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How to Draw a Boy

Ready to draw something cute? I’ll guide you through how to draw a boy in chibi style, using four easy methods. It’s a great way for kids to practice drawing with proportions that make chibi so lovable and fun.

Are you ready to draw a boy with an extra dose of cuteness? I’ll show you how, with four different drawing techniques that are perfect for kids. This kid-friendly lesson is just the thing for anyone looking to bring their imagination and creativity to the page.

how to draw a boy
how to draw a boy step by step

How to Draw a Boy: Basic Information

Let’s explore the whimsical world of chibi art as we learn how to draw a boy in this super cute style. My method makes drawing accessible and fun, with a focus on chibi’s trademark big head and expressive features.

Our chibi boy will come to life with a few simple shapes and lines, capturing the essence of chibi’s playful charm. Each step is crafted to be kid-friendly, highlighting the exaggerated proportions that make chibi characters so lovable. By breaking the process down, we’ll achieve that unique chibi look together.

So, sharpen those pencils and and prepare for a cute artistic journey. We’ll draw a boy in chibi style, and I’ll be right here to help you every step of the way. Let’s fill our pages with these adorably exaggerated characters and make our own chibi world!

Boy Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Boy

  1. Sketch out the head and torso.

    The drawing begins with the creation of two basic shapes: an oval for the head and a rectangle for the body. The oval should be placed on top of the rectangle, touching it without overlapping.
    how to draw a boy for beginners

  2. Draw the eyes of the boy.

    Depict the eyes by sketching two small ovals within the head outline, positioned roughly in the lower half of the face oval. Than, Add bold edging to the tops of the eyes.
    how to draw for kids

  3. Add the details for the head.

    Refine the expression by adding eyebrows just above the eyes, and a tiny curved line for the mouth, placed in the lower half of the face. For the ears, draw two small half-ovals on each side of the head.
    boy sketch for kids

  4. Draw a hairstyle.

    Sketch the hairline just above the forehead with a series of short, jagged lines to suggest the texture of the hair. Add a little spikiness to the hair by creating uneven lengths and angles.
    boy sketch for kids

  5. Draw the T-Shirt.

    First, sketch out the neck with a rounded line, then the short sleeves. Keep the lines for the clothing simple and loose, avoiding too much detail so that the focus remains on the character’s face.
    boy drawing tutorial

  6. Draw the arms.

    Using a couple of simple lines depict the arms. Next, sketch out the bottom line of the shirt. This pose is as simple as possible for the artist – instead of hands, we see only a couple of smooth lines.
    how to draw a boy standing

  7. Draw the legs.

    Draw the character’s pants by extending two oblique lines down from the bottom of the shirt. These lines represent the legs and should be of equal length and width to maintain symmetry.
    how to draw a boy easy

  8. Erase the guidelines.

    At this point, we clean up any unnecessary guidelines from the initial steps to ensure the drawing looks neat. After that, feel free to start coloring.
    how to draw a boy for kids

  9. Color the boy.

    Finally, add color and any remaining details to your character. You can choose absolutely any color to make the picture color and alive.
    how to draw a boy

Additional Content

For all my enthusiastic young sketchers, I’m delighted to share a free downloadable PDF file that summarizes our fun drawing lesson. This compact version lets you draw a boy wherever you are, with no need for Wi-Fi.

Just download, print if you like, and keep it with your art supplies for easy access. Now you can continue to hone your drawing talents even when you’re offline, making every moment an opportunity to create something wonderful.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

To all my eager young artists, I’ve developed multiple alternative techniques to depict a boy in the adorable chibi style, so you can practice to your heart’s content and sharpen those budding art skills. Each one is a new adventure, a different way to see and recreate, ensuring your artistic growth never slows down.

How to Draw a Boy on a Skateboard

This method is a fun and straightforward way to sketch a boy on a skateboard. Starting with a simple oval for the head and a basic body shape, the steps gradually build up to include a cap, facial features, and the boy’s attire.

As the tutorial progresses, we add the skateboard beneath his feet. By the end, you have a complete, stylish boy ready to roll on his skateboard, captured in a lively and dynamic pose.

Steps on how to draw a boy

Cute Boy Drawing Lesson

This second alternative drawing method focuses on creating a cute boy with exaggerated chibi characteristics. Starting with a large, round head to emphasize the cuteness, the steps progress to adding a small, compact body, typical of chibi style.

Facial features are kept simple and sweet, with large eyes and a tiny mouth to accentuate the innocence and charm. Finishing touches include neat hair and appropriately sized arms and legs, completing a delightful chibi boy that’s sure to warm hearts.

how to draw a boy step by step

How to Draw a Little Boy

So, in this third alternative method, we focus on the charming details that bring a young boy to life on the page. Beginning with a basic head and body outline, we gently sketch in the facial features, giving our character a bright, cheerful expression.

Each subsequent step adds a new layer of detail, from the hair that tumbles softly around his face to the clothes that hint at a child’s carefree style. The final result is a heartwarming illustration of a little boy, full of youth and joy.

little boy step by step drawing tutorial


Congratulations, young artists! You’ve just added a new character to your drawing portfolio. Ready for the next challenge? Visit my website for more exciting lessons, like how to draw a monkey‘s mischievous grin or a basketball‘s intricate lines.

Don’t forget to connect with me on social media to catch the latest content – your next favorite drawing adventure is waiting for you!

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