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How to Draw an Angry Bird

how to draw angry birds for kids

how to draw angry birds

In this super simple instruction, I’ll tell you how to draw an Angry Birds for kids or rather the red bird from this game.

This game was created back in 2009 and immediately made a splash. There was probably no one who, having bought a smartphone, did not try to play this game at least once. And despite such a venerable age, this game is incredibly popular until today.

So, now I will describe to you how to draw a red bird from Angry Birds. I will try to show this in the simplest way possible.

Step 1

First, draw the body in the shape shown in the image below these words.

How to draw angry birds for kids

Step 2

In the upper third, depict the eyebrows in the shape of a thick checkmark.

angry birds art

Step 3

Under the eyebrows, draw the eyes with a few straight lines and portray the pupils as circles.

How to sketch angry birds

Step 4

Draw the beak. It has two parts. The point of the beak should point downward.

How to draw an angry bird

Step 5

Now with a couple of long lines draw stylized feathers on the top of the head.

How to draw angry birds easy

Step 6

Draw the tail feathers on the right side. Draw an arched line at the bottom.

angry birds how to draw

Step 7

Erase all unnecessary construction lines and make the Angry Bird drawing darker and sharper.

angry birds how to draw red

Step 8

Now paint the top in shades of red, the beak in yellow, and the bottom in beige.

angry birds drawing

It was a super simple instruction in which I tried to show you how to draw an angry bird for kids. Try to make your Angry Bird drawing even more interesting. For example, you can portray some other characters from this game or add a giant slingshot.

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