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How to Draw Glasses

Learn how to draw glasses step by step, from outline to detailed finish, training your skills. A few details – and the drawing is done.

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how to draw glasses step by step tutorial

Glasses consist of a unique combination of simple and complex shapes. With this drawing tutorial, kids will train combine these types of lines in their artworks. This skill will be useful in almost any type of drawing.

Glasses require a balance between symmetry and proportionality, with evenly spaced lenses and matching arms. By guiding young artists through this process, the tutorial teaches them to observe and replicate proportions accurately, leading to balanced and visually pleasing drawings.

Glasses contain many subtle features, such as the bridge, arm curves, and lens contours. This glasses drawing tutorial encourages young artists to focus on these details, training their observational skills. This careful attention builds technical expertise, allowing artists to refine their work to a polished finish.

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Draw Glasses

  1. Frame the outlines of the glasses.

    Start by sketching a simple rectangular shape to establish the foundation for the glasses. Ensure the rectangle is proportional to the expected size and style of the glasses, considering its width and height. This shape represents the outer frame that will house the lenses.Frame the outlines of the glasses

  2. Draw the arms.

    Next, extend two curved lines from the back corners of the rectangular frame to create the arms of the glasses. These lines should gradually taper off and curve downward, mimicking the natural shape of glasses arms that wrap around the ears.Draw the arms

  3. Form the outlines of the glasses.

    Start by defining a subtle curve along the top and bottom edges of the rectangular frame, illustrating the natural flow of the glasses. Round the outer corners slightly, making the shape more organic and comfortable-looking.Form the outlines of the glasses

  4. Shape the lenses.

    Now focus on shaping the individual lenses. Inside each half of the rectangular frame, draw rounded or slightly oval outlines to represent the lenses. These outlines should be positioned centrally within each side of the frame, ensuring they are symmetrical and equally spaced from the edges.Shape the lenses

  5. Refine the sketch.

    Go over the entire sketch to smooth out rough edges, thicken the frame, and define the contours. Pay attention to the arms, ensuring they taper evenly and curve naturally. Define the bridge further, giving it a smooth arc connecting the two lenses seamlessly.Refine the sketch

  6. Add some colors to the glasses drawing.

    Choose a color that suits the style of the design, such as classic gray, black, modern transparent, or vibrant hues like red or blue. If desired, add highlights or reflections on the lenses to mimic light bouncing off the surface. This coloring completes the design, making the glasses drawing look finished and polished.Add some colors to the glasses drawing

I think that my lesson helped you to learn how to draw glasses for kids. Draw glasses separately or on the face of a person.

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