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How to Draw a Cloud

Looking up inspires us to dream, and with my how to draw a cloud lesson, those dreams take form on paper. I guide kids through playful puffs and serene sky elements, crafting clouds that seem to whisper stories of the wind.

As young artists draw a cloud, they’ll discover three diverse techniques to portray weather’s softest feature. Each method encourages practice, precision, and a touch of creativity, ensuring the skies in their drawings are always engaging and beautifully rendered.

How to draw a cloud
how to draw a cloud step by step

How to Draw a Cloud: Basic Information

Hello, young sky watchers! Ever looked up at the sky and wished you could capture those fluffy clouds on paper? Well, with this fun lesson, you’re going to learn just that—how to draw a cloud that’s as light and puffy as the real thing. It’s a simple process that will have you creating your own sky scenes in no time.

First, we start with a gentle curve that’s as light as a breeze. This is the foundation of our cloud, and from there, we add billowing shapes to give our cloud its full and fluffy form. It’s like stacking cotton balls in the sky, each one getting softer and rounder as you go. Remember, no two clouds are ever the same, so let your imagination soar!

By the time we reach the last step of our draw a cloud guide, you’ll see how easy it is to create a whole sky full of these cottony wonders. Give your cloud some depth by adding shades of blue and gray, making it look like it’s ready to drift across your paper. Grab your pencils, and let’s start sketching a sky full of dreams and stories!

Cloud Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 15 minutes

How to Draw a Cloud

  1. Draw the top of the cloud.

    Depict the basic outline of the cloud as in my example. The lines are drawn using a light, flowing motion to create the soft, billowy appearance that clouds possess.
    cloud drawing lesson

  2. Draw the bottom of the cloud.

    To draw the bottom edge of the cloud, create a line that alternates large and small curves. Clouds are not symmetrical, so do not try to depict a too even and symmetrical figure.
    cloud drawing tutorial

  3. Detail the cloud.

    After outlining the basic cloud shape in the previous steps, now you add smaller, semi-circular bumps along the previously drawn outline. These bumps should vary slightly in size and overlap each other.
    How to draw a cloud for kids

  4. Color the cloud.

    In the fourth and final step, the drawing is brought to life with the addition of color. You can color the cloud light blue, or leave it white if you painted the cloud against a blue sky.
    How to draw a cloud

Additional Content

Art lovers, gather around! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve created a complimentary PDF file for our delightful drawing lesson. It’s a concise version, packed with all the necessary steps to master the art of drawing clouds.

The best part? You can download this little treasure and use it anywhere, anytime, internet or not. It’s perfect for those spontaneous bursts of creativity or when you’re out embracing nature and feel inspired to draw the fluffy, cotton-like clouds above. Just click, save, and let your art take flight!

Alternative Drawing Techniques

Dear young creators, in addition to our main lesson, I’ve crafted several alternative techniques for drawing clouds to diversify your artistic exercises. My aim is for you to explore different styles and strokes, enhancing your artistic skills with each cloud you sketch.

How to Draw an Easy Cloud

This drawing method presents a less detailed cloud, yet it breaks down the lesson into more steps for a thorough practice session. It’s designed to guide you gently through each curve and contour, allowing you to focus on the shape and volume of a simple cloud.

By taking you through a larger number of smaller, manageable steps, it ensures that even the smallest artist can follow along with confidence and ease. This approach reinforces the basics, providing a solid foundation for more complex drawings in the future.

how to draw an easy cloud step by step

Clouds Drawing Lesson

In this part of our drawing guide, I’ll demonstrate how to effortlessly create not just one, but three distinct cloud shapes in a harmonious composition. The process is laid out in simple stages, ensuring you can confidently replicate the natural beauty of a cloud-filled expanse.

Learning to sketch various cloud shapes and densities is a fantastic way to enhance your understanding of space and depth in art. So let’s grab our pencils and let our creativity soar as we sketch a trio of clouds, each with its own unique character and charm.


We’ve come to the end of our cloud drawing journey, but don’t let your creativity stop here! Explore more fun and engaging drawing lessons on my website – like mastering the delicate art of drawing an eyeball, or capturing the whimsical charm of a giraffe.

Stay connected with me on social media to catch the latest tutorials and don’t miss out on any artistic action. Your support fuels more exciting content, so follow along, share your masterpieces, and keep the art flowing!

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