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How to Draw a Female Face

Capturing the essence of femininity in art, I will guide you on how to draw a female face with gentle precision. This tutorial is my gift to readers eager to learn, presented in a straightforward method that promises success. Here, we’ll draw a face that radiates softness and strength in equal measure.

female face drawing lesson
how to draw a female face step by step

How to Draw a Female Face: Basic Information

Learning how to draw a female face can be as delightful as it is challenging, which is why I’ve created this simple, step-by-step lesson. My aim is to demystify the process, breaking it down into easy segments that anyone can follow. In this lesson, we focus on the soft curves and gentle features that give the female face its grace.

The female face we’ll draw together is distinguished by its rounded features and delicate expressions. My method will guide you through drawing the eyes, nose, and mouth with a gentle touch, ensuring a likeness that is both kind and captivating. Each stroke is designed to build confidence and skill.

Together, we will draw a female face, infusing our artwork with the subtle nuances that make the portrait not just a drawing, but a story. With each lesson, your hand will grow steadier, your eye sharper, and your confidence higher. So, let’s begin this artistic voyage and watch as the blank page blooms with life.

Female Face Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Female Face

  1. Draw the lower outline of the face and neck.

    With a curved line draw an oval for the face and then add two vertical lines to depict the neck.how to draw a female face easy

  2. Depict the eyes and eyebrows.

    Draw two identical eyes, then add eyebrows of the same shape as in the example.how to draw a female face for beginners

  3. Sketch out the nose and mouth.

    Depict one curved line to depict the nose, then use one smooth line to draw the mouth.how to draw a female face realistic

  4. Add one ear.

    On the left side draw the small ear and add a line to depict the upper side of the face.how to draw a beautiful girl face step by step

  5. Draw the hair.

    On the right side, depict a lock of hair that covers the ear.how to draw a girl face cartoon

  6. Add details.

    Depict the top outline of the hair on one side.how to draw a female face easily

  7. Add more details.

    Draw the top outline of the hair on the other side.how to draw a female face hair

  8. Depict the bottom outline of the hair.

    At this stage, sketch out smooth horizontal lines.female face drawing tutorial

  9. Color the female face.

    Choose any color for the drawing.female face drawing lesson

Additional Content

To accompany the online tutorial, I’ve created a free PDF file that encapsulates the essence of drawing a female face with a simplified flair. It’s designed for those who want to practice anytime, anywhere, with or without internet access.

This portable guide breaks down the drawing process into easy-to-follow steps, ensuring you can continue to perfect your skills in your own space and at your own pace. It’s perfect for quick reference and repeated practice, reinforcing what you’ve learned during the lesson.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

To enrich your artistic journey, I’ve carefully crafted several alternative techniques for drawing a female face, each designed to foster different skill sets. These additional methods are not just variations but are crafted to deepen your understanding of facial anatom and expression.

By incorporating these diverse techniques into your practice, you’ll gain a robust ability to portray a wide array of female features, emotions, and styles. This holistic approach is intended to not just improve your drawings, but to imbue them with a sense of life and character that is uniquely your own.

How to Draw a Smiling Female Face

In this tutorial, I’m thrilled to walk you through a heartwarming journey of illustrating a female face, one that’s adorned with a gentle and inviting smile. We’ll construct the drawing from the ground up, starting with a foundational U-shape for the chin and cheeks.

Gradually, we’ll etch in the eyes that twinkle with mirth, craft a nose that sits delicately in the center, and carve out a smile that seems to light up the entire face. Each step in this process is crafted to ensure that you can easily follow along and create a portrait filled with kindness and joy.

woman face step by step drawing tutorial

Girl Face Drawing Lesson

In this sweet alternative method, I’ll guide you through the charmingly simple process of creating a very cute girl’s face, complete with rosy cheeks and a gentle smile. We’ll start with the basic outlines, forming the shape of the head, and move on to the joyful task of adding those sparkling eyes and a tiny, upturned nose.

Then, with a few strokes, we’ll craft her cheerful smile and give her cheeks a touch of pink to suggest a playful, healthy glow. This lesson is structured in an easy-to-follow sequence, ensuring that each step brings joy and a sense of achievement, making it perfect for young artists eager to bring a bit of sweetness into their artwork.

female head step by step drawing tutorial


You’ve just finished sketching a lovely female face, and I hope it’s smiling back at you with as much joy as I had creating this lesson! If you’re eager to set sail on another artistic voyage, why not try your hand at drawing a swashbuckling pirate or your favorite Pokémon on my website? There’s a whole sea of tutorials waiting for you.

Make sure to follow my social media channels; that’s your treasure map to all the new and exciting content. And I always treasure your thoughts, so leave a comment below if you have an idea for our next artistic adventure. What do you want to create next? Share your thoughts and let’s make it happen!

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