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How to Draw a Landscape

Dive into drawing with my exciting lesson on how to draw a landscape. This easy tutorial offers three distinct methods for kids to depict serene scenes with hills, clouds, and sun-kissed waters. Perfect for young artists eager to create their outdoor masterpiece.

Get ready to draw a landscape that could come from your dreams. My lesson is super easy and shows you not one, but three cool ways to create a picture-perfect scene with hills, clouds, and glistening water. So, let’s get those pencils moving and bring your imagination to life!

How to Draw a Landscape: Basic Information

Welcome, young artists, to a delightful lesson on how to draw a landscape filled with the simplest of nature’s elements. We start with gentle slopes to shape our hills, sketching with care to create a peaceful scene. Fluffy clouds dot the sky as we craft a serene backdrop, preparing to infuse color and life into our canvas.

Each stroke brings us closer to a picturesque view, with rolling hills that beckon for a sunny day out. Drawing clouds, we’ll capture the softness of the sky, and with a few lines, we’ll craft a tranquil body of water. This lesson is about finding the joy in the basics of landscape, focusing on shapes that children find comforting and familiar.

In our final steps to draw a landscape, we let our sun rise above the peaks, casting a warm glow over the water. Here, we blend colors to reflect the sun’s embrace, turning our drawing into a sunrise spectacle. It’s not just an image; it’s a morning by the lakeside, brought to life with crayons and imagination.

Landscape Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw a Landscape

  1. Mark the location of the mountains.

    This step will be simple, you just need to draw one straight horizontal line.how to draw a landscape step by step

  2. Draw the first mountain.

    Depict the first mountain on the left, using a flowing curved line.how to draw a landscape easy

  3. Add the next mountain.

    Depict the second mountain on the right side, using a long curved line.how to draw a landscape easy for kids

  4. Draw the third mountain.

    Between the two previously drawn mountains draw a curved line.how to draw a landscape easy step by step

  5. Depict the sun.

    Between the two peaks of the mountains, draw a semicircle to represent the sun.how to draw a landscape for kids easy

  6. Paint the clouds.

    Above the mountain peaks draw wavy lines of freeform shapes.a landscape drawing guide

  7. Picture the inner outline of the mountain peaks.

    To complete this step, draw curved wavy lines at the top of each mountain.a landscape drawing tutorial

  8. Depict the surface of the water.

    At the bottom of the drawing outline several straight horizontal lines of different lengths.easy way to draw a landscape

  9. Color the drawing.

    Use shades of green to color the mountains, color the sun yellow, water, and clouds blue.how to draw a landscape step by step easy

Additional Content

I’ve crafted a complimentary PDF guide for this drawing lesson, ensuring it’s concise enough for quick referencing. Ideal for offline use, you can effortlessly download it to your device and delve into drawing a charming landscape whenever inspiration strikes, no internet needed.

Alternative Drawing Techniques

I’ve developed several alternative techniques for drawing landscapes, designed to give you more practice opportunities and enhance your artistic abilities. Each method offers a different perspective and approach to capturing the beauty of nature, helping you explore various styles and refine your skills.

How to Draw a Landscape: Advanced Level

This drawing method unfolds a landscape scene in progressive, simple steps ideal for young artists. Starting with a basic horizontal line, it gradually adds elements of nature such as distant mountains, foreground trees, and fluffy clouds.

The approach emphasizes layering and perspective, teaching how to build a complete scene from the ground up. By the final step, the image blossoms into a colorful, inviting landscape with a touch of greenery under a serene sky.

landscape step by step drawing tutorial

Simple Landscape Drawing Tutorial

This technique utilizes simplified shapes and minimal detail, making it exceptionally child-friendly. Starting with basic lines to define the horizon, it progresses to elementary forms for hills and trees.

The focus is on the overall composition rather than intricate details, allowing young artists to grasp the fundamentals of landscape drawing. By the final step, a serene scene emerges, composed of these basic elements, perfect for an introduction to art for the little ones.

really easy landscape drawing lesson


I hope you enjoyed learning this simple way to draw a landscape. If you’re looking to expand your artistic skills, there’s a whole world of drawing tutorials available on my website. From cozy houses to blooming roses, there’s a lesson for every interest.

Don’t forget to follow me on social media to stay updated with the latest tutorials and to join our growing community of budding artists. Your next masterpiece is just a tutorial away!

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