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How to Draw Moon Knight

Are you a fan of heroes and drawing? Perfect! I’ll teach you how to draw Moon Knight in a playful chibi style that’s super simple and kid-approved. So, you’ll discover simple techniques to create a charming version of this mysterious hero that’s perfect for kids’ imaginations and artistic skills.

moon knight drawing tutorial
how to draw moon knight step by step

How to Draw Moon Knight: Basic Information

The difficulty of drawing any superhero or video game character always correlates with the amount of detail in their appearance. Therefore, Moon Knight is a relatively easy choice. However, there are several crucial details that determine the accuracy of your drawing and its resemblance to the canonical Moon Knight.

First and foremost, these are the distinctive attributes of a superhero. For Batman, it’s his mask with pointed ears and the Bat logo, while for Moon Knight, it’s his white hood, the crescent moon emblem on his chest, and narrow white eyes. Notably, the face and almost the entire surface of his body lack details.

Indeed, I often draw in Chibi Style, which involves unique proportions. For example:

  • A large, rounded head that is the largest part of the body;
  • Legs that are slightly shorter than the body;
  • A lack of basic anatomical features of superheroes, such as powerful muscles and an inverted V-shaped torso.

Additionally, you can observe the features of the pose. It is a very calm, static position that makes drawing as easy as possible. By the way, if you want to see Moon Knight in dynamic poses, check out my Moon Knight coloring pages for that.

Moon Knight Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Moon Knight

  1. Draw the head and torso.

    Depict an even oval and add the small torso below. Don’t try to create perfectly even shapes, the main thing is to focus on the proportions and sizes of these shapes.how to draw moon knight realistic

  2. Sketch out the legs.

    Draw straight lines below the torso and add legs that are located together. The most convenient way would be to draw the general outline of the legs, then divide this with a vertical line and finish drawing the feet.how to draw moon knight marvel

  3. Depict the hands.

    From the head, draw down smooth lines and draw the arms that fit snugly against the torso. Also add a couple of lines to indicate the thumbs on both hands.how to draw moon knight full body

  4. Add the hood.

    With the help of smooth curved lines, depict the hood of the same shape as in the example. As you can see, under the head are the thinnest lines of fabric, which widen towards the top.how to draw moon knight sketch

  5. Draw the eyes and emblem.

    Depict two eyes and draw the emblem in the form of the crescent moon on the chest. Use the tip of the hood as a guide to position the eyes.how to draw moon knight for kids

  6. Add the rest of the cape.

    Using a few smooth lines, draw the bottom outline of the cape. The upper corner is very close to the chin, but does not connect to it. Another important detail is the wavy edge of the cape.how to draw moon knight for beginners

  7. Draw the rest of the elements.

    Depict the outline of the sleeve and shoes. Draw the belt with the buckle in straight lines. The contours of the gloves should be located slightly higher than the lines of the belt.how to draw moon knight kindergarten

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Correct the mistakes if necessary and remove the extra lines in the drawing. Fix any inaccuracies before you color your drawing. After working with colors it will be a little more difficult.moon knight drawing lesson

  9. Color the drawing.

    Moon Knight’s costume should be slightly darker compared to the inside of the cape. At the same time, these are just different shades of gray. The white part of the suit can be light blue or light grey.moon knight drawing tutorial

Additional Content

Little artists, I have a special surprise for you! In addition to our exciting lesson on how to sketch Moon Knight, I’ve created a free PDF file just for you. This handy guide is a short version of our lesson that you can download and use anytime, anywhere – no internet needed!

It’s filled with all the fun tips and steps from our lesson, so you can practice drawing your mini superhero whenever inspiration strikes. So, whether you’re on a family road trip or hanging out in your backyard, your drawing adventure never has to pause!

Exploring Chibi Moon Knight Drawing FAQs

You may have encountered problems or difficulties while drawing. Let’s try to look at the most common problems in detail:

  • What if my chibi doesn’t look exactly like Moon Knight? No worries! Every artist has their own style. It’s cool to have your unique twist on characters.
  • My lines are shaky. How can I improve? Practice makes progress! Try drawing with confident, swift strokes and don’t be afraid to use a guide.
  • How do I make my chibi look more expressive? Experiment with different eye shapes and mouth positions. Emotions shine through these features!
  • Can I color my chibi Moon Knight? Absolutely! Feel free to bring him to life with colors. Remember, even Moon Knight enjoys a splash of color.
  • How can I get better at drawing chibis? Keep practicing and try drawing different characters in chibi style. Variation is the spice of art!


Wow, you did it! Moon Knight has never looked cuter, thanks to your amazing skills. But don’t put those pencils down just yet – there’s a whole world of drawing lessons waiting for you on my website. Ever thought about drawing a cheetah in full sprint or sketching the perfect party dress? Well, now’s your chance!

And to make sure you’re always the first to know about our newest drawing challenges and adventures, follow me on social media. Let’s keep the creativity flowing and the drawings coming!

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