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How to Draw Hogwarts

This tutorial is designed to equip young artists with essential techniques and teach them how to draw Hogwarts – a complex and iconic castle from the Harry Potter series.

I’ll lead you through every step, from sketching the uneven stones to outlining the towering spires, crafting a depiction of Hogwarts that would surely impress Dumbledore.

how to draw hogwarts
how to draw hogwarts step by step

How to Draw Hogwarts: Basic Information

Drawing Hogwarts involves understanding basic architectural elements and how they combine to form a complex structure. In this lesson, we will not be creating complex geometric shapes and guide lines; instead, we will draw Hogwarts in parts. This approach simplifies the overall process and helps complete the work faster.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a complete and colorful illustration of Hogwarts castle. This drawing can be supplemented with various details to make it more interesting and unique. I will also tell you how to do this at the end of this tutorial.

Additionally, the tutorial concludes with a FAQ section where common questions about the drawing process are addressed. This section aims to resolve any uncertainties that might arise during the drawing process, providing further clarity and support.

Hogwarts Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Hogwarts

  1. Draw the outline of the mountains.

    To create the foundation for the Hogwarts’ enchanting skyline, draw a jagged line across your paper to form the mountain contour, similar to the one illustrated in my guide.how to draw hogwarts castle easy

  2. Start drawing the castle.

    At the base of your sketch, draw the outline of a structure with vertical and horizontal lines for walls and roof. Atop the roof, craft a small turret with a pointed roof to complete the tower.how to draw hogwarts castle step by step

  3. Depict the tall tower.

    Draw the tallest part of a structure, prominently featuring a cone-shaped tower. Ensure the tower is intricately detailed, emphasizing its height and unique architectural elements.how to draw hogwarts castle

  4. Add the next part of the castle.

    Extend the castle outline by drawing another structure. Maintain the style, carefully connecting lines to the existing sketch, mirroring towers, and battlements to complement the silhouette seamlessly.how to draw hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry

  5. Continue adding castle elements.

    On the right side of the drawing, add another tower similar to the existing ones. Use straight lines for the outline and jagged lines to simulate rough texture, mirroring the architectural style already present.how to draw hogwarts for beginners

  6. Sketch the rest of the castle.

    Incorporate additional structures of varying shapes to the right side of the Hogwarts drawing. Design them with distinctive silhouettes, such as spires, domes, and turrets.how to draw hogwarts easy step by step

  7. Illustrate the windows.

    Draw the windows with diverse shapes to the structures, varying from rectangular to arched designs. Add them with attention to perspective and proportion to give the buildings a harmonious appearance.how to draw hogwarts castle simple

  8. Color your Hogwarts drawing.

    Prepare a range of gray shades to apply nuanced details to the stonework, and use yellow to suggest illumination in windows, imbuing the scene with a sense of life and interior light.how to draw hogwarts easy

Additional Content

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No internet? No problem! This PDF is like your trusty friend that sticks with you, internet or not, ready to guide you through the strokes and shades whenever inspiration strikes. So, whether you’re on a bustling train or nestled in a serene park, your artistic process need not pause.

Tips and Tricks

As you continue to develop your skills in drawing Hogwarts, it is really important to refine your approach and learn advanced techniques that can enhance the detail of your artwork. In the following section, I will explore a series of tips and tricks created for young artists who want to boost their drawing skills.

  • Start with reference Images. The films, book illustrations, and even theme park recreations offer detailed views of Hogwarts. Study these to understand the structure’s layout, key features, and material textures.
  • To maintain accuracy in your drawing, consider using a grid. This can help you scale different parts of the castle correctly relative to each other and maintain the right perspective.
  • Hogwarts is often depicted from a low angle looking up, which gives it a grand, imposing look. Practice drawing Hogwarts from different perspectives to add dynamism to your sketches. Use two-point or three-point perspective for more advanced drawings.
  • Lighting can dramatically change the mood of your scene. Decide on a light source and consistently apply shadows to enhance the three-dimensional feel. For a mystical effect, consider using moonlight or the warm glow of windows at night.
  • Infuse your drawing with magic by including iconic elements like the Whomping Willow, flying Ford Anglia, or characters in mid-action. Use soft glows, sparkling lights, or ethereal mists to create a magical feel.

How to Draw Hogwarts: FAQ

Now that you’ve followed my step-by-step tutorial on drawing Hogwarts, you might be feeling ready to tackle some finer details or perhaps encounter a few questions as you refine your artwork.

To help you further enhance your drawing and answer any queries you might have along the way, I’ve compiled a FAQ section below. Here I will answer a few questions that a young artist may have to make the process of learning to draw Hogwarts castle easier for them.

How can I get the proportions of the castle right?

Start by sketching the basic outline lightly, using reference images to get a sense of proportion and perspective. Break down the castle into simpler geometric shapes and ensure each part relates correctly in size and angle to the others.

What are some tips for adding details to Hogwarts?

Focus on the architectural features like towers, turrets, and windows. Use fine lines to add texture such as bricks or stones. Pay attention to the roof lines and any unique features like the Great Hall’s windows or the Astronomy Tower.

Where can I find good references for drawing Hogwarts?

Reference images can be found in the Harry Potter books’ illustrations, movie stills, and fan art. Online platforms like Pinterest or art websites can also provide a variety of visual references. Additionally, the Wizarding World theme parks offer detailed and realistic representations.

What’s the best way to capture the atmosphere of Hogwarts in a drawing?

To capture the mystical and historical atmosphere of Hogwarts, focus on ambient elements like lighting and weather. Adding mist or moonlight can evoke a magical feel. Consider the surroundings too, such as the Forbidden Forest or the Black Lake, to give context to the castle’s location.

How do I add foreground and background elements to frame Hogwarts?

Adding trees, hills, or parts of the castle in the foreground can give depth to your drawing. The background could feature the distant mountains or the sky. These elements help set Hogwarts drawing within its natural environment.


We’ve reached the end of today’s enchanting a drawing tutorial! You’ve all done an absolutely stellar job, bringing the magic of Hogwarts right into our world with your drawing.

And for those who wish to continue their path through the halls of Hogwarts, I have a wealth of tutorials waiting for you. You can learn to draw Hermione or Harry with my simple tutorials.

As we conclude today’s drawing session, there are more drawing guides and sketches to look forward to. Want to stay updated on my latest creative projects? Visit my social media and make sure to follow me!

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