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How to Draw a Bunny

Looking to sketch the cutest bunny? My step-by-step guide features five unique methods, designed for children to learn how to draw a bunny with ease. Each method brings its own flair, ensuring a rewarding and educational experience for budding artists.

With unique methods to choose from, children can explore various styles from simple outlines to detailed, fluffy friends. Perfect for kids and beginners of all ages looking to create their own collection of adorable bunny drawings.

How to draw a bunny
How to draw a bunny step-by-step

How to Draw a Bunny: Basic Information

Are you ready for a hopping good time? Let’s learn how to draw a bunny with easy steps that will have you creating a furry friend in no time. My fun tutorial is perfect for young artists who want to bring their imagination to life. With simple shapes and lines, you’ll see your bunny begin to take form right before your eyes.

My method focuses on the essential features that make a bunny so lovable: soft fur, a cute nose, and those iconic long ears. I’ll guide you through adding these details to your drawing, transforming basic shapes into a bunny with character and life.

This approach is not just about creating a picture; it’s about understanding what makes bunnies unique and how to capture that essence on paper. By the end of our lesson, you’ll have learned not just to draw a bunny, but to infuse your drawing with personality.

This method teaches you to observe the little details that give your bunny a spirit of its own. Whether it’s a slight tilt of the head or the way the light shines in its eyes, your bunny drawing will be as unique as a real bunny hopping through the grass.

Bunny Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Bunny

  1. Sketch the head and the torso.

    Start by drawing two overlapping ovals, one for the head and the other for the body. Position the smaller oval slightly to the left of the larger one, ensuring they intersect at the head’s lower right side. These ovals act as guides, helping to shape the overall form and ensuring proportionality in later stages.
    Drawing the head and torso of the bunny

  2. Sketch the eyes of the bunny.

    Add the bunny’s eyes by sketching two small, rounded circles on the smaller oval, spaced evenly to the left and right of the vertical centerline. The eyes should be positioned at roughly the middle of the head. The position of the eyes should convey the general position of the bunny’s head.
    Drawing the eyes of the bunny

  3. Sketch the bunny cheeks.

    Draw a tiny triangular nose at the bottom of the smaller oval. Illustrate the bunny’s mouth by extending two short, curved lines from the bottom of its nose, splitting downwards and to the left and right. Enhance the bunny’s cheeks by sketching soft, rounded lines from the nose down to the body’s oval.
    Adding the mouth nose and cheeks

  4. Draw bunny ears.

    Sketch two elongated, slightly pointed ovals for the bunny’s ears, emerging from the top of its head. The ovals should angle slightly outward and be positioned symmetrically, with one to the left and one to the right. The ear outlines should be somewhat rounded and soft, giving a gentle appearance.
    Drawing bunny’s ears

  5. Draw the front legs of the bunny.

    Sketch two small, elongated ovals extending down from its lower body, slightly to the left and right of its midline. Position these legs symmetrically, curving towards the body’s outline, and include slight bends at the knees.
    Adding he front legs

  6. Add the hind legs of the bunny.

    Add two rounded shapes on the lower body, slightly behind and below the front legs. These rounded shapes should curve downwards and then inward towards the bunny’s belly, suggesting a sitting posture. Position them symmetrically, with the lower part of the legs blending into the body’s curve.
    adding bunny’s hind legs

  7. Illustrate the tail and chest.

    Add the bunny’s tail by drawing a small, rounded shape at the back of its body, aligning it symmetrically with its lower body. Position the tail slightly upward, making it distinct from the hind legs. To add more detail and texture to the bunny, drawing fur on its chest.
    Adding the tail fur on the chest

  8. Erase the guidelines from the artwork.

    Refine the bunny drawing by tracing over the initial ovals and curved lines with smoother, more precise strokes, connecting all features seamlessly. Remove any unnecessary guidelines, creating a finished outline. This final contour should highlight the bunny’s roundness, emphasizing its natural curves.
    finished bunny drawing

  9. Color the bunny drawing.

    Fill in the bunny’s eyes with solid black, leaving small white dots to suggest a reflective gleam. For the body, apply a very light grey color. Alternatively, you can color the bunny’s body in varying shades of brown, with lighter patches or streaks of white to add further texture and natural variation.
    How to draw a bunny

Additional Content

I’ve put together a free PDF file that encapsulates a short version of this bunny drawing lesson, designed for you to easily download and use anytime, even when you’re offline. This handy guide ensures that you can continue practicing and perfecting your drawing skills wherever you are, without the need for internet connectivity.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

I’ve developed multiple alternative techniques for drawing a bunny to give you ample practice and help enhance your artistic skills. These varied methods are designed to challenge and expand your creativity, allowing you to explore different styles and approaches.

Easy Bunny Drawing Tutorial

In this bunny drawing, we begin with a simple curve for the back, then add two long ears. Next, we shape the face and add small circles for the eyes and a line for the mouth. Finally, we complete the body with a rounded bottom, and with just a few strokes, our cute and easy bunny comes to life.

how to draw an easy bunny step by step

Simple Bunny Drawing Tutorial

In this version, we approach the bunny from a different angle, adopting a more realistic shape. The head and body are crafted with attention to anatomical detail, giving the bunny a lifelike posture. The ears droop naturally, and the facial features are positioned to reflect a three-dimensional perspective.

how to draw a simple bunny step by step

Cute Bunny Drawing Tutorial

This simplified drawing technique features a bunny with realistic details like fur outlines. It starts with basic shapes for the body and head, followed by adding texture to represent the fur, giving the character a lifelike appearance while keeping the process manageable for beginners.

how to draw a bunny step by stepp

How to Draw a Bunny for Kindergarten

In this preschool-friendly bunny method, I start with a large circle for the body and an attached oval for the head. I add simple, recognizable features: dot eyes, a small triangle nose, and long, curved ears. This technique reduces the steps, making it super accessible for the little ones to follow along and delight in creating their cute bunny artwork.

Step-by-step bunny drawing tutorial for kindergarten

How to Draw a Bunny: Conclusion

We’ve reached the end of our fluffy bunny drawing adventure, and I hope you enjoyed every hop of the journey! Remember, this is just one of the many exciting tutorials available on my website. Whether you want to unleash a fierce dragon onto your canvas or bring an anime character to life, there’s a lesson for every interest.

Don’t miss out on any new artistic opportunities—be sure to follow me on social media for updates on the latest tutorials. Your next masterpiece is just a lesson away!

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