How to Draw a Hand

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In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a hand. This is usually the hardest part of the body to draw. In this guide, we tried to decompose this difficult task into a few simple steps.

how to draw a hand
How to draw a hand easy for kids


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies (optional)

So, if everything is ready, then scroll down the page to start the drawing tutorial on how to draw a hand.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Hand

  1. Draw the base of the hand

    So, we’ll start drawing a hand by depicting an asymmetrical pentagonal shape. Place this shape in the center of your paper or where your character’s hands should be in your to draw a hand

  2. Draw the fingers

    Now we will outline the outlines of four fingers. Pay attention to the size and position of each finger. You can make it a little easier for yourself if you draw a vertical line in the center of the paper as a to draw hands

  3. Draw your thumb

    In this step we sketch out the outlines of the opposite toe. You can see that the base of the thumb is quite wide and there is a slight but noticeable taper upwards.hands drawing

  4. Draw the nails

    Now we will add the outlines of the nails. You may notice that the nails on the different toes have different shapes and to draw a hand easy step by step

  5. Erase construction lines

    We always highlight a special step so that you can evaluate your picture, find all the errors, and correct these mistakes with the eraser. Let’s do this because the next action is to work with to draw a hand step by step

  6. Add the final touches

    Small details always form an overall impression. In this step, we will add small folds of skin that are located on the fingers and the back of the hand.
    how to draw a hand easy

  7. Color the hand drawing

    Use whatever color you like to color this hand. Remember that any skin color is truly to draw a hand

What else can you do to make your hand drawing even more interesting:

  • Depict a table, or another surface under the hand
  • Add shadows and highlights to the nails
  • You can try drawing a ring or bracelet on the wrist.

So we hope you enjoyed our drawing guide. Do not forget to write us in the comments what you think about our work. It is very important for us!

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  1. Grace K.

    This helped me so much with an art assignment! I got an awesome grade and a compliment from my teacher! I’ve always felt I inherited the inability to draw from my mom, but this site helped release the true drawing talent from my dad. Thank you, “How to draw for kids!”

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