How to Draw a Nose

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how to draw a Nose

how to draw a nose step by step

In this super easy drawing guide, we’ll show you how to draw a nose. This lesson can be useful to you if you are thinking of creating a character or if you want to practice drawing this part of the face.

Step 1

First, we’ll draw a long, curved line. If you are drawing any character, place this line between the eyes and the mouth, a little closer to the eyes. If you are drawing the nose as a stand-alone art, place your sketch in the center of the paper.

how to draw a Nose for kids

Step 2

Now add the contours of the nostrils. It looks like two large commas that run horizontally. The distance between these lines forms the shape of the nose, so take extra care as you create this tutorial.

how to draw a Nose for beginners

Step 3

So it’s time to sketch out the outlines of the skin parts of the nose. Anatomists call these areas the wings of the nose. This step, like the previous one, shapes the shape of the nose, so you must be especially careful in this step.

how to draw a Nose easy

Step 4

So now it’s time to paint. You can choose any skin color you like. If you are drawing a special character, choose a skin color that matches your idea.

how to draw a Nose We have completed the guide on how to depict a nose. You can change the shape of each step to adjust the shape of your character’s nose. You can also practice drawing different noses to improve your drawing skills.

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