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How to Draw a Rocket

Space, rockets, interplanetary travel and maybe even aliens. If all this is interesting to you, then you will like this lesson on how to draw a rocket.

how to draw a rocket
how to draw a rocket step by step

I have prepared for you step-by-step instructions with which you can learn how to draw a rocket. When you learn how to depict a rocket with the help of this lesson, then you can use this image to create other paintings.

A rocket is an aircraft that moves in space due to the action of jet propulsion. These vehicles help people explore outer space. It is believed that the rocket needs fuel only to leave the Earth‘s orbit, and in space, fuel is practically not consumed, since there is no oxygen there and this helps the rocket not fall.

I am sure that you have seen many films, cartoons or read various books and encyclopedias that talked about rockets. Now you can learn how to depict a rocket. Now, I recommend that you prepare art supplies for this lesson and wish you good luck with your drawing.


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Steps on How to Draw a Rocket

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw a Rocket

  1. Draw the outline of the main part of the rocket.

    To complete this step, depict two arcs connected at the top.how to draw a rocket easy

  2. Add details.

    Depict straight horizontal lines of different lengths at the top and bottom of the rocket.how to draw a rocket art hub

  3. Sketch out the wings of the rocket.

    At the bottom of the rocket, add two symmetrical elements using straight lines.how to draw a rocket for kids

  4. Depict another wing of the rocket.

    At the bottom of the rocket, depict a rectangle with long sides.how to draw a simple rocket

  5. Draw the rocket porthole.

    In the middle of the main part of the rocket, draw two circles located one inside the other.how to draw a rocket cartoon

  6. Correct inaccuracies.

    Use the eraser to remove any unnecessary guidelines.rocket drawing for beginners

  7. Color the rocket.

    Use red and different shades of blue.simple rocket drawing for kids

Share your impressions in the comments. As usual, I’ve prepared a PDF file that contains a short version of this lesson and additional useful materials for your training. Download this file so as not to lose it and return to this lesson if necessary.

How to Draw a Rocket Taking Off

Above, I showed you how to draw a rocket at rest, and now let’s learn how to draw the same rocket, but taking off from the surface of the earth.

rocket step by step drawing tutorial

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