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How to Draw a Haunted House

Dive into fantasy with my lesson on how to draw a haunted house for kids. Follow my step-by-step guide to create a spooky yet endearing artwork.

Discover the magic of drawing with this step-by-step guide on creating a haunted house! Follow these simple and fun instructions, perfect for young artists. Let your imagination soar as you turn a blank sheet into a spooky adventure.

haunted house drawing guide
how to draw a haunted house step by step

Table of Contents

Basic Information on How to Draw a Haunted House

I’ve crafted a unique drawing lesson for you where we’ll delve into the world of mysterious houses, and together, you and I will learn how to draw a haunted house. However, this isn’t just any haunted house – in this lesson, the haunted house will have a charming and cute twist to it!

Firstly, have you always dreamt of creating mystical homes with your own hands? With my guidance, and by following along, you’ll be able to bring that dream to life on paper. Additionally, you’ll uncover all the secrets of drawing a lovely haunted house.

Drawing isn’t just about technique and skill; it’s also about expressing your feelings, emotions, and fantasies. Therefore, your haunted house can be as eerie, friendly, or even as adorable as you imagine!

Furthermore, by following my step-by-step guide, you’ll quickly grasp how to draw a haunted house. Lastly, imagine the joy and satisfaction once your artwork, showcasing a delightful haunted house, is complete! I hope this lesson is not only engaging but also serves as an inspiration for you.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Haunted House

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Haunted House

  1. Start with the base.

    Start with a U-shaped figure for the base of the house. This should be drawn lightly as the foundation, with the open part of the U at the top, giving you a solid base to build upon.how to draw a haunted house easy

  2. Draw the main roof of the haunted house.

    At the top of your U-shape, add a tall triangle for the roof. The peak should be slightly off-center for a whimsical, haunted look, creating the classic silhouette of a fairytale house.how to draw a haunted house realistic

  3. Add the adjacent room.

    Attach a rectangular shape to the right side for the first section of the house extension. This shape should align with the sides of the main house, maintaining perspective.how to draw a haunted house art hub

  4. Sketch the side extensions.

    Add two more rectangles on the left side, creating layers for the house extensions. These should vary in size, resembling additional rooms or sections of the haunted house.how to draw a haunted house for beginners

  5. Depict the tower.

    Outline a tall, narrow rectangle on the left side of the roof for the chimney. This should extend upwards, slightly tilting to one side, enhancing the eerie, old look of the house.how to draw a haunted house art

  6. Draw the architectural details in your drawing.

    Add the circular window right above the entrance door to add uniqueness, and then place the arched door in the center of the house to emphasize the main entrance.how to draw a haunted house cartoon

  7. Add the windows and shingle the roof.

    Sketch out the window on each side of the house. Position them symmetrically in relation to the main front door. Then, draw shingle roofing following the shape and contour of the roof of the haunted house.haunted house drawing tutorial

  8. Finalize details.

    Draw the second-story window, the elongated window by the entrance, and shingle patterns on the tower’s roof.haunted house drawing lesson

  9. Color the house.

    Use a dark brown for the main structure, yellow for the windows to give the appearance of light inside, and a contrasting color for the door. Don’t forget to color the roof and the sides of the house as well.haunted house drawing guide

Additional Content

I’m delighted to share that I have a special treat for you: a free PDF download of my haunted house drawing lesson. Initially, you’ll notice that this file gives a condensed version of the tutorial, tailored for those who appreciate a brief rundown.

Moreover, its design allows for effortless referencing and practice, wherever and whenever you might need. In addition, having this resource can be a game-changer for budding artists. All in all, this is a golden opportunity to elevate your artistic journey, so make the most of it!

Improve Your Skills

Every step you take in learning and practicing serves as a foundational stone to becoming a more accomplished artist. Initially, drawing, as you might be aware, isn’t solely about replicating what you observe; it’s more about comprehension, interpretation, and integrating your unique flair.

  1. First and foremost, delve into expanding your color repertoire: A prime joy of artistry is the vast array of colors at your disposal. In particular, consider using muted blues or purples to evoke a ghostly mood, or perhaps fiery reds and oranges to illustrate a haunted house that’s witnessed otherworldly occurrences.
  2. On another note, the background is pivotal: The right setting can elevate your haunted house illustration from basic to awe-inspiring. Additionally, think about incorporating elements like trees, an aged fence, or maybe a moonlit backdrop. Is your haunted house perched on a hill, overseeing a hamlet? Or perhaps it’s concealed deep in a forest, shielded from curious onlookers?
  3. Subsequently, focus on integrating more paranormal nuances: The character of a haunted house is often defined by its chilling residents. Crafting shadows in windows, capturing the silhouette of a ghost, or illustrating bats in mid-flight can infuse a thrilling touch to your piece.

To wrap things up, it’s vital to recognize the importance of consistent practice. Each haunted abode you sketch will invariably outshine the previous one. Equally important, as your expertise matures, you’ll discover the boundless opportunities’ art extends. Immerse yourself, persist in experimentation, and most crucially, relish every moment!


Congratulations on completing this lesson on drawing a haunted house! Initially, through this exercise, not only have you gained a deeper understanding of structure and shading, but also, you’ve delved into the eerie and intriguing world of haunted architecture.

In addition, every stroke you make on the canvas speaks volumes about your unique perspective. While this might be just one lesson, it’s worth noting that it’s a significant milestone in your artistic journey.

On the other hand, as you cherish this learning experience, remember to carry it forward. After all, the skills and confidence you’ve acquired today are bound to pave the way for your subsequent art endeavors. Furthermore, it’s essential to keep drawing, exploring, and above all, expressing yourself!

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