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How to Draw Superman

ow to draw Superman for kids easy

how to draw Superman

To be honest, in the past, Superman was not a hero that interests me. I really did not understand what could be interesting in a guy who can absolutely everything. Superman resistant to bullets, high and low temperatures, to radiation, he knows how to fly and shoot from the eyes. He can even rotate the Earth in the opposite direction.

But once I saw the movie “Man of Steel”. After that, I began to look at Superman in a completely different way. In fact, this is a very interesting and vivid character. I can only say a special thank you to Zack Snyder. He is really a brilliant director. It was his film that inspired me to make this lesson on how to draw Superman for kids.

Step 1

Draw the contours of the torso and head. In our case, the head should be larger than the body because I am drawing a cartoon version of Superman. I draw two intersecting lines as in our sample. This will guide the drawing of facial features.

How to draw Superman easy

Step 2

You can choose any pose for your character. I decided to choose a pose in which Superman just hung in the air with straight limbs. Pay attention to the features of the style again. And the arms and legs should look smaller than the head.

How to draw Superman for beginners

Step 3

In the first step, i plotted lines of redrawing on the face, remember? Now it should help us. I use these guidelines and draw large rounded eyes, eyebrows and mouth.

How to draw Superman for beginners

Step 4

Now I will draw the outlines of hairstyles and ears. Pay attention to how the ears are located relative to the upper and lower edges of the eyes.

How to sketch Superman easy

Step 5

You could see different versions of the appearance of Superman. But you could always see the logo on the chest and the famous red cloak behind our hero. In this step i will draw these details.

How to sketch Superman easy

Step 6

In this step i outline hairstyles. Draw should be in the direction from the roots to the tips. Add small folds of fabric around the sleeves and pants.

How to draw Superman step bys tep easy

Step 7

I erase the extra lines from the face. Draw the final version of the features of Superman.

Learn how to draw Superman easy

Step 8

I carry out the same actions as in the previous step, but only with the trunk and limbs. I draw the contours of the main muscles.

How to draw Superman easy for kids

Step 9

Let’s color our drawing to get the classic look of Superman. Pay particular attention to the dark contours around the waist and pelvic area. They are necessary so that the red pants do not merge with the red cloak behind Superman.How to draw Superman easy for kids

It wasn’t particularly difficult, was it? If you have already mastered the features of the cartoon style of drawing, it is not difficult for you to draw any character in this style. Do not forget to share your success in the comments!

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