How to Draw Spider-Man for Kids

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How to draw Spider-Man for kids easy

how to draw spider-man

We finally got to our favorite superhero. In fact, we have already drawn several comic book characters, but only today we decided to pay attention to our beloved hero.

Just today on the pages of our site will be an article in which we will show you how to draw Spider-Man!

Step 1

First, we will draw two shapes that differ in size and shape. The upper figure is the cutout of the head. This figure looks like an oval that narrows down. The bottom figure looks like an elongated bean.

Also in this step, we draw two intersecting lines that are located inside the face contour. These lines will help us to draw Spider-man’s mask.

How to draw Spider-Man for kids

Step 2

Now we draw the limbs of Spider-man. On the left hand, we draw the classic position of the fingers in which Spider-man shoots the web. And we denote the remaining limbs with the help of cylinders and small circles.

How to draw Spider-Man for beginners

Step 3

Add a few details that will make this silhouette more similar to our usual image of a hero in a red and blue suit. For example, we draw eyes on the mask. The lines from the first step will help us in this action. Also in this step, we draw the outlines of the costume on the body and on the limbs.

How to draw Spider-Man easy

Step 4

Let’s work with the pattern on the suit. The main feature of the costume of Spider-Man is that the web seems to spread from the nose all over the body. Therefore, the web is very dense in the area of the nose. The farther from the naze, the greater the distance betwixt the horizontal threads of the web.

How to draw Spider-Man

Step 5

We continue to draw a pattern in the form of a spider web on the Spiderman costume. Please note that the pattern becomes denser in the hands and feet. In the same step, we draw a logo in the form of a small spider on the chest. This is a logo that millions know.

Step 6

We will not draw any new details in this step. Here we delete the extra guide lines and make the final contours more contrasting.

How to draw Spider-Man for beginners

Step 7

Let’s paint our hero in his traditional colors. We use the usual blue and red colors. Be sure to leave unpainted areas on the face of the mask as in our sample. This little detail greatly influences the whole look of Spider-Man.

How to draw Spider-Man for kids easy

I hope it was a useful drawing lesson. I especially tried to make it understandable and accessible because this character is very important to me. When I was a child, I read out comics about Spider-Man and dreamed that once I would be able to help people and make this world better.

Of course, I could not leave you without several Spider-Man costumes. So we have the Scarlet Spider costume:

I also drew a Spider-Man in a sinister black Venom suit:

And I want to present to you the classic Spider-Man in the most comfortable position for him.

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