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How to Draw Earth

Get your pencils ready for an adventure in drawing! Unleash your creativity as I show you how to draw Earth. Follow along with my fun guide, designed to inspire and educate young minds!

Set off on a creative mission to learn how to draw Earth with our detailed tutorial. This engaging Earth drawing lesson for kids covers everything from outlining continents to coloring oceans, fostering a love for both art and our planet.

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Basic Information on How to Draw How to Draw Earth

Imagine holding the whole world in your hands, with its twirling oceans and whispering winds across the continents. That’s what we’re going to do today when we learn how to draw Earth!

With some simple steps, I’ll show you how to sketch our big, beautiful planet and all its amazing features. It’s like being a magician, but instead of a wand, we’ll use pencils and paper!

When we draw Earth, we’re also playing detective, uncovering clues about where the deserts scorch, forests grow, and rivers flow. You’ll be the artist and the explorer, charting out lands that maybe one day, you’ll travel to.

So, let’s swirl our pencils over the paper, creating the blues and greens of the Earth, transforming a plain old circle into our globe that’s home to millions of species, including us!

And just think, once you know how to draw Earth, you can create your own worlds too! Possibly you’ll add in new continents, dream up vast oceans, or even design a secret hideaway island. The possibilities are as endless as the universe!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw How to Draw Earth

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Earth

  1. Draw the outline of the Earth globe.

    Begin by drawing a large, perfectly round circle, ensuring the edges are smooth and uniform to draw the base of your Earth drawing. Use a steady hand or a drawing compass for accuracy.how to draw earth step by step

  2. Depict North America on a globe.

    Carefully trace the contour of the continent located in the upper left section of your circle to create the Earth’s landmass. Follow the natural curves to mimic the coastline accurately.how to draw earth easy

  3. Add the South America.

    Position your pencil below the outlined North American continent on the Earth, and begin to draw the distinctive, jagged outline of the South America, ensuring it’s proportionate to the previous shape.how to draw earth easy for kids

  4. Sketch the Eurasia on the Earth.

    Shift your focus to the upper right quadrant of a planet, and meticulously draw the irregular edges of the Eurasian continent, connecting it naturally to the previously drawn parts.how to draw earth easy step by step

  5. Depict the Africa and Australia.

    Now, place your pencil below the sketched Eurasia, and begin to carefully draw the outline of the Africa and Australia, ensuring to capture its unique shape on a globe.how to draw earth for kids easy

  6. Check that the lines are drawn correctly.

    Pause for a moment and review your work meticulously, ensuring that each line of the continents is accurately placed and reflects the true contours of their geographical shapes on the globe.Earth drawing tutorial

  7. Color the Earth drawing.

    Select a vibrant shade of blue for the oceans and a rich green for the continents, and proceed to fill in your drawing, carefully staying within the outlines to bring your Earth drawing to life.

Additional Content

I’ve put together a super cool PDF file just for you. It’s like a treasure map that leads you through the adventure of Earth drawing, step by step. You can look at it on a computer, a tablet, or even print it out and stick it on your wall!

It’s super handy, like having a drawing buddy that fits in your pocket. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this PDF is your ticket to becoming a drawing pro in no time. So get ready to download, share, and show off your awesome art skills with this nifty little file I made just for you!

Alternative Earth Drawing Technique

Practicing is a super way to level up your drawing skills, and that’s exactly why I’ve whipped up another way to sketch our planet Earth. With this new method, you’ll get another chance to hone your artistic talents.

It’s all about taking another swing at it, because the more you draw, the better you’ll get. So grab those pencils, because here comes an exciting new set of steps to help you practice drawing Earth once more!

How to Draw the World

This method for drawing Earth presents a slightly different perspective, focusing on a more angled view of the planet. While there are no drastic differences in the overall technique or the final image, the variation in angle offers a fresh way to practice and refine your drawing skills.

Additionally, this method of drawing Earth introduces a new approach to constructing the perfect circle, starting with a cross to define the proportions, which lays the foundation for the sphere. This slight change in the initial steps provides a clear perspective, extending this tutorial by one additional step.

how to draw the world step by step

Journey into Space

Are you ready to zoom through the stars and sprinkle some cosmic dust on your sketchpads? We’re going to draw some out-of-this-world pictures that are sure to be stellar! Let’s put our pencils to the paper and create some galactic wonders. Here are a few cosmic ideas to get your imagination rocketing:

  • Earth and the Moon: Draw our big blue planet with its trusty sidekick, the Moon. They’re like best friends in space!
  • The Solar System: Line up all the planets in a row. Don’t forget the rings of the Saturn!
  • Earth and Mars: Show a neighborly scene with our planet waving at the Red Planet, Mars.
  • Earth from the Moon: Imagine you’re standing on the Moon looking back at Earth. What a view!
  • A Space Party: Draw Earth having a party with the other planets, maybe they’re having a cosmic dance-off!

Once you’ve created your space-tacular drawings, remember that each one is a tiny piece of the vast universe you’ve brought to life. Keep practicing, and who knows? Possibly one day, your art will be as famous as the stars themselves!


And just like a comet tailing through the night sky, we’ve reached the end of our Earth drawing adventure. If you’ve had a blast with these sketches, don’t float away into space just yet! Make sure to follow us on social media for more astronomical art fun.

There are tons of drawing lessons on my website waiting to be discovered by young artists like you. From the deep sea to the high skies, your next artistic quest is just a click away. So, buckle up your seatbelts, and let’s prepare for more creative journeys together.

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