How to Draw Fire

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This simple tutorial will teach you how to draw fire. And this step by step guide has just seven easy steps.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw fire. I am sure that this lesson will be useful and engaging for you!

In ancient times, fire helped people to cook food and keep warm during the cold season. nowadays, fire and bonfires are considered to be attributes of coziness, get-togethers with friends, and fun outdoor activities. Fire is a symbol of heart, passion, and purification.

I think you will find this lesson interesting. Let’s start drawing fire step by step!


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw Fire

  1. Draw part of the outline of the fire.

    Depict part of the fire outline on the left side with a curved to draw fire step by step

  2. Add part of the flame outline on the top.

    Draw another part of the flame outline at the top using a curved to draw fire easy

  3. Draw the rest of the outline of the flame.

    Depict this element as a curved line on the right to draw fire easy for kids

  4. Add an inner flame layer.

    The contour of the inner layer of the flame should be similar in shape to its outer to draw fire easy step by step

  5. Add another layer inside the fire.

    This layer of fire should also be similar to the previous to draw fire for kids easy

  6. Draw the lowest layer of the flame.

    Depict this detail inside the fire with a curved line. It should look like a drop in drawing guide

  7. Color the drawing.

    To paint this picture, take burgundy, red, orange, and drawing tutorial

This tutorial has come to an end. I hope you enjoyed drawing the fire. If you liked this drawing lesson, be sure to tell your friends about it. Subscribe to our social networks and do not forget to comment on drawing lessons. Traditionally, I have prepared a PDF file, which contains a short version of this lesson. If you save this file, you can use this lesson at any time, even if there is no Internet connection. 

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