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How to Draw a Dog Face

In one of the previous instructions we depicted a dog, and here I want to show you how to draw a dog’s face in two different ways.

In both dog head drawings you can see a husky, but the coloring is slightly different, and you will also see a slightly different sequence of steps.

How to draw a dog face
how to draw a dog face step by step

Table of Contents

  • Basic Information
  • Steps on how to draw a dog face
  • Additional materials

Basic Information on How to Draw a Dog Face

Now you will learn how to draw a dog face. The lesson is designed specifically for children and beginners, so it uses simple elements that you can easily repeat.

There are different breeds of dogs, and the shapes of the face can be very different. Keep this in mind when you want to draw any other dog. Pay attention to all the features of a particular breed of dog.

The differences can be both global, such as the shape of the head, and more minor, such as the outline of the ears or the location of the eyes. Proper depiction of each aspect will make the breed of your drawn dog more recognizable.

In this tutorial, the dog face is presented in a cartoon style, so it looks unrealistic but very cute. During the lesson, take your time and carefully follow each step. Be careful and observe symmetry.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Dog Face

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Dog Face

  1. Draw the outline of the face.

    To do this, draw an even circle. Try to make a really smooth and symmetrical circle. I talked about how to do this in the lesson on how to draw a circle.how to draw a dog face easy

  2. Sketch the eyes.

    Now, slightly above the middle of the face, draw two small ovals. To make your drawn dog’s expression cuter, angle the tops of the ovals towards each other.
    sketch the eyes of the dog

  3. Add the nose and mouth.

    The nose is rounded. In order to draw the mouth, use short straight lines. Below I will show you how to make your drawn dog’s facial expression more cheerful.how to draw a dog face cute

  4. Sketch out the ears.

    With smooth curved lines draw barely the same ears. You can make the top corners of the ears rounded like in my example, or more pointed.
    drawing the ears of the dog

  5. Add the inside of the ears.

    Depict another outline inside each ear. Notice how a small detail can change the perception of the entire drawing and make it a little more realistic.
    adding details

  6. Draw the fur on the sides.

    Be careful with this step and make sure both sides are symmetrical. To check this, you can look at your drawing in the mirror.how to draw a dog face for beginners

  7. Sketch out the front of the face.

    With the help of smooth curved lines depict the front of the face, as shown in the example. But of course, this is just a pattern on the wool that you don’t have to draw.
    dog face drawing tutorial

  8. Remove the guidelines.

    With the eraser, remove all unnecessary lines in your drawing. Then, check the symmetry of the artwork and make the necessary finishing touches.how to draw a cartoon dog face

  9. Color the dog face.

    You will need grey, beige and black. But this is only the prime minister that you see before your eyes. To make your dog artwork more unique, use your favorite colors.
    How to draw a dog face

Additional Materials

Don’t forget to download this PDF. You will find some useful things here, such as a short version of this drawing lesson and a few additional drafts with construction lines. If you download this you can practice drawing even with no internet.

Alternative Methods on How to Draw a Dog Face

Finally we have reached the point where I will show you additional techniques for drawing a dog’s head. So, let’s take a closer look at the differences and similarities of the methods.

Smiling Dog Face

The level of artistic skill required for this urkoa will be approximately the same as for the previous one, but as you will see, the sequence of steps will be slightly different, as will the final result.

But the main difference here is the dog’s facial expression. To make the same smiling face, simply fold the corners of the dog’s lips up, as shown in my example.

how to draw a face of a dog step by step

Dog Head

Another way to sketch a dog’s head. This time we don’t draw from basic outlines, but simply draw in the details one by one. Here it is very important not to make a mistake in proportions and depict the correct symmetry of the left and right parts.

how to draw a dog head step by step

Dog Face for Kindergarten

In this instruction, I decided to simplify everything as much as possible. Here I removed everything unnecessary, leaving the necessary minimum of actions and lines.

There is a slightly flattened oval at the base of this pattern. In fact, the basic figure is related to the breed of the dog. It can be an elongated oval or a triangle if you originally wanted to draw some specific breed.

I decided to choose the simplest shapes so that every novice artist could draw this dog.

How to draw a Dog Face step by step


So, which of these dog head drawing tutorials worked best for you? Write about it in the comments, because your feedback is very important to me.

By the way, do not forget to write in the comments about how useful this was for you. Your feedback helps me create new drawing guides!

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