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How to Draw a Tank

Want to learn how to draw a tank for kids? I think you will not find a simpler lesson on how to draw a tank than this!

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In this instruction, I want to show you how to draw a tank for kids. The tank is actually a very complex subject. It has a huge amount of detail and depicting it is not so simple.

But since Howtodrawforkids.com is a site for children, I want to show the tank in a simple way, so that even the smallest child can cope with it.

Among other things, this tank drawing tutorial will demonstrate you how to create straight lines and how to combines them to create a complex object. This is a very important skill.

Time needed: 40 minutes

How to Draw a Tank

  1. Draw the tank body base.

    The base should resemble a flat, trapezoidal shape, slightly wider at the bottom than at the top. Make the edges rounded to give a smooth appearance. This forms the fundamental shape on which the tank will be built. Ensure the lines are straight and the angles are uniform to give the base a stable look.Draw the tank body base

  2. Add the turret.

    On top of the tank base, draw the turret. This consists of a slightly angled rectangular shape. Position it centrally, leaving a small gap from the tank’s front and back edges. The turret’s slight slant gives it a dynamic feel. This part of the drawing forms the rotating section of the tank, where its weaponry is mounted.Add the turret

  3. Draw the gun barrel.

    From the front of the turret, extend a long, straight line outward. Ensure this line is parallel to the tank’s base to give it a balanced look. This barrel serves as the tank’s primary weapon. You can draw some other guns or details to make your tank more realistic.Draw the gun barrel

  4. Add the wheels.

    Draw a series of evenly spaced circles along the bottom edge of the base. Ensure the circles are of the same size and in a straight line. These wheels form the tank’s tracks, essential for its movement across diverse terrains. The wheels should extend along the entire length of the base.Add the wheels

  5. Detail the tracks.

    In this step, add smaller wheels to the top section of the tank’s track. These wheels act as support rollers, guiding the track and ensuring its smooth movement. Draw a series of smaller circles along the upper edge of the tank’s base, evenly spaced between the larger wheels already in place.Detail the tracks

  6. Add final details.

    Refine the body of the tank, track, turret and gun barrel. You may also add minor lines or shading around the tank to highlight its ruggedness. This step completes the tank’s appearance, preparing the vehicle to the final coloring stage.Add final details

  7. Color the tank.

    Choose traditional military green or camo shades, which are characteristic of tanks. The color should be even and uniform, or you can experiment with camouflage patterns for a more realistic look. Ensure the turret, base, and tracks are colored consistently.Color the tank

So, dear artists and readers of Howtodrawforkids.com, i finally came to the end of the instruction on how to draw a tank for children.

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