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How to Draw a Cartoon Car

Learn how to draw a cartoon car step by step in just nine easy steps. Start the lesson and use the helpful hints!

how to draw a car easy

how to draw a carEarlier, I have already described repeatedly car drawing tutorial. And now, you’ll learn how to use simple geometric shapes to build your car’s structure and then add unique, exaggerated details to bring your cartoon car to life. Get your pencils ready, as we prepare to start, this is not the most difficult, but very interesting guide.

Please note – this car looks very spacious. At the same time, there are many straight lines and geometric shapes that form the final impression.

Cartoon car drawing guide


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 1 hour and 10 minutes

How to draw a cartoon car

  1. Establishing the base structure.

    Begin with a long, horizontal rectangle. This rectangle forms the base of the car and is fundamental in establishing the vehicle’s proportions. Focus on keeping the lines straight and the corners sharp, as the accuracy here will determine the overall shape of the car.how to draw a car step by step

  2. Creating the cabin profile.

    Add a trapezoid on top of the rectangle to represent the cabin of the car. The shorter base of the trapezoid should be at the top to mimic the tapering of a car’s roof toward the rear. When drawing, remember to keep your hand relaxed yet stable.Creating the Cabin Profile

  3. Wheel placement and balance

    Sketch two circles within the base rectangle to represent the wheels. It’s crucial to place them correctly for a balanced design, ensuring that they are evenly spaced from the edges and each other. To get a perfect round shape, you may lightly sketch guidelines in the shape of a cross.Wheel Placement and Balance

  4. Drawing the side and front windows of a car

    Look closely at the placement of the straight lines in this step. The top line of the car’s cabin is not parallel to the line from the first step, it is directed slightly obliquely. Also the two lines at the front are not parallel to the front line of the cabin. Notice such details and try to draw without bends.how to draw a car for beginners

  5. Defining car’s body contour.

    Outline the car body, incorporating the wheels into the base. This step involves drawing a curved line that dips near the wheels to indicate the car’s bodywork around the wheel wells. Use smooth, confident strokes, adjusting your pressure to allow for thicker lines in areas needing emphasis.Sketch the car body

  6. Adding car door handles.

    Despite the simplified drawing style, a little detail is always useful. These are indeed two very small figures, but it is very important to maintain the shape with smooth corners and the correct location close to the rear edges of each door.
    drawing car door handles

  7. Refining the cutouts for the wheels.

    Check the shape of the car wheels again. These should be really round shapes. Then remove the lines inside the wheels so it doesn’t look transparent, and finally outline the cutouts for the wheels with clear, visible lines.Wheel Well Definition

  8. Detailing Bumpers

    Sketch the front and rear bumpers, which from the side look like two small squares. Keep the lines light at first, so you can make adjustments if necessary for symmetry. The front bumper looks larger and wider compared to the rear bumper.easy how to draw a car

  9. Draw the car headlights

    The front and rear lights of the car also look very simple. The distinctive feature of the headlights is the obvious difference in shapes and sizes.draw the front and rear lights of the car

  10. Draw the wheels in detail

    Add the hubcaps with simple shapes inside the rims. You can choose to depict basic hubcap designs with straightforward lines or circles. Try to replicate the same design on both wheels to maintain consistency.Draw the wheels in detail

  11. Making the final outlines.

    In this phase, remove any unnecessary guidelines and refine the final outlines of your car. Careful erasure of the extra lines will clean up the image, while reinforcing the main outlines will bring your drawing into sharp focus.
    how to draw a easy car

  12. Final touches: color and shading

    Finally, color the car in a vibrant shade, like blue, to bring your drawing to life. Coloring within the lines will give the car a neat and professional appearance. Consider using shading techniques to give the car a three-dimensional form, with lighter areas indicating highlights and darker tones for shadows.how to draw a car easy

You can make your cartoon car drawing more cool and interesting. Add some details. For example, you can depict the passengers inside the car and details such as the steering wheel and seats.

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How to Draw a Cartoon Car: Alternative Style

The figure shows a small car that has the simplest form. The top of the car is rounded, on the side you see only one door. Such a car looks concise and at the same time very funny.

You can easily draw a cartoon car step by step if you follow all the steps in this tutorial sequentially and use small tips at each step. Try to carefully draw all the lines to get an excellent result.

how to draw a cartoon car step by step

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