top part of the eagle beak.

    Next, move on to the beak. Start by drawing the upper part of the beak, beginning from the base near the eye and extending it outwards in a smooth, curved line. The upper beak should have a pronounced hook at the end, characteristic of eagles.how to draw an eagle head art hub

  3. Depict the nostril and the bottom of the eagle beak.

    After completing the upper beak, draw the lower part, ensuring it aligns naturally with the upper section. Pay close attention to the curvature and thickness of the beak, as these details will contribute to the overall accuracy and realism of your drawing.how to draw a simple eagle head

  4. Sketch out the top outline of the eagle head.

    Begin to outline the eagle’s head. Start from the top of the beak and extend a smooth line upward and backward, shaping the top of the head. Continue this line downwards to create the back of the head, curving it gently to mimic the natural contours of the eagle’s head.how to draw an eagle head for kids

  5. Draw the plumage below the eagle head.

    Now, draw the neck and the initial outline of the feathers. Begin at the base of the head, sketching a series of jagged, short lines to represent the feathers. You can first outline the outline of the neck with a regular line, check that the drawing is correct, and then add jagged outlines.how to draw an eagle head for beginners

  6. Depict the eagle chest.

    Draw the front of the eagle’s neck. Pay close attention to the section where the line of the beak intersects with the line of the neck. Evaluate the curve of the neck contour—it is much subtler compared to the line from the previous step.how to draw an eagle head for kindergarten

  7. Color the drawing.

    Finally, add color and any remaining details to your eagle. Use a light beige or tan color for the beak, ensuring it contrasts well with the white of the feathers. Add yellow to the eye, making it stand out and emphasize the fierce expression.eagle head drawing lesson

Additional Content

I’ve crafted a special treat for you — a free downloadable PDF of my eagle head drawing lesson. This compact guide is perfect for on-the-go fun, allowing you to enjoy drawing even when you’re offline.

Sketch Like a Pro: Eagle Edition

You’ve flown through drawing an eagle head, but every great artist knows it’s the little details that make a big splash. So, let’s check some technical nuances that’ll make your artwork pop even more. Here’s a secret artist’s checklist for you:

  • Sharper Pencils, Finer Lines: Keep your pencil sharp for those sleek, sharp edges – just like an eagle’s gaze.
  • Shading Secrets: Use the side of your pencil to shade gently. It’s like whispering with graphite!
  • Erase with Ease: Got a smudge? A kneaded eraser can clean it up without a trace, like a ninja!
  • Line Variety: Mix up thick and thin lines to give your drawing depth, making it jump off the page.


How realistic and impressive does your eagle head drawing look? Are there any issues with proportions, color, or other details? Please share your thoughts in the comments—I’m eagerly looking forward to your feedback.

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