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How to Draw a Dolphin

Imagine drawing the perfect dolphin with ease. I’m here to guide you, little artists, through five exciting methods on how to draw a dolphin. Each step is simple and fun, designed with kids in mind. And the best part? I’ve prepared a free PDF just for you, so you can draw along with me even if you’re away from the internet.

How to Draw a Dolphin: Basic Information

Are you excited to discover how to draw a dolphin with just a few easy steps? You’re in for a treat because today, I’ll show you how to transform simple shapes into a friendly dolphin. Our ocean adventure begins with a pencil and your imagination!

As we add each line and curve, watch your dolphin come to life. We’ll start with the dolphin’s sleek body, move on to its smiling face, and not forget those fun flippers. With every stroke, you’ll see your dolphin’s playful spirit emerge on your paper.

By the end of our lesson, not only will you be able to draw a dolphin, but you’ll also have learned valuable drawing techniques to use in your next artistic creations. So let’s grab our art supplies and dive into this drawing challenge together. Are you ready to make a splash with your art?

Dolphin Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Dolphin

  1. Draw an auxiliary line.

    Begin with a simple bean shape, laying the foundation for the dolphin’s body. Use a gentle, sweeping curve to outline the back and a softer curve for the belly.how to draw a dolphin step by step

  2. Depict the bottom part of the torso.

    Add a pointed tip to the rear of the body shape for the tail stock, which will support the tail flukes. Ensure the lines are smooth and meet the body in a tapered form.how to draw a dolphin easy

  3.  Add the dolphin’s tail.

    Sketch the tail flukes with a smooth, wavy line that divides into two lobes, creating a symmetrical shape. This represents the dolphin’s tail, which is crucial for propulsion in water.how to draw a dolphin easy for kids

  4. Draw the front of the dolphin’s head and the eye.

    Draw the dolphin’s head by adding a rounded front and a mouth line starting from the bottom of the head. Include a small circle for the eye, maintaining the friendly character of the dolphin.how to draw a dolphin easy step by step

  5. Add the mouth.

    Refine the dolphin’s snout, making it more prominent and adding a smile by extending the mouth line upward. This adds personality and brings the dolphin’s facial features into focus.how to draw a dolphin for kids easy

  6. Draw the dolphin’s fins.

    Illustrate the dolphin’s flippers, starting with a curved lines from the middle of the body, then back inwards. The flippers should appear smooth and slightly pointed, characteristic of a dolphin’s anatomy.a dolphin drawing guide

  7. Add one more fin.

    Shape the dorsal fin on top of the dolphin’s body with a gentle curve, resembling a backward ‘C’. This fin helps with stability in the water and should be drawn proportionate to the body.a dolphin drawing tutorial

  8. Erase the auxiliary lines.

    Outline the entire dolphin, refining any rough edges from previous steps. This unifies the dolphin’s form, ensuring all parts are in harmony and the silhouette is recognizable.easy way ro draw a dolphin

  9. Color the drawing.

    Complete the drawing with color, giving the dolphin a gradient of blues from light on the belly to darker on the back, mimicking the natural coloration of dolphins in the wild.how to draw a dolphin step by step easy

Additional Content

Dear young artists, I’ve got a special treat for you! Alongside the step-by-step tutorial on how to depict a dolphin, I’ve crafted a free PDF file. This mini-version of the lesson encapsulates all the essential steps, so you can download and print it to practice drawing dolphins whenever you wish, with or without internet access.

It’s perfect for those times when you’re offline but your creativity is flowing. This handy PDF ensures that your artistic journey never hits pause, keeping the fun and learning going on and on. So, why wait? Download it now and let your pencils dance across the paper to create your very own dolphin masterpiece!

Alternative Drawing Techniques

As a passionate art teacher, I always look for ways to enrich your learning experience. That’s why, in addition to our main lesson, I’ve devised several alternative techniques for drawing dolphins. These variations are designed to challenge you a bit more, helping you to refine your artistic skills.

By practicing these different styles, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of dolphin anatomy, improve your hand-eye coordination, and develop a more versatile drawing approach. So grab your sketchbook, and let’s dive into the world of artistic exploration together!

How to Draw a Dolphin for Kindergarten

Here’s a fun and easy alternative method specially designed for preschoolers, breaking down the drawing into five simple steps. This approach ensures that even the littlest hands can confidently craft their own adorable dolphin.

Each phase adds a new element, making the picture come alive more and more until—ta-da!—a friendly dolphin is ready to leap off the page. Get ready to dive into drawing with this super approachable method perfect for our budding kindergarten artists!

How to draw a dolphin step by step

How to Draw a Realistic Dolphin

This drawing technique showcases a realistic dolphin yet remains delightfully simple. With just seven straightforward steps, young artists can capture the graceful form of this beloved sea creature.

Starting with a basic outline and gradually adding details, this method is perfect for children eager to explore the wonders of the ocean through art. Each step builds on the last, ensuring that the final result is both achievable and impressive—a perfect blend of simplicity and authenticity for aspiring young artists.

how to draw a dolphin

How to Draw a Cute Dolphin

Let’s explore a way to sketch a cute dolphin that’s perfect for young artists. We’ll begin with smooth, rounded lines to form the body, ensuring each part is simple to follow. With a few strokes, we’ll add a friendly face, complete with a warm smile.

As we progress, we’ll attach the fins and the tail, each with easy shapes to ensure your dolphin looks cheerful and inviting. By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a cute dolphin that seems almost ready to play in the waves. This method is specially tailored to help kids feel accomplished and happy with their artistic creations.

how to draw a dolphin step by step

Cartoon Dolphin Drawing Guide

In this last alternative technique, let’s explore drawing a delightful cartoon dolphin, perfect for our young artists at play. We’ll begin with simple curves for the dolphin’s body, adding features such as a wide, friendly smile and large, round eyes to bring out its playful personality.

Each step will introduce a new element, like the fins and tail, in a way that’s easy and fun. By the end of these nine steps, the cartoon dolphin will look like it’s ready to jump and play, making it an adorable addition to any drawing collection.

how to draw an easy dolphin step by step


Well done, young artists! You’ve now added a charming dolphins to your gallery. If you’re eager for more, there’s plenty to discover on my website. From the antlers of a reindeer to the hull of a boat, each lesson is a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Don’t forget to connect with me on social media so you never miss out on new lessons and updates. Together, let’s continue our creative journey, one drawing at a time!

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