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How to Draw a Police Officer

how to draw a Police Officer

how to draw a policeman

In this super simple cartoon drawing instruction, I will show you how to draw a police officer.

Police officers are an important part of the state. These brave persons protect our peace and make our lives safe.

As you can imagine, all people are drawn the same way. On the pages of Howtodrawforkids.com, I show how to draw people in the most simplified form, and in this instruction on how to draw a policeman for kids, everything will also be unrealistically simple.

To proceed to the instruction on how to draw a police officer for kids, you will need a pencil or marker, as well as a sheet of paper. At the very end of the work, you can use a set of colored pencils or markers for coloring.



  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw a Police Officer

  1. Working with the human figure.

    Draw a simple outline for the head, which resembles an upside-down egg shape, ensuring that the bottom is slightly narrower than the top. This will form the foundation of your character’s head. Then, add a vertical line down the center and a horizontal one across the middle to help position the facial features symmetrically.learn how to draw a Police Officer

  2. Drawing the body and limbs.

    So, draw the body using a simple rectangle shape that starts from the bottom of the head and extends down, slightly shorter in height than the head. Sketch out the limbs with basic shapes: cylinders for arms and legs, with small circles for joints and oval shapes for hands and feet.Drawing the Body and Limbs

  3. Adding facial features.

    Refine the face by adding two dots for the eyes on the horizontal line, a small curved line for the nose, and a simple line for the mouth. Ensure these features are balanced and evenly spaced according to the example. Draw an ear whose upper edge coincides with the eyes, and the lower edge with the nose. Adding Facial Features

  4. Crafting the hat’s base

    Begin to draw the policeman’s hat. Create the base of the hat by drawing a curved line that sits comfortably on the top of the head shape. Then, add the top part of the hat, which should bulge out slightly more than the head, using soft curves that meet at a point at the top.how to draw a Police Officer easy

  5. Outlining the uniform.

    Sketch a collar by adding two small triangles protruding in the neck area. Include details such as the shirt’s button panel and pockets, using straight lines and rectangles. Remember to sketch lightly as these lines will help guide the later detailing of the uniform.Outlining the Uniform

  6. Simplifying and perfecting head contours.

    At this stage, you’ll refine the head by removing any extraneous sketch lines and perfecting the contour of the face and hat. Ensure the lines are smooth and well-defined to give a polished look.Simplifying and Perfecting Head Contours

  7. Streamlining and defining body contours

    Now, turn your attention to the body, erasing all unnecessary guide marks to leave a clear and distinct outline. Finalize the shape of the policeman’s uniform, making sure the contours are smooth and the details such as the pockets, belt, and badges are clearly defined.Streamlining and Defining Body Contours

  8. Coloring the Character.

    Apply colors to the uniform, selecting appropriate shades for the shirt, pants, and hat, and making the badge stand out. So, keep the coloring within the lines to maintain a neat and professional appearance.
    how to draw a Police Officer

To make your police officer drawing even more interesting, try adding shadows and some details.

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