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How to Draw a Nose

In this basic step-by-step drawing tutorial for kids, I will show you how to draw a nose in the easiest way.

The lesson on how to draw a nose is one of the most important for a reason, because in order to be able to draw portraits, it is critically necessary to be able to draw parts of the face correctly.

how to draw a Nose
how to draw a nose step by step

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The nose, along with the eyes, mouth and ears, is an extremely important part of the human face, which any artist must be able to draw.

The nose, like the eyes, which were discussed in one of my previous articles, receives great attention in art.

How is this expressed?

As I already wrote in the article about hatching, in order to show an object closer than others, the artist draws it in more contrast and detail.

And the nose, being the most protruding part of the human face, is drawn in as much detail as possible in order to convey the volume of the person being portrayed.

Additionally, by using their skills in depicting noses, an artist or sculptor can convey a person’s character or even his profession, as in the statue of the Man with the Broken Nose by Auguste Rodin.

So, the theory has come to an end, which means it’s time to learn how to draw a nose. Let’s get started!

Step-by-Step Nose Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Nose

  1. Draw the nasal bridge.

    This part of the nose looks like a long curved line in my example. Try to make this line with one movement of your hand.
    how to draw a Nose for kids

  2. Draw the nostrils.

    Now add the contours of the nostrils. It looks like two large commas that run horizontally. The distance between these lines forms the shape of the nose, so take extra care as you create this tutorial.
     how to draw a Nose for beginners

  3. Draw the wings of the nose.

    Anatomists call these areas the wings of the nose. This step, like the previous one, forms the shape of the nose, so you must be especially careful in this step.
    how to draw a Nose easy

  4. Add some color to the nose drawing.

    On the one hand, this is the simplest step, because here you just need to paint the nose, but on the other hand, it’s not so simple if you want to convey volume using light and shadow. I will tell you how to do this below.
    how to draw a Nose

Deep Study of Nose Drawing

To learn how to depict a nose like a pro, one exercise is not enough. Every artist learns to draw parts of a person’s face through many hours of practice and various exercises.

As I said above, to paint the nose correctly, you can of course paint it one solid color, as shown in the example above.

But of course, it would be much better to make the nose drawing three-dimensional and more convincing, using all your knowledge in drawing light and shadow.

Try drawing the nose again using the steps above, but this time color the nose in more variety, adding light, shadow, highlights and the right tones.

Additional Materials

The drawing lesson is almost complete, but if you often visit the pages of Howtodrawforkids.com, you know that each of my drawing lessons contains additional materials and printables.

So what’s in my free printables?

All my free PDF materials, including the materials presented below, contain:

  • Eyes step-by-step drawing instruction
  • Coloring page
  • Tracing worksheet
  • Grid drawing worksheet

You can print these free materials and use them whenever you want.

How to Draw a Nose: Additional Drawing Techniques

So, in order to delve more fully into the topic and learn how to draw a nose like a real professional, you will need to explore as many options as possible on how to depict this part of the face.

Nose Drawing Tutorial: Detailed Method

Now let’s look at a more detailed way of drawing a nose. Here I have provided more steps for you to study each detail in more detail.

In this tutorial, you will first draw a line of symmetry. This means that you will be drawing a straight, simple nose, the right side of which is symmetrical to the left side.

nose step by step drawing tutorial

Nose Drawing Tutorial: Detailed Method 2

Now let’s see how to draw a nose with a slightly different shape. Here you can see similar details, but in a slightly different design. Try to repeat all the steps to train your hand and bring all movements to automaticity.

The drawing process here is the same as in the other examples – first draw the center line, then the details of the nose, then erase the center line and color the nose.

nose drawing tutorial

Nose Drawing Tutorial: Adding Shadows and Highlights

Now let’s try to move on to a slightly more realistic way of drawing the nose. To add dimension to your nose drawing, add shadows at the bottom of the nose and a drop shadow below the nose. Next, add highlights as shown in my example.

nose drawing lesson

How to Draw a Nose From the SIde

Now let’s try to draw the nose from the side. This is no less important a skill than the ability to draw this part of the face from the front.

First draw the back of the nose, then draw the lower part, then add the nostril and the wing of the nose, and finish everything off by adding some colors.

nose easy step by step drawing guide

Nose Drawing Tutorial: Experimenting With Shape

We are all different, and our noses can look very different. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a nose with a slightly different shape. Try to repeat all the steps and get a nose drawing like in the last step of this tutorial.

nose drawing guide

Nose Drawing Tutorial: Cartoon Style

Last but not least is the nose drawing lesson. Here we will look at a more cartoonish version. As you can see, this nose is drawn with thicker lines and has more contrasting tones. In addition, the shape of the nose is less realistic than those you saw above.

how to draw a nose for kids step by step

Conclusion on How to Draw a Nose

This nose drawing tutorial was quite simple, but if you have mastered all the tricks that I described to you on this page, then you will now be able to create much more convincing portraits than before.

But of course, in order to learn how to draw a portrait, it is not enough just to be able to sketch a nose. To do this, you also need to be able to correctly draw other parts of the face, such as the mouth, eyes and ears.

If you already know how to draw these facial details, then it’s time to move on to the most important stage – try to draw a realistic portrait of a person.

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