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How to Draw Iron Man

Iron Man drawing

how to draw iron man

I am very glad to present you a new hero from Marvel Comics Universe. To be honest, he is the most attractive character for me from the whole Marvel. I have always liked Iron Man for representing the power of science and intelligence.

In my opinion, he is very different from the heroes who got their superpower due to the occasion or special drugs.Tony Stark created his superpowers on his own due to his mind and talent. In fact, I am convinced that the main superpower of the Iron Man is his mind, not his costume.
So let’s start drawing!

Step 1

First, we draw the contours of the head and torso. Due to the simplified drawing style, the head contour should be larger than the contour of the body. In fact, it is rather the contours of the helmet than the head. Please pay at this item.

How to draw Iron Man for beginners

Step 2

Now we draw the contours of the arms and legs. You can choose any pose for your Iron Man. In our version, Iron Man just stands quietly with his hands down.

How to draw Iron Man easy

Step 3

Let’s work with our hero’s helmet. Iron Man is often spoken of as modern day’s knight in shining armor. And indeed it is. Even the Iron Man’s helmet is a bit like a helmet of the knight.
So, we draw two elongated rectangles in place of the eyes and we outline the borders of the yellow part of the helmet.

How to draw Iron Man for beginners

Step 4

Now we will draw the main parts of Iron Man’s armor. On the body, we see two large plates of armor in the shape of the letter “T”. Also, large plates of armor are localized on the shoulders and legs.

How to draw Iron Man for beginners

Step 5

So, I continue this drawing tutorial about how to draw Iron Man for kids. In this step we erase the extra lines from the helmet. We just complete work with a helmet with dark final lines.

How to draw Iron Man for beginners

Step 6

Repeat the steps from the previous step. But this time we complete the work with the torso and limbs of our character.

Iron Man drawing tutorial

Step 7

I decided to choose red and yellow colors for Iron Man’s armor. You can also add shadows and highlights to complicate your drawing and make it more realistic.

How to draw Iron Man for kids
If you love Iron Man, you probably know about War Machine. He is a devoted friend and ally of Iron Man. You can change the color scheme and draw this character:
How to draw War Machine step by step
Drawing Tony Stark without an Iron Man helmet is also easy:
How to draw Tony Stark for kids

Do not forget about this scheme, which will help you draw Iron Man very quickly at any time:
How to draw Iron Man for kids step by step


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