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How to Draw an Angry Bird

how to draw angry birds for kids

how to draw angry birds

In this super simple instruction, I’ll tell you how to draw an Angry Birds for kids or rather the red bird from this game.

This game was created back in 2009 and immediately made a splash. There was probably no one who, having bought a smartphone, did not try to play this game at least once. And despite such a venerable age, this game is incredibly popular until today.

So, now I will describe to you how to draw a red bird from Angry Birds. I will try to show this in the simplest way possible.

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw an Angry Bird

  1. Create a basic outline of the bird.

    Start by sketching a basic circular shape for the bird’s body. This will serve as the foundation for the entire drawing. It’s okay if it’s not a perfect circle; an oval or slightly irregular shape will add some character.How to draw angry birds for kids

  2. Sketch the bird’s eyebrows.

    Next, add the bird’s furrowed eyebrows. These are drawn as two angled lines near the top of the circle, forming a pointed V-shape. The eyebrows should look sharp and aggressive, conveying the bird’s typical angry expression.Sketch the bird's eyebrows

  3. Draw the bird’s angry eyes

    So, draw the eyes beneath the eyebrows. For each eye, draw a small circle just below each angle of the V-shape. Inside these circles, add a dot for the pupils. The eyes should look intense and focused, aligning with the eyebrows to give a stern look.Draw the bird's angry eyes

  4. Draw the bird’s beak

    Moving down the face, sketch the beak. Start by drawing a triangular shape, with the point facing downwards, and add a line dividing the triangle horizontally to form the upper and lower beak. This line gives the bird’s beak depth, making it look more three-dimensional.Draw the bird's beak

  5. Sketch the feathers on the bird’s head.

    Add feathers to the top of the bird’s head by drawing two curved lines sprouting upwards. These lines should be of varying lengths, with the middle one being the longest. This detail adds to the cartoonish look and matches the style of the character.How to draw angry birds easy

  6. Sketch the feathers on the bird’s tail

    Now, draw the tail feathers. These are drawn as three spiky lines near the bottom left of the body. Like the head feathers, these lines should be of different lengths, giving the bird an asymmetrical but balanced appearance.
    Sketch the feathers on the bird's tail

  7. Finalize the drawing

    Complete the remaining details, such as an outline around the bird’s face to create a visible cheek. This line should run from beneath the eye to the side of the beak. The overall shape of the bird’s body should now be fully formed.
    Finalize the drawing

  8. Color the Angry Bird

    Finally, color in the drawing. Use red for the body, black for the eyebrows and tail feathers, and yellow for the beak. This step brings the bird to life, resembling the recognizable Angry Bird character known for its vibrant colors and expressive features.Color the Angry Bird

It was a super simple instruction in which I tried to show you how to draw an angry bird for kids. Try to make your Angry Bird drawing even more interesting. For example, you can portray some other characters from this game or add a giant slingshot.

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