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How to Draw Deadpool

Step into my artistic world as I guide you on how to draw Deadpool in adorable chibi form. In this lesson, designed for kids, we’ll explore two distinct methods that break down the mercenary’s iconic look into easy, approachable steps, allowing young artists to enjoy creating their favorite sassy hero with a playful twist.

how to draw deadpool - drawing guide
Deadpool drawing lesson steps

How to Draw Deadpool: Basic Information

Welcome, aspiring artists, to the vibrant escapade of how to draw Deadpool, the wisecracking mercenary with an unmistakable charm. In this tutorial, we will weave simple lines into the striking visage of this beloved antihero, crafting his likeness with an ease that belies his complex character.

In this lesson, the emphasis is on transforming Deadpool’s intricate costume into a few easy-to-follow steps. You’ll find that the chibi style adds an adorable twist to his usually fierce demeanor, making this tutorial not just educational but also incredibly entertaining. It’s a unique take that simplifies Deadpool’s details into friendly forms.

Completing this tutorial will leave you with the skills to draw Deadpool in a fun, accessible manner. I’ve tailored this guide to help you master the art of drawing chibi characters, specifically our beloved, sassy antihero. So let’s get those pencils moving and sketch Deadpool, ready for action and humor in his miniature form.

Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Deadpool

  1. Draw the outline of Deadpool’s head and torso.

    The drawing begins with a simple oval shape for the head and a smaller, rounded rectangular shape beneath it to form the basis of the body.drawing the basic figure of Deadpool

  2. Add Deadpool’s arms and legs.

    Two lines are added to the bottom of the body shape to suggest the legs. Small lines are also drawn protruding from the sides of the body, indicating where the arms will be.draw legs and arms of deadpool

  3. Draw the outline of the eyes and the top of the costume.

    Two large oval shapes are drawn inside the head for the eyes. Additional lines extend down from the arm lines, suggesting the upper arms, and angled lines are added for the thighs.let's start drawing the deadpool mask

  4. Outline the inside of Deadpool’s eyes.

    The shape of the eyes on Deadpool’s mask is slightly different from each other due to the angle. This is a rather important detail for the impression of the entire drawing as a whole.draw the details of Deadpool's mask

  5. Draw the bottom of Deadpool’s hands.

    Clenched fists very well convey the atmosphere of the drawing and the mood of the character. This always adds decisiveness or aggressiveness to the pose.Step of drawing Deadpool's palms

  6. Add the belt and feet.

    The folds of the leather on the boots will make your drawing more complete and realistic. The belt looks like a small curved strip on the lower third of the body.Drawing Deadpool's Belt

  7. Add some elements of the Deadpool’s costume.

    Draw the rounded belt buckle, pockets, and outlines of the black elements of the suit.Add details to your Deadpool drawing

  8. Erase the auxiliary lines.

    Deadpool should look recognizable and impressive. Check all the drawn steps, evaluate the entire drawing as a whole. After this, clean up the drawing using an eraser.Clean up the Deadpool drawing

  9. Color the drawing.

    The final step shows the fully colored and detailed Deadpool, complete with his signature red and black costume, with white eyes and black outlines.Color Deadpool

Additional Content

In the spirit of sharing the joy of art, I’ve prepared a special gift for you—a free PDF file that encapsulates the how to depict Deadpool lesson in a nutshell. This abbreviated guide is a treasure for any young artist, offering the freedom to practice drawing the chibi version of our beloved, unconventional hero anywhere, at any time.

No internet? No problem. Just download the PDF once, and it’s yours to keep forever. Use it as a reference, a practice sheet, or even a coloring page to keep the creativity flowing, ensuring that Deadpool’s mischievous charm is always at your fingertips, ready to spring into action on your paper.

Alternative Way to Draw Deadpool

Besides the main drawing lesson, I’ve also concocted a second, alternative method to sketch Deadpool. This extra practice is intended to broaden your horizons and polish your drawing prowess.

It’s a fun way to keep your pencil moving and your creativity soaring, ensuring that with each new attempt, your drawings of Deadpool will become even more spectacular.

Funny Surprised Deadpool Drawing

Here, we start with a large oval for head, setting the stage for a whimsical, surprised expression, which is a hallmark of the chibi style. Inside this head shape, two large oval eyes are drawn to exaggerate his astonishment, and the small, simple body beneath is sketched with exaggeratedly short limbs to enhance the cuteness factor.

Each element of the Deadpool’s costume is reduced to its basic shapes, maintaining recognizability while ensuring the drawing remains fun. This method not only captures the essence of the character’s playful surprise but also encourages young artists to experiment with expressing emotion through exaggerated chibi features.

how to draw deadpool step by step

Refining Your Deadpool Drawings

As we close the chapter on our chibi Deadpool adventure, you might feel a surge of pride in the leaps and bounds you’ve made. Yet, the journey of an artist is an endless quest for growth and perfection. Here are a few golden nuggets of wisdom to help you polish your skills and add that extra sparkle to your drawings.

  • Study the Source: Take a closer look at Deadpool pictures to understand his suit and weapons better. The more you know, the better you’ll draw!
  • Play with Proportions: Chibi characters have their own rules. Try making the head bigger or the body smaller and see how it changes the style.
  • Experiment with Expressions: Deadpool is known for his expressions. Practice drawing different faces to give your chibi Deadpool more personality.
  • Practice Poses: Have your chibi Deadpool strike various poses. Action poses can be super fun and will bring your drawings to life.

Keep these improve-your-drawing tips in your artist’s toolkit, and use them to make your next chibi Deadpool even more awesome. So, what are you waiting for? Grab that pencil and keep creating — the world needs more heroes (and artists) like you!


You’ve conquered the chibi style with Deadpool, but the artistic world is vast and full of wonders to explore. On my website, you’ll find lessons to fill your sketchbook with everything from the proud stance of a turkey to the jagged brilliance of a lightning bolt. Each drawing guide is a treasure map to new skills and creative conquests.

And to ensure you’re the first to uncover these treasures, follow me on social media for the freshest updates and content. Your art journey is just beginning, and I can’t wait to see where it takes you next!

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