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How to Draw Superman

Continuing with the theme of superheroes, I want to share with you a very simple technique on how to draw Superman from the DC Universe.

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how to draw superman step by step

How to Draw Superman: Basic Information

Superman is undeniably one of the most iconic superheroes in the world, capturing the imaginations of millions with his incredible powers and unwavering sense of justice. His distinctive look, featuring a bold “S” emblem, vibrant colors, and a cape flowing behind him, has become a symbol recognized across the globe.

Because of his significant cultural impact, it is crucial to draw Superman accurately, even when using a cartoon style. Mastering the art of depicting this legendary character requires attention to detail to maintain his recognizable features.

Additionally, I’ll demonstrate you how to make your Superman even more interesting by adding backgrounds to your artwork. A well-crafted backdrop can make your illustration even better.

Superman Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 1 hour and 40 minutes

How to draw Superman

  1. Outline of the head and body.

    Start by drawing two simple shapes to form Superman’s head and torso. Begin with a large oval for the head. Below the head, draw a smaller, slightly elongated oval for the torso. These two shapes will serve as the basic framework for Superman’s upper body.Outline of the head and body

  2. Add the facial features.

    Next, focus on adding Superman’s facial features. Start by drawing the eyes near the center of the head, spaced evenly apart. Below the eyes, draw a small, curved line for the nose, followed by a simple, smiling mouth. For the eyebrows, draw two short, curved lines above the eyes.Add facial features

  3. Draw the hair, ears and neck.

    In this step, you will add Superman’s hair and ears to complete the head. Begin by outlining his iconic hairstyle with wavy lines, adding volume and shape around the top and sides of the head. Next, draw two small, curved shapes on each side of the head for the ears.Draw the hair, ears and neck

  4. Sketch the arms.

    Now, move on to sketching Superman’s arms and hands. Starting from the sides of the torso, draw two curved lines extending outward and downward to form the arms. At the end of each arm, draw a small, rounded shape for the hands. To add more detail, include simple lines to indicate the fingers and thumbs.Sketch the arms

  5. Sketch the legs.

    Start at the bottom of the torso and draw two straight lines downward to form the legs. At the end of each leg, draw simple, rounded shapes to represent the feet. This step completes the basic outline of Superman’s body, preparing it for more detailed elements like his costume and cape.Sketch the legs

  6. Draw Superman’s iconic сape.

    Begin by drawing two lines extending from the top of the shoulders down to the feet, creating the sides of the cape. Then, connect these lines with a wavy line at the bottom to represent the flowing fabric. Add small, curved lines near the shoulders to show where the cape is attached to the costume.
    Draw Superman's iconic сape

  7. Illustrate the belt and outline of the logo.

    In this step, focus on outlining the details of Superman’s costume. In the center of the chest, draw a diamond shape for the emblem. The emblem needs to be symmetrical and the correct shape to be recognizable. Then, add the belt by drawing a horizontal line across the middle of the torso.Illustrate the belt and outline of the logo

  8. Detail the S logo.

    Inside the diamond, sketch the iconic “S” symbol, making sure it is clear and proportional. Add any remaining details to the costume, such as the lines on the belt and the creases on the boots and gloves. Take an eraser and go over the sketch making it polished and ready for coloring.Detail the S logo

  9. Color your Superman drawing.

    Use blue for the suit, red for the cape, boots, and “S” emblem background, and yellow for the belt and the “S” symbol. For the skin tone, choose a light peach or beige color. Don’t forget to color his hair black and add any shading or highlights to give your drawing more natural look.Color your Superman drawing

Additional Content

For artists who want to refine their skills without the tether of the internet, I’ve created a supplementary PDF for my Superman drawing tutorial. This document, free to download, offers additional material aimed at training your skills, focusing on the distinctive cartoon style of the Man of Steel.

How to Draw Superman: Building Worlds Around

Adding backgrounds to your Superman drawing can greatly improve the overall effect of the image. Here are some ideas for backgrounds that complement a Superman drawing.

A cityscape background can place Superman in his usual setting, reflecting his role as the protector of Metropolis. Start by drawing the outlines of tall skyscrapers, filling them with windows and architectural details to give a realistic feel. Add bustling streets below with tiny cars, buses, and pedestrians. You can also include iconic landmarks like the Daily Planet building with its globe on top.

A background featuring a clear blue sky with fluffy white clouds can highlight Superman’s ability to fly. Begin by shading the sky with gradient blues, starting darker at the top and getting lighter toward the horizon. Draw various sizes of white, fluffy clouds scattered across the sky.

For a more cosmic feel, draw a space background with stars, planets, and galaxies. Start with a dark, almost black background, and use white and yellow dots of varying sizes to represent stars. Add larger celestial bodies like planets, using different colors and patterns to make each unique. Incorporate swirling galaxies and nebulae with soft brush strokes of purples, blues, and pinks.

Creating a battle scene as a background can add dynamic action to your drawing. Start by sketching debris like broken buildings, scattered rocks, and damaged vehicles to show the aftermath of a battle. Add smoke and explosion effects with swirling lines and darker shades to convey chaos and movement. Include enemy figures or shadows.

A nighttime cityscape with glowing lights and a dark sky can create a very interesting effect. Begin by shading the sky with deep blues and blacks, adding twinkling stars and a glowing moon. Draw the outlines of skyscrapers, but this time illuminate their windows with yellow and white lights to create a vibrant, living city. Add streetlights, car headlights, and neon signs to create a nighttime feel. Incorporate shadows and reflections on the buildings.


Capturing the essence of Superman in chibi form is just the start of our artistic adventure. If your creativity thirsts for more, explore my site for a multitude of tutorials ranging from drawing ponies to sketching sleek race cars. Each lesson is a new chapter in your artistic journey, filled with possibilities.

I invite you to follow my social media channels, where the pulse of new content and community beats strongest. Share your requests for future tutorials below; your input helps shape our next heroic artistic endeavor. Let’s continue to explore the vast universe of drawing together, creating our own league of extraordinary artists.

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