How to Draw Chibi

How to Draw Chibi

how to draw chibi step by step

In this super simple drawing instruction, I’ll show you how to draw chibi for kids.

Chibi is actually an anime drawn in a special style. Among the distinctive features of anime, you can list a large head with an unusual shape, minimalist details, and maximum cuteness.

Earlier I already showed how to draw a man, and in this instruction, there will be similar stages as in the instruction on a man. But because the chibi is a very simplistic person, the stages here will be much simpler.

Step 1

Start drawing a chibi by depicting the head in the shape of a potato.

How to Draw Chibi very easy

Step 2

Now with a few simple lines depict the torso below the head.

How to Draw Chibi easy

Step 3

Depict legs below the torso. Try to repeat their shape as correctly as possible.

How to Draw a Chibi man

Step 4

At the top of the torso, depict the neckline of the T-shirt and short sleeves.

How to Draw a Chibi boy

Step 5

Draw the hands. Note that there are almost no details here.

How to Draw Chibi

Step 6

Go to the very bottom and depict the shoes.

How to Draw Chibi very easy

Step 7

Go to the head again and depict oval eyes and eyebrows above them.

How to Draw Chibi easy

Step 8

A very simple stage in which you will need to portray a smile and an ear.

How to Draw Chibi for kids

Step 9

Move even higher and depict the bottom edge of the hairstyle.

How to Draw Chibi

Step 10

Finish off the head by drawing the top of the hairstyle.

How to Draw Chibi for beginners

Step 11

Now get rid of all construction lines and give the chibi drawing a finished look.

How to Draw Chibi easy

Step 12

Now it’s time to paint the chibi. You can exactly repeat the color palette from my example, or paint your chibi drawing in any other colors.

How to Draw Chibi

You can leave your chibi drawing as in the last stage, or add some details to it. For example, you can draw a cap on the head, and some prints on the T-shirt.

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