How to Draw a Tank Top

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In this lesson I will show in detail how to draw a tank top. This step-by-step guide will be very simple, and soon you will see for yourself.

 tank top drawing step by step
how to draw a tank top step by step

I decided to dedicate this lesson to drawing a piece of clothing, and now you will learn how to draw a tank top. This is underwear, which is mainly worn under the tank top.

The tank top is made of knitted, soft fabric. The classic tank top covers only the torso, has no sleeves and has a wide neckline. During the summer months, the tank top can be used as a wardrobe top. Such a tank top can be white, colored, or multicolored.

In this lesson you will draw a tank top of a standard classic shape. For coloring, you can use the same color that is suggested in the instructions or any other color of your choice. So grab your art supplies and get started with this fun tutorial.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Tank Top

  1. Draw the sides of the tank top.

    Depict two smooth vertical lines at some distance from each to draw a tank top easy

  2. Depict the bottom of the tank top.

    Draw a horizontal connecting line at the to draw a tank top for kids

  3. Add the armhole.

    At the top of the drawing, draw smooth, slightly curved lines, as shown in the to draw a tank top for beginners

  4. Sketch out the top outline.

    At this stage, draw short lines on each to draw a tank top for kindergarten

  5. Draw the neck.

    Depict a smooth, curved line across the top of the tank top.simple tank top drawing

  6. Depict the reverse side of the tank top.

    Draw another smooth connecting line at the top of the drawing.tank top drawing easy

  7. Detail the tank top.

    Draw thin lines along the outer outline to represent the seam.easy tank top drawing

  8. Color the drawing.

    For coloring, use different shades of gray.tank top drawing step by step

So another drawing lesson came to an end. You can use the acquired skills in the future when you want to draw a person in such a tank top. If you want to always have access to this lesson, then right now download the PDF file, which contains a brief instruction and additional training materials.

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