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How to Draw a Daisy Flower

Ready to bloom as an artist? My easy guide on how to draw a daisy flower will help you create delightful daisy flower masterpieces in no time!

Unleash your creativity and learn how to draw a daisy flower with ease. My step-by-step guide is designed for aspiring artists and kids. Follow along, and soon you’ll be adding your own daisy flower drawings to greeting cards, school projects, or your very own art collection. Start drawing today!

how to draw a daisy flower easy
how to draw a daisy flower step by step

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How to Draw a Daisy Flower: Basic Information

Ready to sprinkle some petal power onto your page? Drawing a daisy flower is like capturing a bit of sunshine, and I’m here to guide you through each bright and easy step. With my simple method, you’ll learn how to draw a daisy flower that seems to smile right back at you.

We start with a small circle for the center, where all the daisy flower magic begins. Then, with gentle strokes, we’ll sketch the petals, picturing them as sunbeams radiating warmth. The art of learning how to draw a daisy flower lies in the individuality of each petal—no two are exactly alike, mirroring the diversity found in nature’s own creations.

As we move along, we’ll connect the dots of creativity, adding more petals and giving our daisy a full, blooming shape. Remember, while following the steps to draw a daisy flower, there’s room for your own creative twists. Perhaps your daisy flower is dancing in the wind or basking in the sunlight.

And before you know it, you’ll have a vibrant daisy sketched out, ready to brighten any room or bring a smile to a friend’s face. So, grab your pencils, and let’s draw a daisy flower together—it’s a cheerful journey from a simple circle to a splendid bloom!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Daisy Flower Drawing Tutorial

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Daisy Flower

  1. Draw the middle of the daisy flower.

    Decide on the scale of your artwork and draw a neat, even circle. This will be the foundation of your daisy flower, setting the stage for petal placement and overall balance. show me how to draw a daisy flower

  2. Mark the outline of the petals.

    Encircle the small circle with a larger one to define the boundary for the daisy’s petals. This outer circle ensures even petal length and fullness, guiding your flower’s proportions for a harmonious design. how to draw a daisy flower step by step easy

  3. Start drawing the petals.

    Draw several elongated, gently curved petals stretching outward from the center circle, using the larger circle as a guide for their tips. Ensure they’re evenly spaced around the center.how to draw a daisy flower simple

  4. Sketch the petals.

    Now, add a second layer of petals behind the first. Position them in the gaps of the outer circle to create depth, ensuring they peek out from behind the first layer, mimicking the staggered arrangement.how to easily draw a daisy flower

  5. Draw the remaining petals of the daisy flower.

    In the spaces between the initial petals, sketch additional ones to fill the gaps. These overlapping layers create a full, blooming effect, giving your daisy a lush and lively appearance.daisy flower drawing

  6. Correct any mistakes.

    Carefully erase any superfluous lines from your daisy flower drawing, ensuring you preserve the essential contours of the petals and center. This refining step brings clarity and definition.daisy flower drawing easy

  7. Color your daisy flower drawing.

    Color the core of the flower a bright yellow, bringing a sunny burst to the center. Then, tenderly shade the petals with the lightest possible white, emphasizing the daisy’s purity and grace.how to draw a daisy flower easy

Additional Content

Guess what, creative friends? I’ve whipped up a special treat for you — a PDF file that’s yours to grab for free! It’s like a mini-guide of our drawing adventure, packed with all the fun steps.

And the best part? You can take it anywhere, from your backyard sketch session to a car ride to grandma’s house, and you won’t even need the internet to dive in. So, whenever you’re itching to sketch again, just open up that PDF and let your pencil dance across the paper, anytime, anywhere!

Draw a Daisy Flower like a Pro

Want to make your daisy flower drawing even more delightful? I’ve got some cool tips to help your artwork bloom. Grab your pencils, and let’s add some pizzazz to those petals!

  • Smiley daisy: Give your daisy a dose of personality by drawing a cute, smiling face in the center. A happy daisy brings joy to any garden scene!
  • Lively background: Imagine where your daisy would love to live. A sunny field, a cozy garden, or even a wild, untamed meadow can be its home on your paper.
  • Full bloom: Let’s not forget the stem and leaves. Draw a long, sturdy stem and add a leaf or two, to show your daisy is growing strong and tall.
  • Fluttering friends: Maybe a friendly butterfly or a busy bee could be visiting your flower. They add life and a story to your drawing.
  • Raindrops or sunshine: How’s the weather? Show raindrops glistening on the petals or bright sunshine with a few rays beaming down.

And when you’re done, step back and admire your work. Remember, each stroke of your pencil adds your unique touch to the world of art. Keep practicing and have fun; after all, every artist was first an amateur.

To bring the listed objects to life on your canvas, consider diving into my collection of drawing tutorials. They’re crafted to guide you effortlessly, ensuring that each stroke adds a touch of mastery to your creation.


You’ve just brought a beautiful daisy flower to life on your canvas—what an achievement! Don’t stop now, though. If you’re curious to learn more, my website is brimming with lessons that can guide you through drawing everything from the elegant curves of a rose to the sturdy form of a tree.

Remember to stay connected with me through social media for all the latest updates and more fun lessons. Just click that subscribe or follow button and become a part of my creative community.

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