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How to Draw Anime Eyes

Looking to master anime eyes? My how to draw anime eyes guide offers clear, step-by-step instructions to enhance your drawing skills with that classic anime flair.

Advance your artistic ability with my step-by-step instructions on how to draw anime eyes. So, discover the nuanced techniques of proportion, reflection, and emotion that will make your anime characters’ eyes a window to their animated souls.

anime eyes drawing tutorial
how to draw anime eyes step by step

Table of Contents

Basic Information on How to Draw Anime Eyes

Welcome to the captivating world of anime, where the eyes are not just a reflection of the soul but a canvas for storytelling. In this tutorial, I’m thrilled to guide you through the nuanced process of how to draw anime eyes, a fundamental skill that will elevate your art and bring your characters to life.

We’ll start with the basics, where a simple line can start the journey into creating eyes that are not just seen, but felt. As you follow along, remember that each step is crucial in the art of how to draw anime eyes, from the initial sketch to the final stroke.

As we progress, I’ll teach you how to draw anime eyes that capture the vast array of emotions anime characters are known for. You’ll learn the delicate art of shaping the eyelids and irises, mastering the interplay of light and shadow that gives the eyes depth and sparkle.

In our final stages, we’ll refine our technique on how to draw anime eyes, adding the intricate details that make each gaze unique. With each lesson, you’ll not only improve your ability to draw anime eyes but also gain a deeper appreciation for the art form itself. Let’s pick up our pencils and embark on this artistic adventure together.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw Anime Eyes

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Anime Eyes

  1. Draw the first guideline.

    Begin by drawing a long, straight horizontal line across your page. Thus, this line will serve as the guiding baseline for the anime eyes you’re about to create, ensuring they are aligned and even.how to draw anime eyes easy

  2. Add the second guideline.

    Establish the vertical position of the eyes by drawing a second horizontal line parallel to the first. This will set the height at which the eyes will sit, ensuring proper placement and proportion.how to draw anime eyes for beginners

  3. Add the outer outline of the eyes.

    Carefully draw the contours of the anime eyes using smooth, confident strokes, ensuring they mirror the shape shown in the example. This symmetry will be key in achieving the anime characteristic look.how to draw anime eyes cute

  4. Depict the inner outline of the eyelids.

    Carefully sketch smooth, curving lines along the outer edges of each eye outline. Follow the curvature to define the eye’s shape with precision and symmetry for that classic anime look.anime eyes drawing easy

  5. Sketch out the iris.

    Inside each eye outline, draw a semicircle that will represent the iris. Make sure these semicircles are centered and proportionate to the size of the eye for a balanced and authentic anime appearance.anime eyes drawing with color

  6. Add the pupils.

    Inside each semicircle, carefully draw a smaller circle to create the pupil. Position these with precision to give the eyes a balanced and expressive look, which is essential in anime character design.anime eyes drawing tutorial for beginners

  7. Depict the eyebrows.

    Above each eye, gently draw an arched line to create the eyebrows. Ensure they are symmetrical and convey the appropriate emotion for your anime character’s expression.anime eyes drawing cute

  8. Correct inaccuracies.

    Now, take your eraser and carefully remove any extraneous lines or marks that were used as guides for your anime eyes drawing. Thus, refine the edges and contours of the eyes and eyebrows.anime eyes tutorial easy

  9. Color the anime eyes drawing.

    Select a color of your choice to add vibrancy to the anime eyes drawing. Apply this color thoughtfully to the iris, enhancing the anime eyes with depth and emotion to bring your character to life.anime eyes drawing tutorial

Additional Content

For those of you eager to practice and perfect the art of drawing anime eyes at your own pace, I have good news. I’ve taken the essence of this tutorial and distilled it into a handy PDF guide.

This streamlined version is designed for easy reference and practice. Best of all, it’s completely free to download. So, to my readers, I extend an invitation: take advantage of this resource. Let it guide you towards becoming proficient in crafting anime eyes.

Alternative Way to Learn How to Draw Anime Eyes

Get ready to level up your anime artistry! I’ve cooked up another tantalizing method for drawing anime eyes that’s bound to keep your pencils busy and your creativity flowing. As you’ve been honing your skills with the first set of techniques, I thought, why not spice things up a bit?

So here’s the deal: I’m inviting you, my talented readers, to dive into this fresh and equally engaging approach. It’s designed to challenge you, sure, but also to unlock new levels of expression in those dreamy, dramatic anime eyes we all love. So grab your sketchbook, and let’s keep the art evolving.

How to Draw Manga Eyes

So, this method uses exaggerated curves of the eyelids and sharply defines the contrast in the eyelashes, often distinguishing a whimsical, cute manga style.

In this guide, artists give the iris a brighter color and add bold highlights to enhance the wide-eyed, innocent expression commonly associated with charming, youthful manga characters. This technique’s emphasis on large, reflective pupils and vibrant iris colors contributes to the overall enchanting and animated look.

how to draw manga eyes step by step

Create Your Anime Character

Embarking on the creative journey of bringing your own anime character to life begins with the eyes. They are the windows to the soul, where emotions and stories start to take shape. Let’s walk through the steps to flesh out your character using those carefully crafted eyes as the cornerstone:

  • Character foundation: Begin by considering the fundamental attributes of your character such as their age, gender, and personality traits. The eyes you’ve drawn will be the guiding light for these elements.
  • Design the face: Next, mold the face around the eyes you’ve sketched. Let the emotion and style of the eyes dictate the face’s shape and your character’s potential expressions.
  • Hairstyle and color: Then, select a hairstyle that resonates with the eyes. The color and style should reflect your character’s unique flair, be it down-to-earth or otherworldly.
  • Attire and accessories: Moreover, craft attire and accessories that speak to your character’s role and individuality. Thus, these details can hint at their backstory and complement the personality shining through the eyes.
  • Pose and background: Finally, choose a pose that echoes the character’s spirit, and place them within a background that tells their story.

As you weave together each aspect of your character, from their hairstyle down to the shoes they wear, keep in mind that consistency with the expression in their eyes is key. Your character is now more than a sketch; they’re a narrative in visual form.

To create your own fully-fledged character, make use of my lessons on the website. For instance, the lesson on how to draw an anime character will be very useful for you.


So, as we wrap up this anime eyes drawing lesson, I hope you’ve found joy and inspiration in each stroke that brings your anime eyes—and your character—to life. Remember, practice makes perfect, and every anime eyes drawing is a step closer to mastering the art.

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