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How to Draw Lips

Welcome to this artistic venture where I teach you how to draw lips, turning simple lines into the expression of emotions. We start with a gentle curve, the foundation for the upper and lower lips, capturing their essential form. With careful shading and contouring, we give the lips life and dimension.

how to draw lips
how to draw lips step by step

How to Draw Lips: Basic Information

Capturing the human expression starts with mastering the details, and that’s why today, I’ll be guiding you through how to draw lips. This guide simplifies the process, using a basic oval as a starting point before defining the unique shape of the lips. The lips are more than a detail; they are the symphony of the face.

The key to this method lies in the initial lines that define the shape and the contours that follow. These first steps are critical as they lay the groundwork for the lips’ overall form. I’ll guide you through each line, ensuring that every curve and dip helps to create lips that are full and well-defined.

By the end of our lesson, you’ll be able to draw lips that are not only realistic but also vibrant with life. I’ve made sure that this method is foolproof, allowing even beginners to achieve great results. So, let’s put pencil to paper and bring these lips to life with the skill and confidence you’ve gained today.

Lips Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Lips

  1. Sketch the central guideline.

    First, draw a regular horizontal line. This line will separate the upper and lower lips, and also outline the approximate position of the lips on your piece of paper. If you are portraying a specific character, be careful with the placement of the lips, because this will greatly affect the overall appearance.
     how to draw lips step by step

  2. Draw the upper lip.

    Draw the contour of the upper lip. Start from one end of the base line, creating a smooth, gentle upward curve, reaching a peak at the center to form a cupid’s bow, then gently descend back down to the other end of the line.
    how to draw lips for beginners

  3. Draw the center line of the lips.

    Now, add a subtle line connecting the two ends of the upper lip outline. This line, slightly curved, will later act as a divider between the upper and lower lips, reflecting the natural groove found between lips.
    how to draw lips for kids

  4. Draw the lower lip.

    Next, create the contour of the lower lip. From each end of the base line, draw a smooth downward curve that forms a rounded shape, then connects to the midpoint of the line drawn in step 3. This rounded shape forms the main bulk of the lower lip.
    Lips drawing tutorial

  5. Make the final touches.

    Outline the lower lip more distinctly. Follow the contour created in Step 4, emphasizing its rounded nature. Ensure that the line smoothly connects the two ends of the upper lip line, framing the full shape of the lips.
    how to draw lips easy

  6. Add some colors to the lips.

    To color the lips, use shades of pink. You can paint the lips in uniform tones like in my example, or make them a little more voluminous by making the upper lip a little darker and adding some shadows and highlights.
    how to draw lips

Additional Content

Understanding that art doesn’t just happen in front of a screen, I’ve taken care to create a downloadable PDF file that encapsulates the key points from this lip drawing lesson. It’s a free resource, designed for those times when you prefer to disconnect from the digital world and immerse yourself in the tactile joy of drawing.

The guide is concise, focusing on the core principles and steps that will help you capture the contours and subtle nuances of drawing lips. With the ability to download and print this file, you can have a physical copy that lies flat beside your drawing space, ready to assist you as you practice.

Whether you’re outside where the internet can’t reach, or simply wish to have a clutter-free drawing environment, this PDF will ensure that your artistic development is uninterrupted.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

Beyond the primary lesson, I’ve crafted an alternative lip-drawing technique to enrich your practice sessions. This second method is tailored to provide you with additional practice, helping to perfect your artistry. It’s a deliberate approach to encourage skill enhancement and artistic growth.

By training with this supplementary technique, you’ll gain a deeper insight into the subtleties of lip drawing and develop a more versatile hand. Embrace this opportunity to diversify your skill set and elevate your drawing capabilities to new heights.

How to Draw Lips: Adding Volume

In this drawing method, the goal is to illustrate lips that have a fuller and more pronounced appearance, often associated with a sense of youthfulness and vitality. The tutorial is structured to guide you through the process of creating such an effect with ease.

The initial step involves sketching a gentle, undulating line that serves as the baseline for the mouth. This line is not just a guide; it’s the foundation that captures the essential character of the lips you’re about to draw. Next, extra attention is given to the ‘Cupid’s bow,’ the double curve of the upper lip.

As the tutorial progresses, you’ll be encouraged to draw the lower lip with a broader curve, giving it that characteristic pouty look. The key here is to create a balance between the upper and lower lips, ensuring that the fullness is distributed in a way that looks natural and appealing.

lips step by step drawing tutorial

Smiling Lips Drawing Lesson

In the alternative method provided in this tutorial, the aim is to teach the joyful art of drawing smiling lips, capturing the subtle nuances that transform a simple sketch into a radiant smile. This method carefully guides you through the process, focusing on the upward movement that characterizes a cheerful expression.

The tutorial starts with drawing a simple, gently curved line that forms the base of the smile. Next, special attention is given to the curvature of the upper lip, where the peaks must suggest a relaxed, natural smile rather than a forced one.

The corners of the mouth are drawn with a slight lift, which is the universal signifier of happiness in human expression. Further detailing involves sketching the lower lip with a soft, full shape that complements the upper lip, ensuring that the smile looks genuine and inviting.

lips step by step drawing lesson


As our lesson draws to an end and the lips on our page smile back at us, let’s look forward to the many more creations that await. My website is brimming with diverse tutorials; perhaps you’ll choose to navigate the digital realm by drawing a computer next, or maybe you’ll opt for the playful innocence of sketching a hamster.

To stay connected with the latest tutorials and creative exchanges, be sure to follow my social media profiles. And because the direction of our artistic exploration is charted by your interests, I welcome you to leave comments with requests for what you’d like to see next. Each suggestion is a stepping stone to new artistic adventures.

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