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How to Draw Hair

how to draw hair

In this guide, I will tell you how to draw hair.  These are a few basic steps that you can use to draw many different hairstyles for your taste.

Designed for beginners and aspiring artists, this lesson breaks down the process into clear, manageable steps. By the end, you’ll have a balanced and polished hairstyle, complete with a unified contour and texture.


How to Draw Hair

  1. Draw the outline of the front part

    In this initial step, start by sketching a basic framework for the hair’s shape. Begin with a curved line that sweeps down from the left to the right, representing the main bulk of the hair. Add more pointed shapes if you want to create large, noticeable bangs.how to draw hair step by step

  2. Create a hair parting

    To establish a natural hair parting, draw two lines to the side of the previous outline, dividing the hair into two sections. Please note: these are not two parallel lines. The parting lines form an angle that widens slightly downward.Create a hair parting

  3. Add a side hairline.

    To define the side part of the hairstyle, begin by drawing a small angular line from the main curve of the hair, just above the parting, extending it outward. While drawing this figure, create a smooth bend from the parting towards the intended ear.Add a side hairline

  4. Draw the top part of the hairstyle.

    To complete the hairstyle’s overall shape, draw a smooth curve along the top, starting from the left side and sweeping rightward. This line connects the upper segment to the side part, establishing the hairstyle’s crown and completing the contour.Draw the top part of the hairstyle

  5. Add another side part to the hair.

    To balance out the hairstyle, draw another curved line extending downwards from the top part, outlining the side part that is farther away. This curve should mirror the general shape of the closer side part, providing symmetry.Drawing the Side Part of the Hairstyle

  6. Color the hair

    For a basic and straightforward finish, choose a single solid color for the entire hairstyle. This color can range from natural hues like brown, black, or blonde to more vibrant options like blue or pink, depending on the desired style.how to draw hair

So, it was a really great job! I hope that our guide on how to draw hair was useful to you. We are waiting for your feedback and your questions!

How to Draw Hair Step by Step

The picture shows short hair that is styled to one side. This hairstyle is usually found in men. Along the top and bottom edges, you will need to depict small spiky strands. Pay attention to which way the hair is combed and try to carefully follow all the drawing steps. In this tutorial, arbitrary lines are allowed, and the strands may differ slightly from my example.

how to draw hair step by step

How to Draw Hair for Beginners

Free form lines are allowed in this tutorial, so the shape of the strands may differ slightly from my example. Now check if you have all the art supplies at hand and if everything is ready, then start following all the steps in this instruction. I wish you creative success.

how to draw hair step by step

How to Draw Realistic Hair

This drawing lesson was created specifically for beginner artists and children, so you will not encounter difficulties in completing it. Being able to draw realistic hair is very important for any artist, as it will help you draw great portraits of people.

how to draw realistic hair step by step

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