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How to Draw Hulk

Step into the creative world of superhero art as I teach kids how to draw Hulk with multiple drawing methods. This detailed guide covers the nuances of his superheroic physique and signature style, presenting a series of well-crafted steps that make drawing the Incredible Hulk an adventure in itself.

Hulk drawing tutorial
how to draw hulk

How to Draw Hulk: Basic Information

Step into the artistic arena where strength and skill merge as we learn how to draw Hulk. This tutorial is designed to guide you through each stage of creation, from simple outlines to the final details. You’ll discover how to capture the essence of Hulk’s incredible power in each pencil stroke, bringing the Avenger to life on your page.

The lesson focuses on Hulk’s exaggerated muscular form, his expressive face, and his shredded pants. We start with a basic structure, adding layers to construct his massive physique, ensuring even beginners can follow along. It’s crucial to highlight his broad shoulders and robust arms, hallmarks of his formidable appearance.

Upon completing this tutorial, the ability to draw Hulk will be part of your artistic arsenal. I’ve crafted this guide with the intention of making complex character drawing simple and enjoyable. So, let your imagination roar as loudly as the Hulk himself, and let’s bring this beloved green giant to your sketchbook with gusto and style.

Hulk Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes

How to draw Hulk

  1. Draw the Hulk’s base

    Begin by drawing an oval for the Hulk’s head and a large, rounded trapezoid for the torso. This outlines the shape of his upper body, giving an indication of the Hulk’s broad shoulders and imposing stature. Make sure to add a horizontal and vertical guideline across the face to assist in placing facial features in later steps.
    Draw the Hulk's base

  2. Add the limbs.

    Extend the trapezoid into a rough hourglass shape for the body and add cylindrical arms and legs. Draw larger, rounded hands to emphasize the Hulk’s bulk and strength, and feet as simple, angled ovals. The arms and legs should reflect the Hulk’s muscular build and stance.Add Limbs

  3. Draw the face details.

    In this step, start detailing the face with the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. Make the eyebrows furrowed, indicating Hulk’s characteristic angry expression. Add ears on either side of the head, and sketch hair along the top. These details give the Hulk his iconic look, contributing to the cartoon style.Draw the Face Details

  4. Sketch the outlines of muscles and clothing.

    Refine the body by emphasizing the lines around pectoral muscles and deltoid muscles of the arms.. Then, sketch jagged lines on the legs to represent torn pants, showing his transformation from Bruce Banner. This stage introduces key features to the drawing.Sketch the outlines of muscles and clothing

  5. Finalize the Hulk’s face.

    Complete the Hulk’s face. Refine basic facial features such as eyes, nose and mouth. Add pupils and small but important details such as wrinkles and folds around the mouth.Finalize the Hulk's face

  6. Refine all final lines of the torso.

    Define the muscles more clearly, drawing lines to suggest the Hulk’s biceps and forearm muscles. Additionally, add creases and additional detailing to the pants to create depth and realism. This emphasizes the character’s physique and torn clothing.Refine all final lines of the torso and limbs

  7. Clarification of all contours of the drawing.

    Trace over the outlines and erase any unnecessary lines from the earlier steps, especially the lines of the legs and lower torso. This clarifies the overall form, giving a polished look and bringing the Hulk to life, ready for the final step.
    Clarification of all contours of the drawing

  8. Color the Hulk.

    Finally, add color to the drawing. Use a vivid green for the Hulk’s skin, a dark brown or black for the hair, and purple for the pants. By the way, did you notice that the Hulk always wears pants of the same color?Coloring Hulk

Additional Content

Alongside the interactive online tutorial, there’s a free downloadable PDF file available, summarizing the Hulk drawing lesson. This abbreviated version is crafted for convenience, giving young artists the freedom to practice their drawing skills without the need for an internet connection.

It’s a perfect tool for moments of inspiration that strike when away from the computer or tablet, ensuring that the journey of learning to draw the Incredible Hulk continues uninterrupted.

Different Hulk Coloring Options

Expanding on the drawing lesson, I’ve put together an array of coloring options for you to transform your Hulk drawing into a spectrum of superheroes. With these alternatives, you’re not just limited to the traditional green giant; you have the power to create a multitude of characters from one foundational sketch.

Gray Hulk

Discussing the possibilities of color variations, it’s a little-known fact that Hulk was first depicted with gray skin. In a nod to that classic era, we’re bringing back the nostalgic Grey Hulk for you to enjoy.

How to draw grey Hulk for kids

Red Hulk

In the diverse universe of Hulk characters, let’s not overlook the formidable Red Hulk, a striking adversary with a fierce rivalry against our green-skinned hero. This distinct variant, with his crimson hue, embodies a different kind of rage and power, offering a vivid alternative to the classic Hulk persona we all know.

How to draw red Hulk for kids

Alternative Drawing Techniques

I’ve also crafted a range of Hulk drawing techniques to give you a well-rounded practice session. By engaging with these alternative methods, you’ll gain experience in various artistic styles and difficulty levels, each designed to help you refine your drawing skills and elevate your artistic expression to new heights.

Hulk in Battle with Wolverine

In the first alternative method of our drawing series, I’m excited to showcase a dynamic scene: Hulk in battle with Wolverine. This scenario is designed to teach you how to draw Hulk from a different perspective, capturing his fierce combat posture.

As a bonus, you’ll also get to practice drawing Logan, enhancing your skills with another iconic character. And if you find yourself enjoying sketching Wolverine, you can delve into a dedicated lesson where I guide you through the steps to draw the clawed mutant in detail.

How to draw Hulk vs Wolverine

How to Draw Chibi Hulk

Transitioning to a more whimsical approach, we’ll tackle the charming chibi style, which transforms the usually fearsome Hulk into a pocket-sized powerhouse brimming with cuteness. In this method, I’ll walk you through capturing Hulk’s essence but with exaggerated, childlike proportions characteristic of chibi art.

You’ll learn to draw his oversized head and expressive eyes, paired with a small body, all while maintaining the signature elements that make Hulk so recognizable. Step by step, I’ll guide you to craft a Hulk that exudes both the strength of the hero and the charm of chibi, perfect for a lighthearted take on the classic Avenger.

how to draw easy hulk step by step

Hulk Drawing for Kindergarten

This final method for Hulk is specifically designed with young learners from kindergarten in mind. It employs super simple lines and a minimalistic approach to details, making it exceptionally easy for little hands to replicate.

The technique is streamlined for ease, focusing on broad shapes and basic expressions that capture the essence of Hulk without complexity. It’s a perfect introduction to drawing for children, allowing them to quickly and confidently create a recognizable image of their favorite green hero.

how to draw hulk step by step


You’ve conquered the Hulk, little artists, but this is only the beginning of our drawing journey together. But don’t let your pencils rest just yet; there are countless more lessons waiting for you. Why not try your hand at sketching an anime face next, or peel into the challenge of drawing a banana?

Plus, join our community on social media where I share updates and sneak peeks of upcoming lessons. Your sketchbook is about to get a lot more exciting, so let’s keep those creative juices flowing!

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