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How to Draw a Drum

The Simplest Lesson on How to Draw a Drum in 9 Steps

how to draw a 3d drum
how to draw a drum step by stepp

I prepared a new lesson on how to draw a drum. This is a popular shock tool that has a big story. In all parts of the globe, drums are used during ritual rituals or military processions. Currently, the drum is used as part of many musical ensembles.

The drum has a cylindrical shape. The sound is extracted using a wooden wand over the drum surface. The hull of the drum can be made of various materials – from wood, plastic, or metal. The leather or plastic membrane is stretched from above. In the picture, you see that the drum is beautifully decorated and has bright colors.

Do not worry if you have never previously draw this musical instrument. The lesson is built in such a way that any child and a novice artist will draw a drum easily and quickly.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 25 minutes

How to Draw a Drum

  1. Draw the top drum frame.

    Determine the size of the drum and draw an oval. Leave free small gaps for wooden sticks.how to draw a drum easy

  2. Depict an internal circuit.

    Inside the oval, draw another small oval.how to draw a drum for kids

  3. Draw the thickness of the upper frame.

    Sketch out round lines, while leaving free gaps.how to draw a drum instrument

  4. Add the sides and part of the lower frame.

    Draw two vertical lines on the sides and add a rounded line at the bottom.how to draw a drum very easy

  5. Depict the bottom frame circuit.

    To do this, sketch out a long rounded line.how to draw a big drum

  6. Draw the thickness of the lower frame.

    At this stage, sketch out the long round line below.how to draw a cartoon drum

  7. Sketch out wooden sticks.

    Over the surface of the drum, draw two sticks.how to draw a musical drum

  8. Add details.

    On the side surface of the drum, depict small circles and connect them with smooth lines.how to draw a red drum

  9. Color the drawing.

    Use bright colors – yellow, orange, pink, beige, or any other colors at your discretion.how to draw a 3d drum

Now you know how to draw a drum step by step. I hope you did a good job with this task and are happy with the result. If you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments. Also, you can write what musical instruments you would like to draw in the next lessons.

Let me remind you that at the end of the lesson you can download a PDF file that I have specially prepared for your convenience. This file contains a quick start guide and other useful tools. Thus, you can complete the lesson at any time without using the Internet.

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