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How to Draw a Person

how to draw a Person

how to draw a person step by step

In this super easy drawing instruction, I will show you how to draw a person for kids.

Earlier on the pages of Howtodrawforkids.com, I have already shown you how to draw a man for kids. These two instructions are quite similar to each other, except that this guide is laid out in much more detail, which means this instruction will be easier.

How to Draw a Person

  1. Start drawing the head

    Begin by drawing an oval shape for the head. This serves as the base of the face and should be drawn with smooth, curved lines. Make sure to proportion the oval correctly to ensure it matches the body size in later steps.how to draw a person easily

  2. Create the outlines of torso.

    Below the head, draw a rectangular shape for the torso. The rectangle’s width should be slightly wider than the head to maintain a natural body proportion. The torso’s length can vary depending on how tall or short you want the person to be.draw the torso's outline

  3. Create the contours of the legs.

    For the legs, extend two straight lines downward from the bottom corners of the torso. Then, draw two parallel lines next to these to form the legs, making sure they are of equal length. For your convenience and accuracy of the drawing, you can correlate the proportions of the legs and torso.Create the contours of the legs

  4. Draw the arms

    Add arms to the person by drawing lines downward from each shoulder. These lines should run parallel to the body, ending slightly lower the bottom of the torso to create a natural posture. Most often, it is the position of the hands that conveys the mood of the character and the entire drawing as a whole.Draw the arms

  5. Create the contours of the hands.

    To detail the arms, add lines or small rectangular shapes at the ends to form hands. These shapes should be proportional to the arms and match in size. To avoid confusion, draw the thumb and index finger first and then add the rest.Create the contours of the hands

  6. Sketch the neck.

    Draw a curved line at the base of the head to form a neck, connecting the head to the torso seamlessly. Please note that the contour of the neck intersects the contour of the body and is rounded.Sketch the neck

  7. Sketch the shoes.

    Begin by extending horizontal lines at the ends of each leg to represent the feet. These lines should be parallel to the ground and equal in length to each other, ensuring a balanced appearance. Consider the angle and width of these lines, as they will form the basis for the shoes or other footwear.Sketch the shoes

  8. Draw the facial features.

    Start with the eyes, drawing two small circles or ovals in the upper half of the head, spaced evenly apart. For further detailing, add eyebrows above the eyes to complement the expression. The distance between the eyes and their placement play a very important role in expressiveness, even if it’s just two dots.Draw the facial features

  9. Add the nose and mouth.

    For the nose, draw a small curved line or a dot below the eyes, centered on the face. Complete the facial features by sketching a simple smiling line or a more detailed curve for the mouth, positioned below the nose.Add the nose and mouth

  10. Sketch the contours of the hair.

    Draw the hair around the head by creating lines or a solid shape. For a short hairstyle, sketch lines close to the scalp, following the natural curvature of the head. For longer hair, extend the lines downward or outward, depending on the style. Sketch the contours of the hair

  11. Sketch the ears.

    Draw small curved lines on each side of the head to form ears. The ears should align with the eyes and be proportional to the head. To ensure symmetry, you can lightly draw a guideline connecting both sides of the head at ear level, then sketch the ears along this line.Sketch the ears

  12. Remove extra-lines.

    Go over the entire figure, refining any remaining areas. Smooth out the lines of the arms, legs, and torso, making sure they are proportionate. Then, remove all unnecessary lines and finalize the outline of the drawing.remove extra lines

  13. Color the persone

    The colors choices can vary depending on the desired look. Decorate the character’s clothes with any patterns and art you like. This final step completes the drawing, bringing the person to life in full color. how to draw a Person

If this instruction on how to draw a person for kids was interesting to you, then visit the People category, where you will find a lot of cool drawing instructions.

How to Draw a Simple Person

You can paint a person in the same colors, or you can show your imagination and use any other colors for skin, hair, and clothes. So, prepare all the necessary supplies and you can start the lesson.

how to draw a simple person step by step

How to Draw a Person Step by Step

For your convenience, the tutorial is divided into several steps and each drawing step has a little hint for you. Be attentive and careful. Do not hurry. If something doesn’t work out the first time, don’t despair. Keep drawing and over time you will be great at drawing a human figure.

how to draw a person step by step

How to Draw a Realistic Person

If you think this tutorial will be too difficult for you, then you should not worry. I have prepared this guide especially for children and aspiring artists. Therefore, I am sure that you can handle it, even if you have no drawing experience at all.

how to draw a realistic person step by step

How to Draw a Human

Repeating all the steps of the lesson after me and turning on your imagination a little, you will get an excellent result. You can show off your drawing even if you are drawing a person for the first time.

How to draw a human step by step

How to Draw an Easy Human

If you complete this lesson, then you will learn an easy way to draw a human figure. Start with simple objects, practice as often as possible and in the future you will learn how to draw a more realistic human figure.

how to draw an easy human step by step

How to Draw a Simple Human

The simple person that you draw with the help of this instruction will be made in a cartoon style. Note that the human’s head looks quite large compared to the proportions of his body, this way of depicting makes your drawing more cute.

how to draw a simple human step by step

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