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How to Draw Wolverine

Really simple step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Wolverine – one of the most famous and coolest characters from Marvel Universe.

How to draw Wolverine for kids
how to draw wolverine step by step

Earlier I already posted a tutorial on how to draw Wolverine for children. But that lesson was a little difficult for kindergartners and elementary school students. Therefore, I decided to create an even simpler lesson about this comic character.

In this tutorial, Wolverine is standing in a very simple frontal pose, which greatly simplifies the drawing process. In addition, we will draw Wolverine in chibi style, which will also greatly simplify the task.

If this lesson seems too simple, then of course you can try to complicate the drawing by adding additional details or go to my more complicated Wolverine drawing tutorial.

So are you ready? If so, let’s start the tutorial!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 35 minutes

How to Draw Wolverine

  1. Sketch out the head and torso.

    First, depict the head and torso of Wolverine. Inside the contour of the head sketch two intersecting lines. It will help us to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth in the future steps.How to draw Wolverine for kids

  2. Sketch out the arms and legs.

    In the second step, draw the arms and legs. They look like ordinary cylinders. In the picture, the legs should be thicker and heavier than the arms.How to draw Wolverine easy

  3. Draw the head of Wolverine.

    Wolverine’s mask is one of the most memorable elements of his appearance. Let’s draw the contours of this mask using straight lines. Also, sketch the mouth with sharp teeth.How to draw Wolverine for kids easy

  4. Detail the costume of Wolverine.

    Now let’s draw the individual elements of the Wolverine costume. These elements are the belt, shoulder pads, greaves and pattern on the lateral parts of the abdomen. In the same fourth step, draw Wolverine’s claws.
     Wolverine drawing tutorial

  5. Erase the guidelines from the face.

    Draw the details of Wolverine’s head. Trace the lines of the mask and face of the furious superhero. After that we draw the mouth. At the end of this step, erase unwanted guidelines from the head.How to sketch Wolverine

  6. Detail the arms and torso of Wolverine.

    Now trace the torso and arms. Draw a few patterns on the body and the X-Men logo on the belt. Logan’s arms should look really powerful. Draw the claws of Wolverine in the final version with clear, confident lines.Wolverine drawing tutorial

  7. Detail the legs.

    Draw the legs of Logan and his boots in detail. Don’t forget to draw the folds on fabrics that look like short horizontal lines. By the way, in my opinion, these are the most unusual and interesting boots in comic books.Wolverine drawing tutorial

  8. Color the Wolverine drawing.

    Now let’s add some color to the drawing. I prefer the most famous Wolverine’s suit so I used yellow and blue colors. You can change the blue and yellow color to brown so that you get old school Wolverine.
    How to draw Wolverine for kids

So, this was a Wolverine drawing tutorial. I hope it helped you, your children, or students. Do not forget to download the PDF version of the lesson, which includes the steps of the instruction, a coloring page, tracing worksheet, and grid drawing worksheet.

Improve and Diversify Your Wolverine Drawing

For more than 40 years of the journey traversed by Wolverine and his legacy, many adventures and misadventures have occurred with the hero. He was in many teams, received different incarnations on film or television screens. During all this time, Logan was dressed in a variety of costumes, and you can draw Wolverine in any of these costumes.

Brown Suit: A Forgotten Classic

For example, you can draw him in this brown costume, which was invented in 1982, when Marvel launched a separate comic about Wolverine.

How to draw Wolverine in brown costume for kids

Or you can wear Logan a modern version of the yellow-blue costume, which you could see in the Astonishing X-Men. This version of the costume features smaller “horns” and a slightly different pattern on the costume.

Astonishing Wolverine: Classic Updated

Drawing of Wolverine in a yellow-blue suit

Also, you can greatly change the appearance of Logan, just taking off his superhero costume, and dress in his characteristic casual clothes. You will need to draw a white tank top and blue jeans. Do not forget to sketch some hair on the forearm.

Logan Without Suit

Drawing of Logan from X-Men

But this is certainly not all that you can draw with this Wolverine drawing guide. Having mastered this guide well, you can draw the legendary battle of Wolverine and his very first enemy – the Incredible Hulk.

Draw Wolverine in Dynamics

Drawing of wolverine vs hulk

How to Draw Wolverine: More Step-by-Step Instructions

Save this shortened version of the guide, in which I gathered all the steps of the article and deleted the text. You can share this picture with your friends or publish them on your page on social networks.

Wolverine step by step drawing tutorial

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