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How to Draw Lips

This lesson on how to draw lips is as basic as lessons on drawing other parts of the human body, and here I will tell you why this is so.

This lesson on how to draw lips is as basic as lessons on drawing other parts of the human body, and below I will tell you why this is so.

how to draw lips
how to draw lips step by step

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What is the process of drawing a person?

First of all, this is the drawing of large and general details, such as the head and other parts of the body. The artist paints all these using large volumes and geometric shapes.

Secondly, this is drawing details. And in order to correctly draw details and convey a person’s facial features and his mood in the painting, the artist must know how to draw lips and other facial features.

Lips may vary in detail. They can be large or small, have different colors and different ratios of the upper and lower lips. But despite all these differences, the process of drawing lips will be the same every time.

In this lesson on drawing lips, I’m just going to show you the basic set of actions used to sketch this part of the human face.

Step-by-Step Lips Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Lips

  1. Sketch the central guideline.

    First, draw a regular horizontal line. This line will separate the upper and lower lips, and also outline the approximate position of the lips on your piece of paper. If you are portraying a specific character, be careful with the placement of the lips, because this will greatly affect the overall appearance.
     how to draw lips step by step

  2. Draw the upper lip.

    Now sketch the outline of the upper lip. As I wrote above, lips can be very different from each other. In this tutorial, as you can see, I’m sketching fairly plump lips, but you can depict any other shape.
    how to draw lips for beginners

  3. Draw the center line of the lips.

    First, outline the corners of the mouth, then sketch the outline of the tubercle in the center. After this, use two smooth lines to connect the corners of the mouth with the central part.
    how to draw lips for kids

  4. Draw the lower lip.

    To depict the lower lip correctly, first mark the central part, which is almost a horizontal line. Then extend this line in both directions and connect it to the corners of the mouth.
    Lips drawing tutorial

  5. Make the final touches.

    Using an eraser, remove all unnecessary lines and make the lips drawing a little more expressive by outlining the artwork with darker tones in the right places.
    how to draw lips easy

  6. Add some colors to the lips.

    To color the lips, use shades of pink. You can paint the lips in uniform tones like in my example, or make them a little more voluminous by making the upper lip a little darker and adding some shadows and highlights.
    how to draw lips

Tips for Drawing Lips

As I wrote above, this is a basic lesson on lips drawing, and of course, like any basic lesson, it teaches the most important things.

To go deeper into the topic and learn how to draw lips more voluminously and realistically, you need to complete some additional tasks.

  • First of all, as I wrote in the last step, you need to try to add more volume to your lips. The top lip is in shadow and the bottom lip is more highlighted, so use a slightly darker color for the upper lip and a slightly lighter color for the lower lip.
  • Lips are mucous membranes, which means they have a different texture from the skin. If you pay attention, you will see a huge number of transverse lines on the lips. Try to convey them in your artwork.
  • The darkest part in this drawing should be the line of the oral cavity, that is, the center line. And the darkest part of this line is the corners of the lips. This can be explained by the fact that this is the part where light does not reach at all.

Supplementary Content

This lip drawing tutorial wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t provide you with the traditional free set of PDF files. Of course, you can download them and use them so you don’t forget what I taught in this guide.

Really Simple Lips Drawing Tutorial

The first lip drawing tutorial on this page was very simple. But let’s try to draw lips using an even simpler method, consisting of only four steps.

lips step by step drawing tutorial

How to Draw Lips: Adding Volume

To draw voluminous lips, repeat the steps as in the previous two instructions. After that, color in your lip drawing and add highlights in the places shown in my example.

lips step by step drawing lesson

Conclusion on How to Draw Lips

I tried to make this basic lip drawing tutorial as simple as possible. I have included here the most basic concepts that a beginning artist should know.

Now apply the skills you have acquired to drawing a full-fledged portrait. To do this, go to the lesson on how to draw a portrait.

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