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How to Draw Mars

Embark on a cosmic journey with my easy-to-follow tutorial on how to draw Mars. Perfect for young space enthusiasts to learn and create a detailed Martian landscape.

Step into the world of space art with this kid-friendly tutorial on how to draw Mars. My lesson breaks down the process into simple steps, encouraging young minds to recreate Mars’s mysterious landscape.

 mars drawing lesson
how to draw mars step by step

How to Draw Mars: Basic Information

Today’s adventure is truly out of this world as we tackle the challenge of how to draw Mars. This intriguing Red Planet, with its deep valleys and towering mountains, has captivated our curiosity for ages. I’ve crafted a simple step-by-step guide so that you can create a stunning rendition of Mars with ease.

Let’s kick off by sketching a round shape to capture Red Planet’ globe. We’ll sprinkle our drawing with various-sized craters to replicate the planet‘s scarred surface, adding to the authenticity of our Martian masterpiece.

As we draw Mars’ distinguishing features, we’ll etch in swirling patterns to represent the colossal dust storms and the thin atmosphere that enshrouds it. Bringing our drawing of Mars to a close, we’ll drench it in shades of reds and ochres, emulating the fiery hue that Red Planet is famous for.

By the end of this lesson, not only will you have a splendid Martian scene on your canvas, but you’ll also gain a newfound appreciation for this enigmatic neighbor in our solar system. Let’s sharpen our pencils and embark on this cosmic drawing journey to draw Mars together!

Mars Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Mars

  1. Draw the outer outline.

    Begin by choosing an appropriate size for your drawing space. With a steady hand, draw a large, smooth circle to create the basic outline for your Mars illustration. how to draw mars easy

  2. Add the large craters on one side.

    Begin by adding a series of ovals on the left side of your circle to represent the Martian craters. Vary their sizes for a more authentic look, arranging them sporadically across the half.how to draw mars planet

  3. Depict the large craters on the other side.

    Continue creating the topography of the planet by adding a set of ovals on the right side of your circle, mirroring the previous step. These shapes should vary in orientation and size to simulate craters.how to draw mars realistic

  4. Detail the craters.

    To create a textured look around each crater on planet, use thin, jagged lines to simulate rough, uneven terrain. These lines should be drawn around the perimeter of each crater to give depth to your drawing.how to draw mars art hub

  5. Add the rest of the elements.

    To mimic the rugged landscape, draw numerous jagged, curved lines across planet surface. These lines should vary in length and curvature, representing geological features such as valleys and trenches.how to draw mars planet easy

  6. Color the Mars drawing.

    To bring Red Planet to life, select a palette of red hues, from deep crimson to lighter scarlet. Apply these colors to create depth and texture, highlighting the planet’s distinct surface features.mars drawing lesson

Additional Content

I’ve put together a wonderful little PDF guide that’s brimming with simple, step-by-step instructions for you to master the art of drawing. It’s entirely free to download, so you can take it with you on all your adventures, even those far from the internet’s reach.

Draw and Explore: Mars Adventure Sketches

If you’ve loved learning how to depict Red Planet, you’re going to be over the moon with these cosmic scene ideas. Let’s make your Mars drawing even more magnificent:

  • Martian visitor: Add a touch of fun by including an alien spacecraft touching down on this planet, with friendly Martians coming out to greet our rovers.
  • Space fleet: Envision surrounding Red Planet with a convoy of spacecraft from Earth, some of them orbiting the planet, ready for exploration.
  • Satellite orbit: Draw a satellite in orbit around this planet, beaming back data and images of the planet’s enigmatic surface to eager scientists back home.
  • Martian oasis: Picture a thriving green oasis amidst the barren Martian landscape, suggesting a future where Red Planet has been terraformed.
  • Meteor shower: Illustrate the Martian sky lit up by a dazzling meteor shower, a dazzling and frequent spectacle on this planet.
  • Interplanetary friendship: Portray a meeting on Red Planet where beings from different corners of the universe come together to exchange wisdom.

Each drawing you create is a step into the vast universe of your imagination. There’s an entire cosmos of drawing lessons waiting for you on my website, ready to transport you from the depths of the ocean to the outer edges of the universe.


And that’s a wrap on my cosmic journey! Your masterpiece is now ready to join the celestial gallery of space wonders. But don’t let the creativity stop here—our website is a treasure trove of drawing adventures covering a universe of topics. Want more artistic escapades delivered straight to you? Join our community on social media!

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