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How to Draw Fire

Add a sizzling effect to your art with my expert tips on how to draw fire. This tutorial will take you through the process of illustrating flames that truly pop off the page.

Transform simple sketches into fiery masterpieces with my easy-to-follow tutorial on how to draw fire. Learn the secrets of capturing the movement and warmth of flames in just a few steps. Suitable for artists of all levels, this guide will help you add a touch of drama to your drawings.

How to Draw Fire: Basic Information

Welcome, young artists, to a thrilling drawing adventure where we’ll ignite our creativity and learn how to draw fire! Our focus today is a vibrant flame, designed to look alive and almost in motion. With each step in this lesson, I’ll guide you to shape your fire from a simple base to its dynamic peaks.

Starting with a simple curved base, we layer our flames, ensuring each stroke adds vitality and motion to draw fire. The beauty of this method is in its simplicity, allowing even the youngest of you to master the art of fire on paper.

So, let’s grab our brightest reds, deepest oranges, and sunniest yellows to breathe life into our drawings. As you follow along, you’ll see your fire grow from a flicker to a blaze, ready to leap off the page. Remember, every great artist starts with a single spark, and today, we’ll turn that spark into a roaring fire of artistic skill.

Fire Drawing Tutorial


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Eraser
  • Coloring supplies

Time needed: 20 minutes

How to Draw Fire

  1. Draw part of the outline of the fire.

    Depict part of the fire outline on the left side with a curved line.how to draw fire step by step

  2. Add part of the flame outline on the top.

    Draw another part of the flame outline at the top using a curved line.how to draw fire easy

  3. Draw the rest of the outline of the flame.

    Depict this element as a curved line on the right side.how to draw fire easy for kids

  4. Add an inner flame layer.

    The contour of the inner layer of the flame should be similar in shape to its outer contour.how to draw fire easy step by step

  5. Add another layer inside the fire.

    This layer of fire should also be similar to the previous one.how to draw fire for kids easy

  6. Draw the lowest layer of the flame.

    Depict this detail inside the fire with a curved line. It should look like a drop in shape.fire drawing guide

  7. Color the drawing.

    To paint this picture, take burgundy, red, orange, and yellow.fire drawing tutorial

Additional Content

Unlock the secrets of drawing fiery illustrations with our free PDF guide. This concise version of my full lesson is downloadable and accessible offline, ensuring you can practice your art anytime, anywhere.

Perfect for artists on the go, this guide ensures that your learning never has to pause, even when you’re away from the internet. Grab your copy today and start mastering the dynamic art of drawing fire at your own pace.

Fire Up Your Artwork with These Hot Tips

You’ve just learned how to depict some awesome fire, but what’s a flame without a bit of context? Let’s get those creative sparks flying even higher by adding an environment for your fire. It’s time to put your fire in a scene that’s just as hot as your drawing skills!

  • Find a Home for Your Flame: Draw a campfire scene or a fireplace to give your fire a cozy place to burn.
  • Get Wild: How about a forest background for a wild bonfire? Remember, safety first – even in drawings!
  • Light It Up: Show how the light from your fire glows on the nearby trees, rocks, or walls.
  • Add Details: Maybe there’s a pot over the fire, marshmallows on sticks, or a couple of comfy chairs.
  • Give it Life: Draw people or animals enjoying the warmth. Are they telling stories or toasting treats?

Remember, you can utilize the lessons on my website to draw these fiery scenes and bring warmth to your art.

Let your imagination be as wild as fire, but always under control. Every time you draw, you’re lighting up the world with your creativity. So, keep drawing, add some spark to your scenes, and watch as your art becomes more alive with every stroke.


As we wrap up this fiery tutorial, remember that this is just the beginning! Spark your imagination further by exploring more lessons on my website, like the cozy how to draw a house tutorial and many others.

Stay connected and get the latest updates on new tutorials by following me on social media. Your journey into the world of drawing is just a click away – don’t miss out on any of the creative fun!

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