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How to Draw a Scrunchy

Learn to draw a scrunchy with my super fun guide. With easy shapes and squiggles, you’ll create a scrunchy that looks like it can jump right into your hair. No tricky stuff here – just tons of fun and cool drawing tips for you!

Embark on a delightful drawing journey with our friendly guide on how to draw a scrunchy. This kid-friendly tutorial is packed with easy steps to create a charming hair accessory. No prior drawing experience? No problem! We make it simple, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the pride of creating something beautiful.

 scrunchie drawing tutorial for kids
how to draw a scrunchy step by step

How to Draw a Scrunchy: Basic Information

Ready to add a fun twist to your drawing skills? Today, we’re going to learn how to draw a scrunchy with easy-to-follow steps. Scrunchies aren’t just a way to tie your hair—they’re a fashion statement, and now they can be a part of your art too!

In this delightful drawing journey, you’ll see how starting with a simple outline can evolve into a full-fledged, ruffled hair accessory. Step by step, we’ll draw a scrunchy, ensuring each fold and crease adds to its fluffy texture.

By the end of this lesson, you’ll have the skills to draw a scrunchy with such detail that it looks like it could pop off the page and into your hair! Remember, it’s not just about the result, but also the fun you have creating it. So let’s dive into this artistic adventure together and bring to life a hair accessory that reflects your unique style.

Scrunchy Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Scrunchy

  1. Draw one side of the scrunchy.

    Begin by sketching a wavy, semi-circular line on the left side to represent the hair accessory ruffled edge, emphasizing its irregularity to reflect the realistic, fluffy folds of the fabric.how to draw a scrunchie easy for kids

  2. Depict the second side of the scrunchy.

    Mirror the initial step by drawing a similar wavy, semi-circular line on the right side to complete the circular shape of the hair accessory, ensuring both ends connect to form a cohesive outline.how to draw a scrunchie for kids for beginners

  3. Add the middle.

    Within the bounds of the scrunchy outer shape, draw a jagged, irregular line that mimics the ruffled inner edge, ensuring it encircles a space to represent the fabric’s gathered center.how to draw a scrunchie for beginners easy

  4. Sketch out the folds of the fabric on one side.

    On the left portion of your hair accessory sketch, create a series of erratic lines in varying lengths and shapes to represent the folds and twists of the fabric’s elastic bunched-up texture.how to draw a scrunchie for kindergarten step by step

  5. Draw the folds of the fabric on the other side

    Mirror your approach on the right, mimicking the irregular lines you’ve drawn on the left to illustrate this hair accessory ruffled fabric, ensuring they are uneven to create a realistic texture.scrunchie drawing lesson for beginners

  6. Color the scrunchy drawing.

    Select a vibrant blue or another bright hue to bring life to your scrunchy drawing, filling in each section with care to highlight the folds and shadows, giving your drawing a pop of color and dimension.scrunchie drawing tutorial for kids

Additional Content

I’ve put together a special treat for you – a downloadable PDF guide for the scrunchy drawing, absolutely free of charge. It’s packed with all the fun steps from my drawing lesson, so you can whip out your pencils and get creative whenever the mood strikes, no matter where you are.

No internet? No problem! This PDF is like a magic art buddy that’s there for you, rain or shine, internet or not. Grab it, print it out, and keep it handy for those times when you just have to draw, draw, draw!

Tips and Tricks for the Scrunchy Drawing

It’s time to turn your ordinary scrunchy sketch into a true work of art. With a dash of creativity and these nifty tips, your drawing will spring to life before your eyes. Let’s grab those markers and add some zing to your masterpiece!

  • Tip-Toe with tints: Use light pencil strokes to start; you can always get bolder later!
  • Sensational shapes: Don’t worry about perfect circles; scrunchies are full of twists and personality!
  • Shading superpowers: Add some darker shades on one side to make your hair accessory pop with a 3D look. To get more information about this read my article on light and shadow.
  • Glorious glitter: If you have glitter or metallic markers, add some shimmer to your scrunchy design.
  • Pattern party: Stripes, polka dots, or even little hearts can make your hair accessory uniquely yours.
  • Colorful choices: Who says scrunchies have to be just one color? Go wild with a rainbow of shades!

When you’ve put the final touch on your hair accessory, take a step back and admire your work. Each line and squiggle came together to create something special – and it’s all thanks to your imagination and those busy hands. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep these tips in your art toolbox for your next drawing adventure.


And just like that, you’ve drawn a fantastic hair accessory! Isn’t it amazing what a simple circle and a few squiggles can become with a bit of imagination? But don’t stop there! Your drawing adventure is just beginning. There’s a whole world of fun things to learn to draw. Want to try a crown next? Or how about a beautiful braid?

Jump over to my other drawing lessons to explore more. Each one is like a new door to an exciting world of creativity waiting for you. If you loved drawing along with me, make sure to follow my social media pages! You’ll get to see all the new drawing lessons I’ve got lined up for you.

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