How to Draw a Kangaroo

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In this drawing lesson, you will learn how to draw a kangaroo step by step. You will definitely enjoy this lesson!

kangaroo drawing tutorial
how to draw a kangaroo step by step

I am glad to offer you another very useful and exciting drawing lesson in which you can learn how to draw a kangaroo step by step. This is another useful lesson dedicated to drawing animals.

Surely, you have seen kangaroos in many films, cartoons, or books. Kangaroo is a very interesting and funny animal. This animal feeds on grass, fruits, roots, extracting them from the ground with its strong front paws.

The way the kangaroo moves looks very interesting. Since the hind legs of a kangaroo are several times longer than the front ones, they do not walk or run, but only jump. At the same time, they help themselves to jump with a long, strong tail. Kangaroo is considered the most famous symbol of Australia. This animal is depicted even on the coat of arms of this country.

A distinctive feature of these animals is that on their front part of the body there is a so-called bag in which they carry their cubs.

In this lesson, you will be able to learn how to draw a cartoon style kangaroo. This style will make your drawing look cute and funny. Right now, you can start drawing this animal!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Kangaroo

  1. Draw the outline of the head and body.

    To complete this step, depict two arbitrary shapes using curved to draw a kangaroo easy

  2. Add facial features.

    Depict two ovals and one arbitrary shape inside the previously drawn outline of the to draw a kangaroo for kids

  3. Sketch out the ears and an element on the head.

    Draw two symmetrical ears at the top of the kangaroo’s head and add an arc at the to draw a kangaroo realistic

  4. Add the neck of the kangaroo.

    You should connect the contours of the head and body of the kangaroo with two curved to draw a kangaroo art hub

  5. Depict the outline of the kangaroo tail.

    Below the drawn outline of the torso, depict the long, thick tail using curved to draw a kangaroo cartoon

  6. Add the front paws.

    One paw appears to be partially covered by the to draw a cute kangaroo easy

  7. Sketch out the hind legs.

    The hind paws of the kangaroo look very massive. To depict them, use curved to draw a kangaroo easy for beginners

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Use the eraser to remove any unnecessary to draw a kangaroo for kindergarten

  9. Color the drawing.

    To color the kangaroo, use black and shades of brown. Add the highlights to the eyes.kangaroo drawing tutorial

For your convenience, I have prepared a PDF file with a short version of the lesson.

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