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How to Draw a Minion

In this drawing lesson, I would like to tell you and show you how to draw a Minion step by step. I think that many of you know this character very well. Minions are the main characters of the cartoon “Minions”.

How to draw a Minion
how to draw a minion step by step

These characters are represented as small yellow creatures. The Minions in the cartoon look different, have different heights, and each of them has a name. It is also indicated that the Minions have three fingers on their hands.

Here I will show you two whole minion drawing lessons. In the first, I’ll show you how to portray this charismatic character using auxiliary steps, and in the second, we’ll look at a slightly different option.

In both lessons we will draw a minion with two eyes and a hairstyle with a parting in the center. But if you remember, minions are quite different from each other. Using these instructions you can draw a minion of any appearance.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw a Minion

  1. Sketch the basic outlines.

    First i draw a regular elongated shape. It looks like a bean only without bends on the sides. The shape should look symmetrical.
    How to draw Minions

  2. Draw the eyes and mouth.

    By the way, in the last step i drew the body of a Minion. Now i will outline the contours of the eyes and mouth. The eyes are just two circles that are at a short distance from each other. The mouth will look like a short dash.
    How to draw a Minion easy

  3. Add the limbs.

    The body and facial features of our Minion already have approximate shapes. Minions are quite mobile despite the fact that their legs are rather short.How to draw a Minion step by step

  4. Sketch the glasses.

    Students really bring the appearance of any character to life. Our Minion will be no exception. At this stage I will draw his pupils and the outline of his glasses.How to draw a Minion for beginners

  5. Draw the hair.

    This will be a very short step. You just need to draw a few rounded lines that will mark the hair on Minion’s head.Minions drawing tutorial

  6. Draw the overalls.

    All Minions from the Despicable Me series wore the same clothes. Is it possible to forget these funny denim overalls? So i draw the straps and the front of the overalls.How easy to draw Minions

  7. Add some details.

    This is another short step. Here you need to draw the outline of the logo and the top edge of the pants.How to draw a Minion from cartoon

  8. Detail the Minion’s legs and arms.

    Add some more details. In this case, i outline the contours of the boots and palms. With the help of short lines, outline the contours of Minion’s pants.Minion drawing tutorial

  9. Erase the guidelines.

    Let’s check the results of our work. If all the lines are in place and all the proportions are met correctly, you can erase the extra lines and add folds to the fabric near the straps of the jumpsuit.Minion drawing tutorial from despicable me

  10. Color the minion drawing.

    Blue and yellow are the traditional colors of Minions. I will not even suggest using other colors because everyone is accustomed to precisely this color.How to draw a Minion

So, the Minion drawing lesson is complete, but to sharpen your skills, I advise you to try an additional way to draw this character.

How to Draw a Minion: Alternative Method

In the first lesson, we drew a minion using additional auxiliary steps. Now I will show you how to do this without preliminary steps.

how to draw a minion step by step


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