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How to Draw a Cute Dolphin

In this drawing lesson, I would like to tell you how to draw a cute dolphin step by step. This simple lesson consists of only eight steps.

how to draw a cute dolphin
how to draw a cute dolphin step by step

I bring to your attention this wonderful and very useful drawing lesson, in which I will tell and show you how to draw a cute dolphin step by step. The dolphin you draw with these instructions will look like a baby dolphin. The finished drawing will turn out to be very cute and funny.

Also, you should pay attention to the fact that this drawing is made in a cartoon style. By learning how to draw various animals in a cartoon style, you will be able to create more cute and cute pictures.

All species of dolphins have a naked streamlined body, flexible and muscular, with highly modified fin limbs, a small head with a sharp snout and a dorsal fin. The head is distinguished by a pronounced transition between the forehead and nose. The eyes are small, vision is poor.

The dolphin’s nostrils are a single breathing hole located on the crown of the head, which allows the animal to breathe even when almost completely submerged underwater. Dolphins don’t have ears. The hearing of the animal is provided by the inner ear, and the air cushion in the frontal lobes. Dolphin echolocation is perfect. It picks up reflected sound waves and determines the location of environmental objects, their distance, and their structure.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Cute Dolphin

  1. Draw the outline of the cute dolphin’s torso.

    To complete this simple step, you will need to draw one shape using a curved line.how to draw a dolphin easy

  2. Add elements on the dolphin’s head.

    Draw one oval inside the previously drawn shape, and also add a short, curved line.how to draw a dolphin realistic

  3. Depict the front of the dolphin’s head.

    On the right side of the shape you drew in the first step, add two curved lines of different lengths.how to draw a dolphin art hub

  4. Sketch out one fin of the dolphin.

    On the top of the cute dolphin’s torso, draw one curved line as shown.how to draw a realistic dolphin art hub

  5. Add two more dolphin ladles.

    Draw two more curved lines, placing them on the side and bottom of the torso.how to draw a cartoon dolphin cute and easy

  6. Depict the cute dolphin’s tail.

    At the lower back of the dolphin’s torso, draw the tail using a single, curved line.how to draw a dolphin easy and cute

  7. Correct inaccuracies.

    Use an eraser to erase unnecessary line and prepare the drawing for coloring.how to draw a baby dolphin

  8. Color the drawing.

    To color the cute dolphin, you can use blue and black. Add the highlights to the eye.how to draw a dolphin cute

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How to Draw a Cute Dolphin: Additional Instruction

To successfully complete this instruction, you will need your ability to draw smooth, curved lines. Take your time in the process of work and try to make your drawing as similar as possible to my example.

how to draw a cute dolphin step by step

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